1959 Ford Fairlane 500: A Classic Icon of American Automobiles

The 1959 Ford Fairlane 500 stands as a testament to the golden era of American automobiles. As one of Ford’s flagship models, the Fairlane 500 epitomized the perfect blend of style, performance, and innovation that defined the late 1950s. With its sleek design, powerful engines, and a range of variants to suit every driver’s taste, the Fairlane 500 quickly became a beloved classic.

Design and Features
The 1959 Fairlane 500 showcased a striking design with its prominent chrome grille, distinctive tailfins, and bold, sweeping lines. The exterior was available in a variety of vibrant colors, reflecting the optimism and spirit of the era. Inside, the Fairlane 500 offered a spacious and comfortable cabin with stylish upholstery, chrome accents, and advanced features for its time, such as push-button controls and an optional Magic Aire ventilation system.

Engine Options
Under the hood, the Fairlane 500 offered a range of engine options to cater to different performance preferences. These included the base 223 cubic inch (3.7L) inline-six engine, a 292 cubic inch (4.8L) V8, a 332 cubic inch (5.4L) V8, and the powerful 352 cubic inch (5.8L) V8 engine. These engines provided robust performance and smooth cruising, making the Fairlane 500 a versatile choice for both city driving and long road trips.

Variants of the 1959 Ford Fairlane 500
The 1959 Fairlane 500 came in several variants, each offering unique features and styles:

  1. Ford Fairlane 500 Club Sedan: A stylish two-door sedan with a focus on comfort and elegance.
  2. Ford Fairlane 500 Town Sedan: A four-door sedan variant, offering more space for families and passengers.
  3. Ford Fairlane 500 Club Victoria: A two-door hardtop model, combining sporty looks with a pillarless roof design.
  4. Ford Fairlane 500 Town Victoria: A four-door hardtop variant, providing the elegance of the Club Victoria with added convenience.
  5. Ford Fairlane 500 Sunliner: A convertible model, perfect for open-air cruising and enjoying sunny days.
  6. Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner: Featuring a retractable hardtop, this innovative variant offered the best of both worlds – the security of a hardtop with the versatility of a convertible.
  7. Ford Fairlane 500 Galaxie: A top-of-the-line variant introduced mid-year, which later evolved into its own model line, combining luxury and performance.


The 1959 Ford Fairlane 500 remains a highly sought-after classic car among collectors and enthusiasts. Its iconic design, range of powerful engines, and diverse variants make it a symbol of the automotive innovation and style of the late 1950s. Whether displayed at car shows or cruising down the highway, the Fairlane 500 continues to capture the hearts of those who appreciate timeless American craftsmanship.

For those lucky enough to own a 1959 Ford Fairlane 500, it represents more than just a car; it’s a piece of automotive history that embodies the spirit of an era defined by bold design and groundbreaking technology.

Source: Ford Heritage Vault
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