Mercedes-Maybach S 680 Inspired by SPHINX Yacht

Mercedes-Maybach S 680 Inspired by SPHINX Yacht

In a tribute to craftsmanship and elegance, Mercedes-Maybach and the silver and yacht manufacturers Robbe & Berking have partnered to create an exclusive S-Class model. This collaboration marks the 150th anniversary of Robbe & Berking and features a design inspired by the legendary SPHINX 12mR yacht, a night-blue beauty built in 1939.

A Unique Anniversary Model
The special edition Mercedes-Maybach S 680 mirrors the SPHINX yacht’s color scheme with a two-tone paint finish. The upper section of the vehicle is adorned in nautical blue metallic, while the lower section features MANUFAKTUR patagonia red bright, separated by a fine pinstripe in MANUFAKTUR opalite white metallic. This elegant design pays homage to the yacht’s classic white waterline.

Interior Excellence
Inside, the S 680 boasts crystal white nappa leather with orion grey topstitching and wood trim accented with aluminum strips, evoking the aesthetic of a ship’s deck. The luxurious interior includes customized nappa leather cushions and exclusive features like electric comfort doors, illuminated MAYBACH door sills, and a Burmester┬« high-end 4D surround sound system. The rear-seat entertainment system and a cooling compartment with silver-plated champagne goblets from Robbe & Berking enhance the opulent experience.

The Legendary SPHINX Yacht
The SPHINX yacht, a member of the prestigious 12 Metre R class, has a storied history. Built in 1939 by Abeking & Rasmussen, it served various roles, including a training ship for the German Navy. Oliver Berking, Managing Director of Robbe & Berking, purchased and meticulously restored the yacht to its original glory. This restoration led to the founding of Robbe & Berking Classics, a renowned specialist in the restoration of classic sailing yachts.

A Timeless Collaboration
The Mercedes-Maybach S 680 and the SPHINX yacht exemplify a shared dedication to timeless beauty and exceptional craftsmanship. This unique collaboration between Mercedes-Maybach and Robbe & Berking not only celebrates a significant milestone but also sets a new standard for luxury and elegance in both the automotive and nautical worlds.

Source: Mercedes-Benz
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