Toyota Hilux Revo GR Sport (2022)

Toyota Hilux Revo GR Sport (2022)

Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited has initiated its first 1-tonne pickup trucks product line and distributed them for the first time in 1968 by the trading name of “Hilux.” It has been well-received among customers within a short amount of time because of its stunning exterior, spacious cabin, robust engine performance, fuel efficiency, durability, low maintenance rate, and suitability for any usage.

And in 2004 marked a significant beginning for Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited. Entrusted by the Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan, it has become the first off-shore manufacturing base of pickup trucks and multi-purpose vehicles for production and distribution, both domestically and internationally, under the IMV project—officially called the ‘Innovative International Multi-Purpose Vehicle.’ Through more than five decades of Toyota’s determination, dedication, and immense research and development to come up with the best pickup trucks in the industry that respond to customers around the globe, makes “Hilux” the popular pickup trucks among Thais, with overall sales volume of more than 2.5 million units*. (Data of accumulated sales volume under IMV project from 2004 – July 2021)

Hilux Revo GR Sport and the newly enhanced Hilux Revo 2021 improvement models… THE UNBEATABLE

Mr. Noriaki Yamashita, President of Toyota Motor Thailand, said: “on behalf of Toyota Motor Thailand, I would like to express my gratitude to all the medical staffs for working hard on the frontline every day. Also, we would like to extend our sympathies to all Thai people in the challenging situation. We will stay by your side to overcome this crisis together. As you may aware, our mission is “delivering happiness for all Thai people”. And we never stop challenging in making “Ever-Better” cars. As you know, Last June, we introduced new Hilux Revo with the 2nd Generation of “GD Super Power Engine” and “Superflex Suspension”.  It was well evaluated by customers together with updated design. Furthermore, we quickly response customers’ need. Last December, we improved the products, such as adopting wide body for lo-floor and adding Automatic transmission for entry grade in lo-floor. I would like to say “thank you” to all Thais customers for their great acceptance.”

“Today, I’m pleased to introduce the Asia premier of Hilux Revo-GR Sport and 2021 improvement models developed by Thai Regional Chief Engineers, Dr. Jurachart Jongusuk and Ms. Anyarat Sutthibenjakul. It is the 4th GR product in Thailand following Corolla-GR Sport, GR-Supra and GR-Yaris, but the first pick up GR model which is produced in Thailand with the DNA of motorsports based on the concept of Gazoo Racing brand “From Circuit to Road”. The Hilux Revo-GR Sport is the fruit of our inspiration to create “Ever-Better Car”. It has the exclusive sporty design for both exterior and interior with special aero packages to enhance its aerodynamics. Moreover, driver can feel better road grip and agility, thanks to “Monotube suspension” in GR Sport-4 Wheel Drive.”

“On top of it, we also improve the regular models in order to meet customer requirements further. For Hi-floor, convenience and “advanced safety specs” such as “Panoramic view monitor”,  “Blind spot monitor” and “Rear cross-traffic alert” are standardized for high grade in order to bring utmost confidence. Next is Lo-floor, “LED package” is standardized in mid-grade with minimum price increase to attract young decoration lovers. The 2.8L-GD-Super Power Engine, is available for standard cab. It will provide responsive performance for heavy loading or personal logistic with attractive price. On top of them, the “T-Connect by Toyota” is equipped to provide flawless connection between the vehicle and driver.  

Dr. Jurachart Jongusuk, Regional Chief Engineer, said: “Since the launch of our new Toyota Hilux Revo and Fortuner models, during the past year, we have surveyed from 1,000 samples of various distributors, salespersons, and the actual customers nationwide to understand the strengths and points for improvement so that we can satisfy customers’ need more continuously and efficiently. Then, we have implemented the survey result into this 2021 enhanced model’s development process by addressing the critical improvements in all models to respond to the customer’s needs.

– Hilux Revo, Standard Edition (B-CAB): Speed boosted with the 2.8-liter engine in the 2WD model for more robust performance, the highest horsepower of 204, and the highest torque of 420 Nm, together with 6-speed manual transmission suitable for customers who are looking for a high-power engine to carry heavy loads or for logistics purpose. Strength, durability, and portability are at their best.

– Hilux Revo, Z-Edition or Lo-Floor: Added sleekness with Bi-Beam LED headlights with automatic on/off control, the ‘Follow-Me-Home’, and LED Light Guiding rear light for the Mid-grade, together for a hint of sports car-style in every aspect that fits well with the Wide Body fender flares.

– Hilux Revo Hi-Floor or the Prerunner and Hilux Revo 4WD:  More safety functionalities for peace of mind while driving, with the Panoramic View Monitor, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and Blind Spot Monitor.

