Italdesign Quintessenza Concept (2024)

Italdesign has unveiled the Quintessenza, a groundbreaking concept that embodies the quintessential relationship between humans and nature. Rooted in a human-centric approach, the Quintessenza is designed to serve both as a creator and a user, offering a unique connection with the elements of nature: water, earth, fire, and air.

Drawing on over five decades of Italdesign heritage, the Quintessenza combines flexibility, freedom, sportiness, and duality in concept and architecture. Designed by humans for humans, this multi-role vehicle caters to free-spirited, youthful individuals seeking a vehicle for urban travel with their families while also enjoying nature.

Exterior Design:
The Quintessenza blends the dynamic prowess of a GT with the versatile adaptability of a pick-up truck, establishing a potential groundbreaking architectural concept in the global automotive industry. The design creates a distinct yet balanced separation between the front and rear, emphasizing its dual nature as a sports car with off-road and load-bearing capabilities.

The front of the Quintessenza takes a sporty approach reminiscent of an Italian GT supercar, while the rear design focuses on functionality and usability, features commonly found in pick-up trucks and off-road vehicles. The exterior design seamlessly merges these two approaches, evident in the proportions, generous overhangs, and unambiguous lines and volumes.

The front features an aggressive and sporty character with active aerodynamic systems and a unique bar headlight assembly that alludes to the four natural elements, with the Italdesign logo illuminated at the center. The rear of the vehicle features a large lightbar inspired by the Italdesign logo, extending across the width of the car’s rear.

Interior Design:
The interior of the Quintessenza is defined by simple lines, clean surfaces, and a human-centric approach. The floating central dashboard extends through the door panels to the back of the cabin, and the dashboard’s main panel is made of marble-based fabric, integrating air conditioning and HMI controls.

The steering wheel incorporates the main car controls, including AI, selector, mode, vehicle info, and more. The vehicle interface system is located on the top part of the steering column, allowing numerous smartphone models to serve as the driver’s interface.

UX-UI Concept:
The UX-UI concept in the Quintessenza enables seamless integration of its occupants with the external environment. The driver has control over the operation of the vehicle at all times, including the navigation system. A dynamic compass is constantly visible inside the cabin, allowing passengers to track the final destination.

Technical Specifications:

  • Length: 5561 mm
  • Height: 1580 mm
  • Width (front/rear): 2200 mm
  • Wheelbase: 3240 mm
  • Front Overhang: 1003 mm
  • Rear Overhang: 1318 mm
  • Number of Passengers: 2+2
  • Body: Lightweight Aluminum Structure
  • Ground Height: Adjustable 200-280 mm

Powertrain (Estimated Values):

  • Battery: 150kWh/800V
  • Power: 580kW
  • Range: 750 Km
  • Acceleration: 0-100 Km/h < 3 seconds
  • Drivetrain: AWD 1 Electric Drive Unit Front axle + 2 InWheel motor rear axle

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