New DS 3 – The Art Of Refinement

For the start of Paris Fashion Week, Womenswear Ready-to-Wear Spring-Summer 2023, DS Automobiles is unveiling its latest creation, New DS 3. Longstanding partner of the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, DS Automobiles chose this unmissable event in the fashion capital to reveal New DS 3 in the streets of Paris and to invite its ambassador Andrea Brotschi to unveil New DS 3 in a photoshoot depicting a black dress with a very long train that contrasts with New DS 3’s fresh Diva Red colour. Benchmark in its segment in terms of design, technology and electrification, DS 3 CROSSBACK becomes New DS 3. Characterised by a new more efficient and dynamic front, a restructured and attractive range, the arrival of new technology and a new electric motor/battery pairing for its 100% electric version, New DS 3 really stands out from the competition. Power of seduction: New face, refined rear and exclusive colours New DS 3 shows its daring with a unique shape. Its design constitutes a balance between lines and volume. The most obvious developments involve the front. They give a new dynamism and feeling of solidity while maintaining the of elegance. The design language of the rest of the DS Automobiles range is applied with a redesigned grille, wider and enhanced with gloss black or chromed diamond tips depending on the model. The identifying DS WINGS have been tweaked to subtly join the grille and headlamps. The new LED headlamps – standard across the range – introduce a more dynamic design and give New DS 3 a sharper look with three feature modules emphasised with satin chrome. The DS MATRIX LED VISION, with intelligent control and automatic main beam for maximum comfort and safety are also offered as an option. The new daytime running lights feature two LED lines vertically arranged either side of the front for a distinctive and widening signature, consistent with the latest DS Automobiles design language. New DS 3 has also evolved stylistically as well as technically. The new spoiler and grille have been totally redesigned to optimise the car’s aerodynamic performance. The aerofoils framing the lower air intake grille demonstrate this new efficiency. The attention to detail is also conveyed on the finish of the badges positioned on the grille and the bonnet with the addition of a Clous de Paris embossed insert and a variety of colours depending on the model.

The profile maintains its distinctive signatures, balancing between daring design and technical expertise with the distinctive DS 3 shark’s fin, flush flitting door handles and invisible exterior window seals. The rear has been refined: the lights and the tailgate are tastefully emphasised with a lacquered black strip. This gets the “DS Automobiles” signature through a unique technology, the letters in polished stainless steel being divided and set one by one in the trim, as on New DS 7. The wheels introduce a completely new design for an increase in efficiency. Available in 17 and 18 inches, they are divided according to different themes and colours. In the 100% electric E-TENSE model, New DS 3 is available with new 18-inch TOULOUSE wheels shod with “Tall & Narrow Class A+” tyres. New DS 3 is offered with seven body colours, opaque, metallic and pearlescent, including two new pearlescent colours: Diva Red, a three-layer colour exclusive to New DS 3, and Lacquered Grey. Crystal Pearl, Platinum Grey, Artense Grey, Perla Nera Black and Polar White complete the offering with the option of creating bi-tone combinations with two variations of roof: Perla Black or the new Carat Grey. Diva Red: the sensuality of an exclusive red created after several years of research Since the launch of the electrified Wild Rubis concept during the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show, the Colours, Materials and Finishes team work on the production of a red colour that’s exclusive to DS Automobiles. In China, then during its appearances in Europe, the Wild Rubis colour – made of eleven sequential layers, applied twice and without coloured lacquer, had made an impression. Since then, more than forty different versions have been crafted to achieve New DS 3’s unique Diva Red. The colour, through its remarkable three-layer treatment with a deep colour, a semi-transparent layer and a protective lacquer, benefits from recent technology in the milling of pigment for greater saturation, to reveal the intensity of the red and emphasise the flop effect (where the variation of the colour and brightness depend on the viewing angle). “We drew our inspiration from jewellery and gemology. The gem varies from the jewel through its great rarity and its captivating beauty. So we studied the intensity of the colour of rubies with the aim of developing the sensuality of a red, of a toffee apple and of spiced cherries. Our aim was to find a colour that reveals character, depth and saturation while adding a sparkling quality to induce emotion.” Lisa Grangeon-Coudert (Colours & Materials Designer) The willingness to introduce high-fashion expertise to concept cars then use new technology to adapt them for sale is an integral part of the DS Automobiles stylistic approach. This new example complements other developments specific to the Brand such as “pearl” stitching or Clous de Paris embossed inserts. AN INTERIOR INSPIRED BY THE BIGGEST NAMES IN FRENCH LUXURY Driven by a unique design model, the DS Automobiles team showcases remarkable expertise which is replicated in each of its creations. New DS 3 draws inspiration from French luxury expertise to bring life to an exclusive vibe. Materials are chosen with the aim of offering a finish characterised by excellence, innnovation and sustainability. The leathers, particularly the Nappa Leather upholstery with the weathered Art Leather finish, Alcantara®, and details such as the “pearl” stitching or Clous de Paris embossed inserts show the uniqueness of DS Automobiles cockpits. This attention to detail, firmly rooted in the Brand’s DNA, is inside New DS 3 and represents a major point of difference. The driving position has changed with the adoption of a new steering wheel, regrouping controls for driver aids and infotainment buttons and combined with gearshift paddles for the automatic gearboxes. A new 10.3-inch high definition central screen is now offered as standard, with the new DS IRIS SYSTEM infotainment system built in.