Ms. Anyaratz Suthibenjakul, Regional Chief Engineer also added: “Regarding the Hilux Revo, the GR Sport is a part of the Gazoo Racing, which originated from Toyota’s participation in Motor Sport racings to test the vehicles’ performance in various international racing circuits under the TOYOTA GAZOO RACING team to defy the limitation of standard cars, makes it possible to drive on challenging terrains and obstacles in order to develop the vehicles with unique performance. We have applied the insights and experiences acquired from the racings to the GR model’s development process to reach the customers who are looking for a whole new professional driving experience.” 

“The GR’s design concept is the combination of Functional Beauty stemmed from the extraordinary sports car exterior design to support the aerodynamics principles as well as an improved performance and an excellent driving experience. As for the interior, we emphasized the characteristics of the world-class racing car brand, the Toyota Gazoo Racing, equipped with full-service capabilities to uplift the driving performance significantly.”

There are 2 special models developed for Hilux Revo GR Sport:

– Hilux Revo GR Sport 4WD

– The Hilux Revo GR Sport 4WD development has inspired by the world-class racing cars that participated in the World Rally Championship (WRC), the worldwide top-ranked racing competition. This model will fit the customers who prefer the GR Sport-design pickup trucks, readied with an outstanding, top-notched driving performance from the Monotube Shock Absorber, makes driving control more fun and ready to go on any adventure.

– Hilux Revo GR-Sport 2WD or Lo-Floor

– The development concept of  Hilux Revo GR Sport 2WD or Lo-Floor is inspired by the Super GT (Grand Touring) car racing.

– Super GT is the number 1 grand touring speed racing in Asia and is well-received across the globe. This model would suit customers looking for a stunning pickup truck design, with a 23-millimeter lower suspension height for more vehicle stability, especially during high-speed range, and the enhanced suspension for passenger car-like comfort.

Mr. Surasak Suthongwan, Executive Vice President said: “First and foremost, I would like to thank all the medical workers who have been working tirelessly and dedicatedly to fight the present Covid-19 situation. So, I would like to send my best wishes to everyone to be able to go through this crisis together. As for the car industry, it has been affected almost the same as other industries. However, the situation has improved compared to the last year; the growth is notable among the logistics vehicles industry, in which we maintained the top sales volume for single-cab trucks for more than 20 years.”

“As for this year, we are still pursuing the development of Hilux Revo pickup trucks to ensure versatility for customers, from carrying heavy loads, daily lives transportation, and becoming the go-to vehicles that support every kind of business for everyone.”

– Toyota Hilux Revo, Standard Edition (B-CAB) or the single-cab truck for customers who require the high-power engine to carry heavy loads, serve logistics purposes, or farmers transporting crops. This Standard Edition has added a 2.8-liter engine with the highest horsepower of 204 and a firm suspension system that bears the load with ease while being the best at fuel-saving.

– Toyota Hilux Revo, Z-Edition, or the Lo-Floor ‘Handsome’ truck targeted young adults searching for the unique and eye-catching vehicles perfect for daily lives or business use, heavy load transport, retail-wholesale businesses. It can also be further modified according to the customer’s requirements in several leading car modification shops. The ‘Handsome’ Z-Edition has added adjustable LED headlights and LED rear lights with a brand-new look that is more modern and breathtaking. 

– Toyota Hilux Revo Hi-Floor (Prerunner) and 4WD is so-called the most popular model that supported multi-purpose usages and provided the same comfort as passenger cars. This edition has added the chromium front grille, with automatically adjustable LED headlights and adjustable LED rear lights, which are the standard specifications for every variant, contributed to the stunning look and the better visibility. The Mid edition comes with leather cushions and an adjustable, electrically controlled driver seat for more comfort. Also, the High and Rocco Editions offers advanced security functions such as Panoramic View Monitor, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and Blind Spot Monitor to ensure the highest security while driving

“With its first Asia debut, Hilux Revo GR Sport is the new definition of pickup truck developed according to the worldwide trend. Its concept originated from Toyota’s participation in several performance racings like WRC and Super GT under the world-class racing team named ” Toyota Gazoo Racing,” which is an eye-opening experience for the cars and people who build them. We took what we have sensed and learned from the racing and the limitless performance of the racing vehicles, then utilize it with Toyota’s car development to create the special models called GR Series—a car for everyone. Hilux Revo GR Sport is at its peak of the automobile, reflecting the true identity of Toyota Gazoo Racing in every detail.”

“Toyota has developed 2 editions of Hilux Revo GR Sport, including 4WD Hi-Floor pickup truck and 2WD Lo-Floor pickup truck.”

