Toyota bZ3C (2025)

Toyota Motor Corporation has exhibited at the 2024 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition to showcase its commitment to intelligence, electrification, and diversification in China. As part of its transformation into a mobility company, Toyota has unveiled two new battery EV (BEV) models: the bZ3C and the bZ3X.

The bZ3C, jointly developed by Toyota, BYD TOYOTA EV TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., FAW Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., and Intelligent ElectroMobility R&D Center by TOYOTA (China) Co., Ltd. (IEM by TOYOTA), is a dynamic, distinctively styled crossover BEV designed around the concept of a “Reboot.” It focuses on features that create a fun personal space for younger Generation Z customers.

bZ3C Product Summary:

  • Design: The bZ3C features a dynamic and distinctive crossover design tailored for younger Generation Z customers, offering a fun and personalized driving experience.
  • Performance: Equipped with the latest driver-assistance systems and smart cockpit technology, the bZ3C delivers safe, comfortable driving alongside new experience value.
  • Collaboration: The model is the result of a collaborative effort between Toyota and its partners in China, showcasing the company’s commitment to local innovation and customer needs.

Hiroki Nakajima, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Toyota, introduced the new cars at a press conference, saying, “Working with our partners in China, this quest led us to the bZ3C.” Toyota plans to begin selling the bZ3C in China within a year.

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