New DS 3’s seats feature design and technology that serves beauty and wellbeing. These seats are figure hugging and covered with an innovative high-density foam, for class-leading seating comfort. The front seats can be heated, massaging (lumbar) and electric (front and back, up and down, reclining, lumbar settings). At the top of the range, OPÉRA introduces a Basalt Black Nappa Leather interior with watchstrap seats for immersion in creative luxury, tinged with character and modernity. The RIVOLI level offers new Basalt Black grained leather seats with scale-effect Basalt Black trim. A Pebble Grey upholstery with combined Nappa Leather/cloth is also available. For the PERFORMANCE Line and PERFORMANCE Line + levels, the seats, the dashboard strips and the door panels are embellished with Alcantara®. The new Basalt Black grained leather seats are available as an option. The PERFORMANCE Line + level gets extra equipment such as a central armrest, mats and lighting for the sun visors and footwells. The BASTILLE level has been completely revised with new Silicium Grey Peruzzi Cloth seats, with scale-effect grain strips on the dashboard and door panels. As an option, new Basalt Black grained leather seats are available. A RANGE OF MULTI-ENERGY DRIVETRAINS TOPPED BY A NEW 100% ELECTRIC E-TENSE MODEL The multi-energy brand with the lowest CO2 emissions in Europe since 2020, DS Automobiles is offering New DS 3 with three different kinds of drivetrain: electric, petrol and Diesel. With two Teams’ and Drivers’ titles in Formula E and the record for the number of wins, pole positions and podiums with the second generation single seater, DS Automobiles is benefitting from its excellent record in competition to introduce new electric techology. New DS 3 E-TENSE gets a completely new electric motor (assembled in Trémery-Metz), a reduction gear (produced in Valenciennes) and a new battery (assembled in Poissy) for increases in power and range. The new hybrid synchronous motor (HSM) benefits from the expertise acquired in Formula E to demonstrate high efficiency. It offers 115 kW (156 horsepower) of power and 260 Nm of torque at a voltage of 400 Volts. The new 54 kWh battery (50.8 kWh usable) has thermal control through liquid circulation and a heat pump that enables rapid charging, better range and increased lifespan. As standard the onboard charger takes 100 kW in direct current (0 to 80% in 25 minutes) and 11 kW in alternating current (0-100% in 5 hours). The architecture has been optimised. With improved energy density, the battery is very compact and distributed beneath the front and rear seats and centre tunnel. Usability and driving position are absolutely identical to those of other drivetrains and impact resistance exceeds the most stringent requirements.

Unique in its segment, New DS 3 E-TENSE manages up to 402 kilometres of range on the WLTP combined cycle (12.6 kWh / 100 km) and more than 500 km in city traffic, because of the efficiency of the electric motor, its ability to recover energy, ancilliary equipment such as the heat pump, thermal pre-conditioning and the new LED headlamps as well as the aerodynamic optimisation at the front and wheels and lowering ground clearance by 10 mm on models with Tall & Narrow 17 and 18-inch wheels. All these factors together enable a gain of up to 7.6 % on the SCx to be achieved. New DS 3 is also being offered with two petrol drivetrains: PureTech 100 with 6-speed manual gearbox and PureTech 130 with 8-speed automatic gearbox. A Diesel BlueHDi 130 with an 8-speed automatic gearbox is also on offer. In these two guises, these engines comply with the most recent anti-pollution standards. FULL OF TECHNOLOGY INSIDE New DS 3 gets a new infotainment system available via a large 10.3-inch high definition central screen with a redesigned gloss black surround. Connected navigation and intelligent voice recognition are offered by DS IRIS SYSTEM. The distinctive characteristic of this system is the ability for the user to personalise the central screen and the 7-inch instrument panel, complete with head up display that projects essential information in the driver’s eye line. The central screen is split into 12 squares and can accommodate varying sized widgets. As for the instruments, they are split into two distinct parts that can both be personalised. At the same time, the features can be controlled with an advanced voice recognition system in forty languages or with touch controls on the central pad. The function set-up has been revised to improve the ergonomics and include the specifics of DS IRIS SYSTEM. The mirroring feature is now available wirelessly. Viewable on the large central screen, VISIO PARK 2 enriches the range of driver aids available on New DS 3 by offering parking help with 360° vision reproduced through new high resolution digital cameras. Fitted as standard with a camera behind its windscreen, New DS 3 includes as standard high-level driver aids: Lane Keeping Assist, Traffic Sign Recognition with information reproduced on the instrument display, and Active Safety Brake up to 85km/h. By scanning its surroundings with radar positioned behind the front bumper and additional sensors, DS DRIVE ASSIST combines the adaptive cruise control with the Stop and Go function and lane keeping assist to offer level 2 semi-autonomous driving. DS DRIVE ASSIST positions the car with the help of road markings according to where the driver wants. This feature copes with repeatedly stopping and starting and effortlessly maintains its trajectory. It is linked to the Active Safety Brake system. Capable of detecting other vehicles but also cyclists and pedestrians, even in poor light between 5 and 140 km/h, this automatic emergency braking analyses the risks of a collision and can apply maximum braking force to avoid an impact or limit the consequences of one. Available as an option, Extended Traffic Sign Recognition detects speed limit signs in addition to some road signs (stop signs, one way, no entry and end of overtaking restrictions).

