Hybrid vs Electric Cars

The automotive world has come to accept that the future is green. Predictions estimate that there will be around 125 million hybrid and electric cars worldwide by 2030 Some manufacturers have already fixed end dates when they will no longer build traditional petrol or diesel vehicles and only build hybrid or electric cars.

The general consensus is that the public is on board with the shift towards hybrids and Electric Vehicles (EVs), especially those who live in cities. But which type of green car should you go for? Is a hybrid better than an electric?

Electric cars – the silent success story

Electric cars rely totally on an electric motor as their powertrain. They use a battery or series of batteries rather than a petrol tank to store the power and then deliver it to the motor. They’re almost silent, with no engine noise and no emissions at all, so they’re technically the ‘greenest’ option.

For a driver, an electric car is a revelation. The power delivery is instant, and electric vehicles can be very fast too, so you’re losing none of the performance that you’d expect from a standard petrol engine.

However, they come with a few caveats, the most important of which is range. Electric cars currently have a limited range that can be further reduced depending on the way you drive, the vehicle’s weight, and the terrain. If you’re having to accelerate to keep up with fast-moving traffic, you’ll burn through the charge in your battery quite quickly.

That’s also another issue that faces EV owners. Charging, even using fast charging points, takes time. And with a limited infrastructure in place at the moment, it can be challenging to find a charging point, especially away from major towns and cities.

Hybrids – the best of both worlds

Hybrids are categorised into two groups – plug-ins and parallel hybrids (also known as series hybrids). A plug-in hybrid combines an electric motor and petrol engine to form a dual powertrain. A parallel hybrid has the same set-up but only uses the electric side of the powertrain at low speeds. As soon as the speed increases, the petrol engine takes over.

Lexus Hybrids are self-charging and drive like a conventional automatic car. The technology in the car seamlessly selects the best power source on your behalf (petrol or electric mode) based on your driving. The Lexus self-charging Hybrid system cleverly charges the electric battery while you are driving. Not just on the move, but when you stop or slow down, the regenerative braking system recovers even more energy. As a result, Lexus hybrid cars never need plugging in.

Test drive a hybrid with Al-Futtaim Lexus

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