Alfa-Romeo Giulia Retromod By ErreErre Fuoriserie

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The custom-built car market is undoubtedly booming. Italy has always been the undisputed protagonist in the world of manufacturing limited edition cars dedicated to the most demanding customers.

Over the years, the great masters of Italian style have been able to best interpret the style of major brands, leaving an indelible trace of cars that are recognized as works of art. Now we are witnessing a new era of small interpreters of this refined Italian tradition. Undoubtedly, cars are much more complex than they used to be. The series design has become more and more attentive to safety contents and has made it more difficult for us to make changes to the cars without incurring complicated development analyzes.

It is no longer enough as in the past to put a hand to the external shape of the vehicle without taking into account a series of fundamental constraints. High craftsmanship had to evolve into dedicated design. Both constructive and homologative constraints risk tying hands to pure creativity.

As explained, craftsmanship alone is no longer enough, you have to face the challenge by mixing it with the most modern design and construction techniques. The result is to obtain a product treated in an artisanal way and attentive to the settings that the regulations impose.

Alfa-Romeo Giulia Retromod By ErreErre Fuoriserie

Creativity can never be delegated to artificial intelligence, the manual skill of the expert craftsman will always be an added value.

Custom-built cars must remain a simple creative interpretation of form and content.

They can no longer be built from scratch if you want to comply with the previous points. The term craftsmanship is often associated with that of exclusivity. We must not fall into that mistake, in fact we must remember that the true craftsman is the one who creates objects with his own hands that must remain mostly in common use or in any case not be only for a small niche of users. Today the craftsman is the one who combines the use of modern tools to his innate creative inspiration, it is not for nothing that we often hear that they are true artists.

ErreErre Fuoriserie is able to face the development of its Fuoriserie precisely with this spirit of associating what technology allows combined with creativity.

For ErreErre Fuoriserie, simplicity must remain a strong point. Simplicity of product, simplicity of construction and above all simplicity of use.

The reasons that drive our customers to purchase an ErreErre Fuoriserie are to be found in the innate need of each individual to communicate their ideas and identity to the world.

Attention must be focused on those details that ensure that the customer can identify himself: sportiness, elegance or simply being able to say “there is no equal”.

Based on these arguments, the ErreErre Fuoriserie project was born. 2022 will celebrate the sixty years since the presentation of the legendary Alfa Romeo to the public

Giulia Tipo 105 and she was our muse.

Our homage is based on the beloved Giulia Quadrifoglio, a modern, safe and high-performance car. From here we began to develop a concept of style with a retro taste, so as to give life to a “Retromod” called Giulia ErreErre Fuoriserie.

The car body in carbon fiber has been totally recreated, a journey that takes almost 5 thousand hours only for the design, having to keep the entire geometry of the car and the supporting frame unaltered.

The “P” points have NOT been modified to ensure the active and passive factory safety that the parent company has developed and tested. The engine is the “usual” 2.9 Biturbo from 510cv to which no changes have been made as well as to the suspensions and the interior. In any case, the customer will be given the opportunity to modify the passenger compartment with dedicated materials. The newly designed CNC-milled rims have been specially designed for Giulia ErreErre Fuoriserie. They are 19 inches with the same measurements and dimensions as the Quadrifoghlio version for both the front and rear axles.

The price for the first 10 cars is set at € 196,207.26 + VAT + Donor car Giulia Quadrifoglio

From 11 onwards the price will rise to € 245,000.00 + VAT + Donor car Giulia Quadrifoglio

We think that ambition, courage and the dream for the cars that “no longer exist” have given rise to a project capable of surprising and evolving a style path that is now rooted in the heart of us petrolheads. The Retromod defined as “the Granddaughter who wears her grandmother’s dress”.

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