Why Is Toyota Corolla The World’s Best-Selling Car?

Why Is Toyota Corolla The World’s Best-Selling Car?

The Toyota Corolla is over 50 years old, and is still the best selling car in the world in 2021. Since 1966, this Japanese icon has sold over 45 million units across the globe. From the USA to the UAE, Australia to Africa, the Corolla is Toyota’s flagship car. It’s simple, it’s economic, it’s reliable, it’s everything you want in an everyday car. There are several reasons why it’s so popular, and why it continues to outsell its class rivals every time.


The Toyota Corolla is a real favourite with drivers, so there are lots of Corollas to choose from. Not only is it dependable and economic, but it’s a good-looking car, too. The availability of the Toyota Corolla means that buyers have plenty of options including a wide range of different styles, engine sizes, and even SUV capabilities. If problems do arise then manufacturer-approved parts are plentiful and cheap enough to make maintaining and servicing a Corolla a wallet-friendly option.

A trusted brand

With a heritage stretching back over 55 years, the Corolla has a trusted name and is highly regarded with both motoring journalists and, more importantly, drivers. The Corolla name covers a wide range of models, from hatchbacks and sedans to sporty coupes and compact SUVs, giving loyal customers plenty of options to choose from when it comes to buying a new Toyota Corolla. The brand inspires confidence and trust in buyers, which explains why it’s still such a popular choice.

Toyota’s legendary R&D reputation

Toyota has a huge reputation for research and development. Its also famous for refusing to release a new model until it’s been tested to destruction to ensure that the Toyota reputation for total reliability remains untarnished. Toyota is at the forefront of greener motoring, developing the Corolla Hybrid and EV options that are every bit as ground-breaking and inspirational as the original Mk1 Corolla back in 1966. The rise of hybrid motoring has made the Corolla even more relevant in today’s changing world.

Great economy

The 2020 Corolla sedan achieves uses around 9.1 litres for every 100km travelled in the city, and a very respectable 7.1ltr/100miles on the open road. For even better fuel economy, the Toyota Corolla Hybrid uses just 5.6 litres of petrol for every 100km travelled, making it one of the most fuel-efficient options for everyday driving. These numbers make the Corolla a greener motoring choice, that’s also kinder on your wallet.

Good looks

The original Corolla was not the prettiest car on the road by a long way. However, Toyota realised that looks sell cars as much as performance and economy, so the 2020 Toyota Corolla family has a much more sporty look, with distinctive front grilles and dominating road presence. The Toyota Cross jumps that bridge between sedans and SUVs, creating an incredibly comfortable option that’s taller, more robust and with a lot more cabin room for passengers. That makes it a great choice for families or for those who want their Corolla to be a weekday commuter workhorse and transform into a weekend adventure vehicle for those longer road trips.

The Toyota Corolla has established itself as one of the greatest cars of all time. A proud heritage and a future that’s filled with innovation and design advancements mean that the Corolla is here to stay. If you want to buy a Toyota Corolla in the UAE, talk to us today to find out what models are available and to book a test drive.

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