Meeting Of Two Luxury Lifestyles: Mercedes-Maybach Meets The Yacht World Of Robbe & Berking

Meeting Of Two Luxury Lifestyles: Mercedes-Maybach Meets The Yacht World Of Robbe & Berking

Mercedes-Maybach redefines what luxury means in today’s world. Technical sophistication, maximum comfort, clear aesthetics and attention to detail create a world for discerning customers who see their vehicle not just as a product, but as an expression of their individual lifestyle. It is not simply a moment captured in time, but rather a cosmos of personalities and objects with which connoisseurs surround themselves, thereby satisfying their passion for quality and character. The exclusive accessories and lifestyle products from MAYBACH Icons of Luxury succeed in conveying the fascination of the brand beyond the automotive world and in meeting the desire for individuality. Those with this craving for something special also feel at home with Robbe & Berking in Flensburg. Not only has the company been handcrafting fine silver tableware for almost 150 years, since 2008, this tradition-steeped company has also been restoring and rebuilding unique wooden sailing yachts at its own shipyard in Flensburg, Germany.

When an engine is brought to the body of a vehicle and brings it to life, this is also known as a wedding. It is a similar moment when a ship is brought to the water and is launched. Sailing yachts and luxury vehicles therefore have a lot more in common than one might think at first glance. Their creation is a consummate interplay of craftsmanship, care in selecting the best materials, technical know-how, and a lot of time and pure passion.

During an exclusive photo shoot at the Robbe & Berking Classics shipyard, these parallels have now been impressively documented. The precise design lines of the products are reflected in the photography, revealing the correspondence between the two-tone paintwork of these elegant cars and yachts. The longing for travel, freedom, exclusivity, an individual lifestyle and the desire to overcome boundaries, becomes clear in these images.

If there is one term that sums up what Maybach and Robbe & Berking have in common, it is surely “sophistication”.  Since their foundation, both manufactories have stood for tradition and innovation as well as for the highest quality standards “Handmade in Germany” with a maximum of individualization in order to continuously exceed the expectations of their customers. At Robbe & Berking, these include over 50% of the 200 largest private luxury yachts in the world, as well as the ‘Who’s Who’ of top international gastronomy. Among the admirers of both manufacturers, there are also many collectors for whom the focus is not on passing fashions and avid consumerism, but on the pleasure of timeless elegance.

“There are things you have to see and experience. The spirit of Robbe & Berking is among them, in the same way as that of Maybach. The large and small masterpieces of both companies are among the best of their kind in the world. In both places, the masters of their craft love to produce individual works of timeless elegance from specially selected and precious materials. To a level a perfection that arouses emotions not only among collectors and customers all over the world,” says Oliver Berking, Managing Director of Robbe & Berking Silbermanufaktur seit 1874 GmbH & Co KG.

For sailing enthusiasts, these unique works certainly include the Nini Anker. The classic twelve-metre yacht was the last design of the legendary Norwegian designer Johan Anker, from 1939. Robbe & Berking Classics has rebuilt this work of art according to the original plans and made the elegant, fast yacht accessible to the yachting world decades later.

Like the Nini Anker, the new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class represents a way of defining luxury. Balanced proportions and many exclusive details on the outside, along with the ultimate in comfort for its occupants, characterise this elegant saloon. Those who place the highest value on independence will choose the luxury-class SUV, the Mercedes-Maybach GLS.

“Mercedes-Maybach embodies sophisticated luxury through its unique combination of passion and exquisite craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. The result is a brand that stands for a truly holistic luxury experience: one that celebrates creativity and goes beyond the product itself thanks to its compelling opportunities for individualisation and timeless elegance in exclusive materials. The Mercedes-Maybach GLS embodies our aspirations and brings a clear enrichment in the luxury SUV segment. With the brand-new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, we are underpinning our unique lifestyle experience in ultimate luxury saloons,” says Michael Knoeller, Head of Marketing & Sales Mercedes-AMG GmbH for Mercedes-Benz AG.

In their interiors, both Mercedes-Maybach models offer many features to ensure carefree traveling, even on long journeys. True connoisseurs of the brand will select further individual accessories in addition to the standard amenities such as air-conditioned and heated seats in high-quality leather, intuitive ambient lighting or entertainment via the innovative MBUX multimedia system.

As just one example, a refrigerated compartment for drinks and snacks is available for the rear. This is complemented by a set of two CHAMPAGNE GOBLETS that can be placed in the centre console, made exclusively for Mercedes-Maybach by Robbe & Berking Silbermanufaktur. These elegant cups bear the Maybach logo on their base. Additional products from Robbe & Berking also stylishly complement the elegant appeal of the Mercedes-Maybach vehicles. The silver-plated water, long-drink and whiskey TUMBLERS from the BELVEDERE BAR COLLECTION are not only beautifully shaped, but the high temperature conductivity of the silver allows the tumbler to take on the temperature of the drink so that you feel the pleasant coolness and freshness immediately.

A highlight for lovers of cultivated bar enjoyment is the BAR TROLLEY from Robbe & Berking, upon which all utensils and bottles can be neatly presented. It owes its unusual design to the dark thermo-ash hardwood that the boat builders at Robbe & Berking Classics shipyard have used to craft this decorative object.