1. Hilux Revo GR Sport, 4WD Hi-Floor (Hi-Floor (4×4)) The top of the line for high-floor pickup trucks, ‘Premium Adventure,’ suits the customers looking for sporty pickup trucks with high driving performance. Fun to drive, easy to control, and versatile.

– All New…Exterior design… Presents the unique identity in the style of Toyota Gazoo Racing cars.

– New design front grille on the same color with the body, with imprinted TOYOTA and GR emblems. 

– Front bumper equipped with accessories kit and metallic black rear bumper.

– Metallic black fender flares accessories kit, on the same color with the body.

-Metallic black side mirrors, adjustable and foldable with electronic control and comes with the Welcome Light.

-Shark fin antenna.

-GR and GR Sport emblems imprinted on the side door and trunk area.

– Metallic black sport bar with LED light 

– 18-inches alloy wheels, in the new GR Sports-style design.

– Side and trunk stickers, exclusively designed for GR Sport models.

– Smart key remote control key, exclusively designed for GR Sport models.

– All New…Interior design… Displays the sports cars’ identity in every aspect.

– Sports car interior design with Smoke silver color and GR emblem for racing sports car-like experience.

– Sports car upholstery combined with Perforated suede, decorated with red thread stitching and the GR emblem.

– Smoke silver and metallic black central console and front AC vent. 

– Black door panels upholstered with artificial leather and furnished with smoke silver and metallic black color stripes.

– Sporty-style steering wheel and dashboard, with smart ignition system ‘Push start’ and the GR emblem display.

– Sports car accelerator and brake pedals. 

– All New…Driving performance…Fully-responsive sports car-like power transmission system

– Double Wishbone front suspension and underslung rear suspension with coiled springs, stabilizer bar, and new Monotube Shock Absorber.

– 6-speed automatic transmission, with Sequential Shift and Paddle Shift.

– Ventilated brake disc for the front brake system with red brake caliper and the GR emblem.

– All New…Security functionality…A peace of mind in every adventure, supported by the international safety standard.

– Pre-collision system

– Lane Departure Alert

– Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

– Panoramic View Monitor

– Blind Spot Monitor 

– Rear Cross Traffic Alert

2. Hilux Revo 2WD Lo-Floor GR Sport, the lowered pickup truck with a Sport Premium style and the new 2.8GD Super Power engine developed exclusively for Hilux Revo pickup trucks in Thailand.

– All New…Exterior design… presents the unique identity in the style of Toyota Gazoo Racing cars.

– New design front grille on the same color with the body and metallic black, with imprinted GR emblem. 

– Front bumper equipped with accessories kit.

– Full skirt kits

– Metallic black side mirrors, adjustable and foldable with electronic control, and indicator lights.

– Shark fin antenna.

– GR and GR Sport emblems imprinted on the side door and trunk area.

– 17-inches alloy wheels, in the new GR Sports-style design.

– Side sticker, exclusively designed for GR Sport model.

– All New…Interior design… Displays the sports cars’ identity in every aspect.

– Sports car interior design in Red & Black color tone with Smoke silver color, red thread stitching and GR emblem for racing sports car-like experience.

– Sports car upholstery combined with Perforated suede, decorated with red thread stitching and the GR emblem.

– Smoke silver and metallic black central console and front AC vent. 

– Black door panels upholstered with artificial leather and furnished with smoke silver and metallic black color stripes.

– GR emblem-imprinted steering wheel and dashboard.

– Sports car accelerator and brake pedals. 

– All New…Driving performance… Fully-responsive sports car-like transmission system. 

– 2.8-liter GD Super Power engine for maximum strength and fuel-saving.

– 6-speed automatic transmission, with Sequential Shift and Paddle Shift.

– Ventilated brake disc for the front brake system with red brake caliper and the GR emblem.

– 23 millimeter lower suspension design for more driving performance according to the aerodynamic principle, reduce body roll while support better balancing and road griping.

Mr. Surasak Suthongwan, Executive Vice President also added: “We strive to provide the New Buying experience with the New Usage experience through a wide range of services exclusively for Toyota customers through T-Connect by TOYOTA so that anyone could own a Toyota with trust, peace of mind, security, and comfort during their ownership of the car.”

– New Buying Experience— a new age technology that transforms the traditional buying experience to a whole new level.

1. Estimate Time of Arrival (ETA): Customers can check the estimated time of vehicle delivery.

2. Connected Auto Loan (CAL): A program that will make car loan approval more effortless than ever. 

3. KINTO: Toyota offers the new approach to freedom with long-term online car rental for individuals and business entities. It makes new cars more accessible to you with various selections under the ‘KINTO ONE service: A smart service without a down payment. Buy it only when you like it.’ It comes with 3 complete services below:

1.  Full Service—The best comfort upon any adventures covers all the costs for high standard quality services from Toyota

• First class insurance maintenance package from Toyota Care

• Emergency assistance service

• Replacement car service during repairment.

