TECHART Porsche 911 GTS

TECHART for Porsche 911 GTS: more power and maximum sportiness.

More powerful, more dynamic and more individual. TECHART presents the sporty program for the Porsche 911 GTS models. The customization program offers upgrades for all vehicle areas: 59 kW (80 hp) increase in power and 100 Nm more torque, lightweight Formula VII forged wheels with central locking, aerodynamic and carbon fiber bodywork components as well as tailor-made clubsport interior refinements. Thus, TECHART is setting standards for the sporty individualization of the 911 GTS models.

Intelligent power upgrade: 59 kW (hp) and 100 Newton meter with the TECHART Powerkit.

The power of the Porsche 911 GTS increases with the electronically integrated TECHART TECHTRONIC performance upgrade to 427 kW (560 hp), which is a boost of 59 kW (80 hp) compared to the standard model. The maximum torque is increased by 100 Nm compared to the base vehicle to a total of 670 Nm. The sprint from zero to 100 km/h is achieved with the TECHART Powerkit TA092/S1.1 equipped 911 GTS in just 3.1 seconds – 0.3 seconds faster than the series vehicle. The top speed increases to 320 km/h.

A push of a button or a switch of the driving mode on the steering wheel is all it takes to activate the intelligent power upgrade. The TECHART Powerkit is active in Sport and Sport Plus mode. In normal mode, the vehicle can still be driven at any time with standard consumption values and unchanged driving performance.

Pure driving dynamics: the new lightweight TECHART Formula VII wheel with central lock and adjustable suspension.

The new TECHART Formula VII central lock wheel in the iconic turbine look combines modern forging technology and low weight with maximum individuality. The wheel dimensions for the Porsche 911 GTS are 9 x 20 inches on the front axle and 11.5 x 21 inches on the rear axle. For 911 GTS owners who prefer a 5-hole wheel connection, TECHART offers the popular Daytona II and Formula V wheel designs for a dynamic styling.

The spectacular wheel designs open up numerous personalization options for 911 GTS owners in a wide range of color variants and surfaces – always tailored to their vehicle.

TECHART Porsche 911 GTS

The adjustable TECHART coilover spring set meets the highest performance requirements in terms of driving dynamics and enables a firm setup and lowering of the vehicle level in the large adjustment range of 15 mm to approx. 40 mm. The TECHART coilover spring set is suitable for vehicles with and without PASM, with and without front axle lift system, and with and without sports suspension ex works. At TECHART in Leonberg, Porsche owners also receive professional assembly including suspension setup, as well as the calibration of the sensors and camera systems of their vehicle.

The TECHART Noselift System offers additional ground clearance of approx. 40 mm at the touch of a button in everyday life for all 911 models that are not equipped with a front axle lift system as standard.

Aerodynamic styling highlights and carbon details for the 911 GTS.

The distinctiveness of the TECHART exterior design is unmistakable. The wind tunnel-tested TECHART Aerokit, consisting of TECHART front spoiler I, air outlet grille, splitter and covers, side skirts and rear diffuser add-on. The new 6.7 kg light carbon front lid with two sharply modeled tendons weighs 2.5 kg less than the standard hood – optionally with or without integrated air shafts. The athletic aerodynamic package makes it immediately clear: this is not a production GTS. The airflow is directed from the profiled TECHART roof spoiler to one of the two TECHART rear spoiler variants.

Variant 1: the fixed TECHART Rear Spoiler II. The futuristic wing impresses with its spectacular construction and the use of crystal-clear wing supports made of Makrolon®. The TECHART Rear Spoiler II includes the boot lid with brake light and integrated intercooler openings for effective cooling.

Variant 2: elegant, yet a visual highlight – the TECHART Rear Spoiler I with aerodynamic spoiler lip. The active aero functions of the base model rear spoiler are retained.

The scope of parts of the TECHART aerodynamics package for the 911 GTS is freely configurable and enables the TECHART-typical individual matching and painting of individual components in the vehicle or contrasting color according to the customer’s wishes. The TECHART lettering on the rear as a three-dimensional signet rounds off the sporty exterior styling for the Porsche 911 GTS models.

New clubsport features in the interior:

TECHART sports steering wheel, roll bar and FIA homologated 6-point racing harnesses.

The range of handcrafted interior refinements is limitless thanks to the experienced master upholsterers at the TECHART manufactory. Seats, dashboards, headliner, floor mats and door panels in Alcantara®, leather or traditional heritage fabrics as well as carbon fiber packages give every Porsche 911 GTS a personal touch.

An individually configured TECHART sports steering wheel is a real eye-catcher inside the Porsche 911 GTS and one of the specialties of the renowned TECHART manufactory. Painted surfaces, segments in leather and Alcantara® as well as carbon trims, piping, decorative stitching and perforations create an endless variety of possibilities. Features such as multifunction, shift paddles or steering wheel heating are retained.

Another highlight in the interior: the new TECHART roll bar. Designed according to the current FIA regulations, it offers additional safety and a sporty look for the Porsche 911 GTS. The TECHART roll bar is hand-welded from high-strength steel and is available for all current-generation Porsche 911 Coupe models in matt black or paintable.

Maximum safety on the racetrack: the FIA homologated TECHART 6-points racing harnesses with a specifically engineered belt connection are available in the striking colors black, red, green or yellow. TECHART lettering in a contrasting color complete the for racetrack use only 6-points-harness.

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