For on-board entertainment, the Mercedes-Maybach models have two screens in the rear that can each separately display a desired programme. The best complement to these are the Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth headphones. The elegant over-ear design delivers an excellent listening experience with maximum wearing comfort and without annoying cables. Whether music, podcasts, audio books or films, thanks to Active Noise Cancellation technology (ANC), unwanted background noise is blocked out and you can indulge in undisturbed listening pleasure. The 3D sound effect ensures a rich and spatial sound, which brings out the nuances particularly well when playing music. The integrated microphone also makes it possible to make telephone calls in the best voice quality. Soft, ergonomic pads made of artificial leather enclose the ears, and the headband is also padded. The design of the exterior speaks a clear, sporty language and gleams with a
piano-lacquer finish and chrome surrounds, additionally accentuated by matt contrasts in grained silicone. All the controls for the Mercedes-Benz headphones are located on the right ear cup. On the side there are three small buttons with the functions On/Off, ANC and 3D sound. Music playback and call control are via an integrated touch pad that responds to tapping and swiping gestures.

MAYBACH Icons of Luxury complements the world of cars with a range of high-quality accessories for an all-encompassing lifestyle experience. An impressive example of this is the MAYBACH Eyewear sunglasses THE KING, whose handcrafted temples made of fine precious wood or genuine natural horn feature an open décor inspired by the dynamic lines of the centre console. The intricate topbar of this frame with floating lens construction features elegant MAYBACH embossing, while miniature double-M logos adorn the screw heads. Other Maybach elements such as the brogue pattern underline the sense of belonging to a large brand family.

Artfully staged understatement is conveyed by the rimless prescription glasses THE ARTIST III, which are presented in 2021 with trendy new temple colours. The clean lines of the temples and end pieces in precious plated titanium form an exciting contrast to the handcrafted wooden temples with exquisite Maybach logo.

The MAYBACH Eyewear model THE REFINED I exudes striking elegance. Made of genuine natural horn, this frame expresses a clear design idiom. The unique look of the natural material is further enhanced by the embossed titanium temples with Maybach logo.

Contracts and notebooks have never travelled more stylishly than in the MAYBACH document bag THE ADVISER I. The pleasantly soft, natural-grain cowhide leather in sporty, elegant blue is worked with supreme craftsmanship. A well thought-out layout with a front zipped compartment and two divided main compartments ensures clarity, order and protection. The Maybach logo is displayed as a discreet metal emblem on the front of this indispensable organisational talent.

The MAYBACH business bag THE SCOPE I and the MAYBACH weekend bag THE VENTURE I are a perfect duo for short trips. They combine the touch and feel of original Maybach vehicle leather with the lightness and durability of high-quality nylon and also score points visually with this sporty, elegant contrast. With their well thought-out interior layout, practical external pockets and many functional details, as well as the unmistakably exclusive Maybach design, both models should be counted as essential vehicle accessories.

The feather-light and super-soft MAYBACH cashmere-silk scarf THE YEARNING I in blue catches the eye with its attractive pattern, which has been cleverly developed from the Maybach double-M logo. The scarf is handmade from 70% cashmere and 30% silk using traditional weaving techniques and promises a particularly comfortable wearing experience.

Sporty but at the same time a fashionable all-rounder is the MAYBACH braided belt THE ACCENT I in blue with leather details and contrasting colour stripes. The braid is elastic and can be adjusted to any size to ensure comfort, especially important on long car journeys. It harmonises very well with the classic polo shirts with Maybach emblem on the button placket. The short-sleeved polo shirt THE PIONEER II and the long-sleeved THE TRAILBLAZER I polo shirt in dark blue are made from high-quality, long-staple cotton combined with an element of Lycra for optimum fit and flexibility. The inside of the collar and the button placket are lined with contrasting fabric featuring the Fleur-de-Maybach pattern.

Cool, casual, classy – with the MAYBACH lambskin jacket THE INDEPENDENT I you’ll always make the right choice on cooler days on deck and in the harbour as well as in the city. The pilot-style jacket with high-closing collar is made of high-quality lambskin and offers a very special touch thanks to the elaborate napped surface treatment. Details such as the ring for sunglasses on the left chest, the triangular buckle on the collar and the palladium-plated Maybach logo at the back of the neck make it an original with strong character. For warmer days, the THE EXPEDITION II transitional jacket is the perfect partner. The lightweight, windproof and
water-repellent outer material is hard-wearing and looks classy thanks to the discreet quilting. The jacket has three zipped pockets lined with soft fleece for maximum comfort, and a ring for sunglasses. The Maybach logo features at the back of the neck of this model as well.

“To feel ultimate luxury is a pleasure for all the senses. The objective of turning this exclusive feeling into a lifestyle experience in as many areas of life as possible is what drives us at MAYBACH Icons of Luxury. Inspired by iconic design elements that remind us of the heritage of this tradition-steeped car, we work here by hand and with considerable passion, using the very finest materials. The highest standards of quality and individuality, achieved only by the most select partners,” says Jutta Kahlbetzer, Managing Director of MAYBACH Icons of Luxury.

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