Toyota Launches All-New Land Cruiser 250 Series in Japan

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) announced the addition of the “250” series to the Land Cruiser lineup in Japan. Alongside this, it has also released the special edition models ZX “First Edition” and VX “First Edition.” These special models are limited to a total of 8,000 units.

The “250” series, the core model of the Land Cruiser lineup
The all-new “250” series was created with the role and mission of supporting people’s lives by offering ease of handling based on strong off-road performance.

The development team set out to return the Land Cruiser Prado, which shifted toward high-end and luxury over time, to the light-duty model that customers have come to expect. Under the keyword “back to the basics,” they defined the development concept as “The Land Cruiser: a vehicle that supports customers’ daily lives and one they can trust.”

The introduction of the “250” series has further clarified the position of the three Land Cruiser models. The vehicle names have also returned to their roots, with all models unified under “Land Cruiser”*1. The Land Cruiser will continue to evolve to meet societal demands while supporting the lives of customers around the world, and remaining a vehicle they can trust.

With the same robust GA-F platform as the “300” series, the “250” series has pursued exceptional off-road performance. It is the first*2 in the Land Cruiser lineup to feature electric power steering (EPS) and Stabilizer with Disconnection Mechanism (SDM). EPS reduces kickback*3 during off-road driving, ensuring ease of handling whether on or off-road, while the SDM enables the front stabilizer state to be locked or unlocked at the touch of a button, delivering driving performance and ride comfort when off-road and handling stability when on-road.

The “250” series is available with two types of powertrains: a 2.8-liter direct injection turbo diesel engine with Direct Shift-8AT and a 2.7-liter gasoline engine with 6 Super ECT, both delivering powerful driving and environmental performance. This power is fully transferred to all four wheels by a full-time 4WD with TORSEN®*4 LSD*5 on the center differential. The electric rear differential lock provides powerful off-road driving performance on rough roads, while the degree of freedom in front and rear driving torque distribution has been expanded to achieve even greater driving stability.

*1 The “70” series wagon models from 1990 were newly marketed as the Land Cruiser Prado; since then, the Land Cruiser lineup has had two vehicle names: Land Cruiser and Land Cruiser Prado

*2 As of April 2024; based on in-house research
*3 A phenomenon in which the vehicle’s tires are forcibly turned due to terrain or obstacles when driving off-road, causing the steering wheel to turn sharply by itself
*4 Registered trademark of JTEKT Corporation
*5 Limited Slip Differential

Two Land Cruiser Special Editions
The special edition ZX “First Edition” and VX “First Edition,” which were designed with the spirit of returning to the origin of the Land Cruiser, are being sold to commemorate the launch of the “250” series. A total of 8,000 units will be sold.

Special Edition ZX “First Edition”
Based on the ZX grade (2.8-liter diesel engine), the model includes special equipment, such as round Bi-Beam LED headlights, matte black painted aluminum wheels, and 18-inch off-road tires to emphasize its return to its roots.

  • Main special equipment
    Round Bi-Beam LED headlights (with auto-leveling function)
    +LED clearance lights (with Follow Me Home function) & LED daytime running lights
    265/70R18 tires & 18×7 1/2J aluminum wheels (matte black)

Special Edition VX “First Edition”
Based on the two types of VX grade (2.8-liter diesel engine, 2.7-liter gasoline engine), it features an exclusive Sand exterior color and Dark Chestnut interior color. Toyota Safety Sense and Toyota Teammate with advanced functions are also available to further enhance safety and security equipment.

  • Main special equipment
    Emergency steering assist (with active steering function)
    + Front Cross-Traffic Alert (FCTA) + Lane Change Assist
    Advanced Drive (support during traffic congestion) + Driver monitor camera

The exclusive feeling of these special editions is further emphasized by the genuine leather covers (with exclusive decorations), synthetic leather-wrapped door trim ornaments (with a “FIRST EDITION” logo), and instrument panel decorations (featuring exclusive titanium film and chrome).

250″ series Sales Overview
Base sales volume for Japan: 2,250 units per month

“250” series Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices
Diesel engine model

Grade Seating capacity Driveline Engine Transmission Price* (JPY)
(including consumption tax)
ZX 7 Full-time four-wheel drive 1GD-FTV
(2.8-liter inline 4-cylinder direct injection turbo)
Direct Shift-8AT ◎7,350,000
VX 6,300,000
GX 5 5,200,000

Gasoline engine model

Grade Seating capacity Driveline Engine Transmission Price* (JPY)
(including consumption tax)
VX 7 Full-time four-wheel drive 2TR-FE
(2.7-liter inline 4-cylinder)
6 Super ECT 5,450,000

Land Cruiser Special Edition Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices

Seating capacity Driveline Engine Transmission Price* (JPY)
Land Cruiser Special Edition ZX “First Edition” 7 Full-time four-wheel drive 1GD-FTV Direct Shift-8AT ◎7,850,000
Land Cruiser Special Edition VX “First Edition” 7,000,000
2TR-FE 6 Super ECT 5,900,000

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