Fitted with LED headlamps throughout the range, New DS 3 introduces a new face. Composed around three horizontally aligned rectangular modules and highlighted by elegant satin trim, this new design gives a more daring look. Lighting performance is enhanced while energy consumption is reduced for improvements in range (E-TENSE 100 % electric) or CO2 emissions (internal combustion engines). DS MATRIX LED VISION is available as an option. This arrangement produces a light beam that adapts automatically to its setting, which enables continuous driving in “main beam” mode without dazzling other road users. DS MATRIX LED VISION operates with 3 LED modules which have the “dipped beam” function, but also a unit split into 15 segments for each headlamp. The LEDs in this unit turn on and off progressively, segment by segment, depending on the driving conditions detected by a camera at the top of the windscreen. DS MATRIX LED VISION lights up far and wide without ever dazzling the vehicle that’s in front or approaching from the opposite direction. Real comfort and a real safety benefit, particularly at night. New DS 3 showcases flush fitting door handles. This exclusive technology enables purity of design to be maintained, gives an avant-garde touch to the shape and maximises its aerodynamic efficiency. The door handles fold out when the user needs them and blend into the side of the car the rest of the time, whether it’s stopped or driving. What’s more, with its hands-free access and starting system (PROXIMITY KEYLESS ENTRY & START), you just have to approach the car (within 1.5 metres) for it to unlock and the 4 handles to fold out automatically. Upon walking away, they fold in and the car locks itself. THE ULTIMATE BENCHMARK FOR A SIGNATURE FRENCH SOUND By using the expertise of FOCAL, which is a benchmark in the world of premium audio systems, DS Automobiles has developed a unique system called FOCAL Electra. Twelve speakers including a subwoofer are fitted into the cockpit with great care and feature Bronze Belem colour metal grilles with a special finish. With a dedicated amplifier, this 515W audio system provides high performance acoustics for a rich sound and enormous purity. Sound spatialisation is optimised and consistent within the cockpit. Designed like an auditorium, New DS 3 offers an exceptionally immersive audio experience. The TNF tweeters showcase inverted dome technology in aluminium, offering an optimal spread of sound and high notes. The woofers, the mid-range satellites and centre speakers have Polyglass technology guaranteeing balance and precision of sound. The subwoofer uses triple coil 200mm Power Flower™ technology for defined reproduction and dynamic low frequencies. The collaboration between FOCAL and DS Automobiles reshapes high fidelity for a DS Lounge effect: the door seal, the door felt, the acoustic treatment of the glass and the sound deadening of the engine compartment have been especially carefully designed. The set up of the 12 speakers is done in a way to enjoy a perfectly immersive experience. For example, the rear tweeters are high up, fitted into the shark’s fin. The longevity and dynamics of the lower frequencies are optimised by the digital design of the doors, through special work on their stiffness compared to regular designs. Particularly fine tuning is then undertaken in collaboration with FOCAL to finish the work on sound balance and the spatalisation of the setting. It ensures the excellence of the signature French sound. NEW CONNECTED SERVICES FOR THE ENTIRE NEW DS 3 RANGE Driven by the MyDS app, these services enable the locking/unlocking of the doors, switching on the headlights, triggering an audible signal and controlling remote charging of the battery. The opportunity to control programming the thermal pre-conditioning and programming and management of New DS 3 E-TENSE’s charge status can be added. The MyDS app is also augmented with a Send2Nav module which enables a destination to be searched for and sent straight to New DS 3’s infotainment system. A simplified range The new DS 3 range adopts the principal started by New DS 7. The new OPERA specification becomes the most exclusive. Equipment levels have been reimagined, enabling a smoother climb through the range. The number of options has been reduced, through re-equipping or the creation of option packs to make customer understanding easier. Prices for new DS 3 start from 30,100 euros with the PureTech 100 Manual in BASTILLE specification. Prices in France

  • New DS 3 PureTech 100 Manual: from 30,100 euros
  • New DS 3 PureTech 130 Automatic: from 33,100 euros
  • New DS 3 BlueHDi 130 Automatic: from 34,700 euros
  • New DS 3 E-TENSE: from 41,700 euros

Ordering opens Ordering will open from 27 September in France at the 171 French DS STORES and also online at



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