Mazda Arata Concept (2024)

Alongside the MAZDA EZ-6, Mazda has also unveiled the MAZDA ARATA, a design concept model of an electrified vehicle, at Auto China 2024.

The MAZDA ARATA embodies the Mazda philosophy of “Uplifting the Human Spirit” and is designed to appeal to the advanced, sophisticated taste of Chinese consumers. As a crossover SUV, it features a modern design that creates a sleek, elegant impression.

MAZDA ARATA Design Summary:

  • Design Theme: The design theme is “SOULFUL + FUTURISTIC x MODERN,” combining futuristic and modern forms that evoke the image of a new way of life with new energy vehicles.
  • KODO Design: The side view boasts thick doors and a three-dimensional configuration that provides traction to the four tires, creating a powerful, dynamic shape that is typical of KODO design.
  • Aerodynamic Features: Air tunnels are set at the tips of the front end hood, on both sides of the front bumper, and on the inside of the d-pillars to improve aerodynamic characteristics and lend a futuristic sense to the model.

Masahiro Moro, President & CEO of Mazda, emphasized Mazda’s commitment to the ‘Joy of Driving’ and the core Human Centric value, aiming to deliver the ‘Joy of Living’ by creating moving experiences in customers’ daily lives.

The MAZDA ARATA is scheduled to be mass-produced as the second new electrified vehicle by the end of 2025 and introduced in the Chinese market.

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