Tech-Talk with the 2021 GMC Yukon

Tech-Talk with the GMC Yukon (2021)

Promptly following its arrival to the region, the 2021 GMC Yukon claimed its distinguished position as the premium SUV that delivers a first-class experience.

This is not surprising as the All New Yukon has been enhanced inside out, bringing a more spacious interior and a bolder design. But there is more. The Yukon is packed with new and class-leadingtechnologies, state-of-the-art engineering and performance that truly take this sophisticated driving experience to yet another level.

Let’s talk tech and explore how those features improve the driving journey on different fronts.

Technology and dynamics

Starting with the obvious connections – the 2021 GMC Yukon tech features significantly boost its driving dynamics as well as its comfort and accordingly, the driver’s confidence on the roads.

In fact, the Yukon brings the industry-first Dynamic Fuel Management technology, with 17 modes of cylinder deactivation that are designed to optimize engine efficiency across a broad range of driving conditions, including when towing a trailer. On that front, the Yukon offers the most powerful engine in the premium SUV segment, an all-new 6.2L V8 available on the Denali trim, that delivers an estimated 420 horsepower, which is best in class1 and significantly elevates the driving experience.

The Yukon also brings room for tech-customization through its class-leading 15” diagonal Head-Up Configurable Display that enables the drivers to project in front of them the information they deem most necessary. This also helps keep the driver’s eyes on the road and the journey safe.

Technology and Safety:

Speaking of safety, being a SUV, the All New Yukon has loads of safety technology features that bring peace of mind to the driver.

Specifically, to make sure the driver has all angles covered, the All New Yukon is available with up-to nine camera views – the most in the segment – including High Definition Surround Vision and Rear Camera Mirror.

In parallel, the Yukon is equipped with Automatic Emergency Braking and new Rear Pedestrian Alert which in turn help protect not just drivers and passengers but also pedestrians on the roads.

Also, Yukon has got the visibility covered with GMC’s signature C-shaped front lighting, which is conveyed through a prominent “light blade” that delivers uniform LED illumination for the daytime running lamps. This ensures that the road ahead of the driver will always be illuminated regardless of the weather condition, which is particularly important during foggy days.

Last, but certainly not least, OnStar, General Motors’ pioneering in-vehicle safety and security technology, soon to be available in the Yukon, elevates the safety and ownership experience even further. Backed by the human touch, OnStar will make every drive in the All New Yukon more connected and protected as soon as customers step foot in the SUV.

With safety features such as the Automatic Crash Response – the All New Yukon can call for help even when the driver is unable to and OnStar Advisor’s will be on the line as well as simultaneously working with emergency services to ensure the right help is on the way. Whereas with the Stolen Vehicle Assist option – working alongside authorities, OnStar will help retrieve your stolen Yukon by bringing the vehicle to an idle speed and with a remote ignition block signal, the engine can be prevented from turning back on again once it has been switched off.

OnStar’s range of Connected Services ensure customers are in complete control of their SUV at all times making their busy lives just that little bit easier for them thanks to services such as remote lock and unlock, vehicle diagnostics and remote start. Ensuring all on-board the bold Yukon are connected whatever the journey – OnStar is also available with a Wi-Fi data plan for up to 7 devices.

Technology and comfort

The technology features brought by the Yukon have helped position it as one of the most comfortable SUVs.

In fact, the premium SUV’s first-in-class four corner Air Ride Adaptive Suspension paralleled with a Fourth-generation Magnetic Ride Control generate a sharper driving performance, even on the toughest roads.

In parallel, the vehicle’s all-new Vehicle Intelligence Platform, the all-new Active Response 4WD System reacts in real-time to road conditions, improving traction while driving in off-road or in slick conditions further optimizing the driving comfort.

Overall, the new and advanced technology features that constitute the main substance of the 2021 GMC Yukon, make it indeed the powerful, safe and comfortable premium SUV that delivers a first-class experience, on all terrains and at all times.

2021 GMC Yukon Denali

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