What Is The Difference Between Lexus LX 570 And LX 600?

What is the Difference Between the LX 570 and the LX 600?

The Lexus LX 570 was the third generation of the renowned Lexus LX range. Its good looks, go-anywhere-do-anything capabilities, and stylish interior made it one of the best-selling luxury SUVs on the market. So how do you improve on something that’s this good?

Lexus have managed just that with the latest incarnation of the LX, the LX 600. This all-new model takes all the best bits of the original and adds an extra layer of innovation, excellence and opulence. The result is a new flagship vehicle that leads the way in comfort and performance.

The LX 570 – a legend in its own lifetime

With outstanding on and off-road capabilities, the LX 570 continues to command respect. A luxurious interior and powerful exterior styling gave Lexus’ largest SUV a reputation for reliability and comfort.

Offering up to eight seats and with a cabin designed to deliver outstanding comfort for both driver and passengers, the LX 570 was justifiably one of Lexus’ flagship models. Pre-owned LX 570s are still hugely popular today.

The next generation – the Lexus LX 600

The Lexus LX 600 represents the next chapter in the LX story. By focusing on functionality and form in absolute synergy, Lexus has managed to create a luxury SUV that rewrites the rules. Lower and longer, the proportions have been altered to create a car that conforms to the Golden Ratio – a ratio between two numbers that equals approximately 1.618. Why is this important? Well, put simply, this ensures that the car’s geometry is perfectly in proportion, giving the LX 600 better handling, better response and better control, even on rough terrain. Wider tread at the rear and the front gives the LX 600 a balanced, stable feel with no body roll – a problem that many other large SUVs suffer from.

Whereas the LX 570 was an eight-seater, the LX 600 sacrifices a seat to create more room in the cabin for seven. The additional space makes getting into and out of the car easier and allows the rear passengers that extra room to stretch out and relax. Additional innovations such as the Multi-Seat Auto Arrange allow the seating configuration to be changed at the press of a button.

Lighter components

The big difference between the LX 570 and the new LX 600 is the weight. Lexus R&D teams have gone back to the drawing board and have managed to reduce the LX 600’s overall weight by 200kg compared to the 2021 LX570. That’s a huge saving, achieved by using aluminium for the roof, bonnet and doors. A high-performance powertrain works with complex electronics, including a Multi-Terrain Monitor that can even give the driver a view of the vehicle’s underside when tackling rugged terrain.

With additional features such as Fingerprint Authentication for the engine start, a climate control system that’s second to none, and the NanoeX™ Next Generation atmospheric control system, the LX 600 is packed with innovative technology.

 Experience the all-new LX 600 at your nearest Lexus Showroom today.

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