Toyota bZ3X (2025)

Toyota bZ3X (2025)

Alongside the bZ3C, Toyota has also unveiled the bZ3X at the 2024 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition. This family-oriented SUV-type BEV offers a large interior space based on the concept of providing a mobile “Cozy Home.”

bZ3X Product Summary:

  • Design: The bZ3X is designed as a family-oriented SUV-type BEV, offering a large interior space and focusing on comfort and a “Cozy Home” experience for users.
  • Performance: Like the bZ3C, the bZ3X is equipped with the latest driver-assistance systems and smart cockpit technology, ensuring safe, comfortable driving for families.
  • Collaboration: The bZ3X was developed in collaboration with Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd., GAC Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., and IEM by TOYOTA, showcasing Toyota’s commitment to diverse partnerships in China.

Hiroki Nakajima emphasized Toyota’s commitment to a mobility future filled with smiles and diversity, catering to the needs of customers in every region. Toyota

plans to begin selling the bZ3X in China within a year.

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