Infiniti Middle East Shows Car Owners How To Look After Their Cars This Summer

As temperatures begin to rise in the region, cars require even more attention and care as the summer heat amplifies the toll that daily driving can have. From air conditioning maintenance, to tire pressure and car battery health, experts at INFINITI service centres share their top five care tips to keep your car running smoothly and safely this summer.

  1. Inspect and prepare your air conditioning (AC) unit

As your car’s AC system will be used extensively over the summer months, it is essential to ensure that your system is working at the optimum level. AC filters need to be checked regularly, and quick action needs to be taken if these filters are dirty.

  1. Monitor your tire pressure

It is imperative to ensure that tires are properly inflated to withstand the soaring temperatures. Under-inflated tires can cause them to overheat, making them weaker, more prone to damage and to blowouts. Tire pressure should be checked at least once a month during the summer, and for the most accurate reading, pressure should be checked when tires are cold.

  1. Test your battery

The summer sun can cause your car battery to heat up, which may lead to internal breakdown and eventual battery failure. If your battery is more than three years old, it is a good idea to have it tested to determine how much longer the battery will last. As your car and battery work harder during the summer, owing to extensive use of AC and increase of evaporation of fluids, you should keep a closer eye on your battery during the summer.

  1. Regularly inspect oils and fluids

Check your vehicle’s oil, brake, power-steering and windshield-washer fluids regularly, as these fluids are more volatile and evaporate quicker when mercury is at its highest. Basic maintenance services, such as oil changes, should essentially start before the summer.

  1. Keep your engine cool and hydrated

Keeping cool during the warmer months in the UAE is extremely important, not only for the passengers in the car, but also for the car itself. Levels of coolant fluid in your car need to be checked, and any leaks need to be inspected.

INFINITI is renowned for its After-Sales service with the aim of providing its owners with the Total Ownership Experience (TOE) which is exclusive, energizing and rewarding.

INFINITI owners can now have their vehicles collected for a scheduled maintenance and returned once completed for a nominal fee.

INFINITI owners can also book an INFINITI Courtesy Vehicle at select service centres through prior booking, enabling them to stay on the move throughout the period their vehicle is being serviced.

As part of the vehicle’s scheduled service, a complimentary digital vehicle health check can be performed with a full inspection report sent directly via email or SMS.

Infiniti Middle East Shows Car Owners How To Look After Their Cars This Summer

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