• Annual car tax handling service 

2. One Price—The best value of ownership for customers to maximize the car usage while paying for a single price point throughout the agreement.   

• No down payment required.

• Stress-free about the reselling price.

• When the agreement ends, the customer can choose to become an owner or change to a new car* (*New option! Upon the agreement’s end, the customer can own a vehicle with a similar installment rate as the current rate.)

3. Online Service— The best freedom of service with an online car rental service that provides convenient and fast service from start to finish. Register via website and use the KINTO mobile application. You can check the approval result within 1 hour during working days and working hours.

– New Usage Experience: Integrated technology with the future of the automobile industry, delivering the service right through the T-Connect by TOYOTA mobile application.

1. Always Located and Protect: Services offered for worry-free security: 

– Find My Car—to track the car’s position in Real Time.

– TheftTrack—to track the car’s position upon being stolen, with 24-hours contact support from Toyota.

– Emergency service (SOS). 


– Geo-fencing system.

2. Telematics CARE: Makes care maintenance easier for a carefree driving.

– Maintenance Reminder service, including the online appointment service.

– Vehicle Information, showing the vehicle’s status and driving information, as well as the license and insurance renewal reminder.

– Annual car license renewal reminder

– Pay How You Drive (PHYD), A new insurance scheme that discounts driving behavior records offers a renewal premiums discount for safe drivers with satisfaction behavioral and distance data.

3.  Happiness Mobility: More happiness along the road

– Concierge Services, is ready to assist you through the journey.

Mr. Surasak Suthongwan, Executive Vice President, said: “There are also FTS (Fleet Telematics Service) available for business or logistics customers that helps monitoring, plan, and controlling car usage as well as the driver more conveniently and efficiently, with a Real-Time display system including status data of the car and its usage.”

“We are determined to develop the vehicles that suit the customer’s requirements to build full trust in our products and services. This year, we are launching the GR Sport, and I highly hoped that GR Sport would uplift the pickup truck’s position in the market while continuously facing any challenges await to succeed in our goals. This is why we use the marketing communication concept: “Race your Ultimate Ambition” to show our leadership in modern automobiles that combined all the best elements into one.”

Mr. Noriaki Yamashita, President of Toyota Motor Thailand, concluded: “With this development, I hope that our GR Sport will capture the customers who are looking for the next level of pick up with superior performance and sporty design. I believe that the Hilux Revo-GR Sport will create the new era of pickup trucks in Thailand. Moreover, I have already enjoyed driving the new pick-ups at the circuit. I’m very impressed by GR sport which offers great agility and responsive handling even at high speed. In addition, I can feel the differences of smooth suspension and brake performance. All of them give the maximum driving confidence.  And, the powerful engine in the standard cab deliver the responsive acceleration with great controllability. I believe that it will perfectly serve heavy loading usage. Please “Experience and enjoy it”

Own the new Toyota Hilux Revo GR Sport and the 2021 improvement Hilux Revo

36 variants with 8 exterior colors

– Dark Blue Mica     (Exclusively for Prerunner, 4WD Except for GR Sport and Rocco models)

– Emotional Red *      (Exclusively for GR Sport / Rocco models)

– Oxide Bronze Metallic(Exclusively for Rocco models)

– White Pearl CS*    (Exclusively for GR Sport / Rocco / Prerunner & 4WD High edition models)

– Silver Metallic      (Except for GR Sport / Rocco models)

– Dark Grey Metallic      (Except for GR Sport / Rocco / Standard Cab & Chassis models)

– Attitude Black Mica      (Except for Standard models)

– Super White**      (Except for GR Sport / Rocco / Prerunner & 4WD High editions models)


Hilux Revo 4WD GR Sport Hi-Floor

– 1 model available  Price 1,299,000 THB

Hilux Revo 2WD GR Sport Lo-Floor

– 1 model available  Price 889,000 THB

Hilux Revo Rocco

– 4 models available  Price 966,000 – 1,256,000 THB

Hilux Revo 4WD Hi-Floor

– 5 models available  Price 879,000 – 1,176,000 THB

Hilux Revo 2WD Hi-Floor Pre-Runner

– 10 models available  Price 724,000 – 1,026,000 THB

Hilux Revo Z-Edition

– 8 models available  Price 619,000 – 805,000 THB

Hilux Revo Standard single cab

– 7 models available Price 544,000 – 704,000 THB

(*Additional 10,000 THB for Emotional Red and White Pearl CS colors/ **7,000 THB discount for Super White)

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