The Evolution of a 1970 Camaro RS into an Autocross Marvel

The Evolution of a 1970 Camaro RS into an Autocross Marvel

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Chris Shallcross, a devoted autocross enthusiast, found his passion for the sport at the 2012 Goodguys Summit Nationals in Columbus, Ohio. Accompanied by his father, Tom, Chris embarked on a journey from Delaware to Ohio, where he encountered the vibrant atmosphere of the massive car show.

At that time, Chris had recently acquired a 1970 Camaro RS but was uncertain about its future direction. His visit to the autocross course at the event proved to be a pivotal moment. Engaging with fellow enthusiasts and experiencing exhilarating ride-alongs in classic Chevrolet models akin to his own, Chris found inspiration for his car’s transformation.



Motivated by his newfound passion, Chris opted for a Chevrolet Performance LS376/515 crate engine, sourced directly from his local Chevrolet dealer. Drawn to its impressive specifications, including a 10.7:1 compression ratio and an aggressive ASA camshaft, Chris believed it to be the ideal powerplant for his autocross aspirations.

Choosing to maintain a vintage aesthetic under the hood, Chris selected an LS376/515 package that accommodated a traditional carbureted look while incorporating modern electronic fuel injection through a Holley Terminator EFI system.

The transformation of Chris’s Camaro extended beyond its powertrain. Collaborating with his father, Tom, a seasoned street rod builder and former racer, they meticulously addressed rust issues and implemented structural modifications over a five-year period. Utilizing components from west coast junkyards and employing advanced upgrades such as a Detroit Speed hydroformed subframe, rack-and-pinion steering, and coilover shocks, the Camaro was reborn as a formidable autocross contender.

Finished in a striking Silver Ice Metallic hue, the Camaro pays homage to its racing heritage, originating from the renowned Ammon R. Smith Auto Company in York, Pennsylvania. While the interior retains its factory appearance, Chris’s focus on performance is evident, eschewing luxury amenities in favor of a purpose-built g-Machine.

Chris’s dedication to the automotive hobby is deeply ingrained, inherited from his father’s passion for performance. Together, they continue to explore car shows and events, with Chris actively participating in autocross whenever opportunities arise, pushing his Camaro and the LS376/515 engine to their limits on the track.

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