Citroen C1 Millenium 2022 – A Trendy Look Full Of Vitality

Citroen C1 Millenium 2022 – A Trendy Look Full Of Vitality


C1 has an endearing look and a cheeky expression. The C1 Millenium version accentuates the model’s urban-adventurer look and dynamic personality. For extra style and status, it is equipped as standard with matte black wheel arch embellishers from the Urban Ride kit, accompanied by 15-inch Comet wheel rims that enhance the body styling, as well as dark-tinted windows and rear window for even greater elegance.

The attractive and characterful styling lends an extra dose of freshness and optimism to the compact city car and its agile performance in the city. The trendy look conceals a playful car that is full of surprises.

C1 Millenium retains all the ideal agility of C1, nipping in and out of traffic effortlessly with its compact dimensions (3.46 m long) and nifty handling (turning circle of 4.80 m).


Cheerful and easy to live, C1 can accommodate four occupants, bringing them versatility and in-car comfort.

The ingenious model is unfailingly practical with its generous boot volume and a host of storage areas and cup holders. New C1 Millenium harmoniously combines elegance and well-being with a standard-fit Metropolitan Grey interior ambience including Urban Ride Collection 2 fabric trim and a split-leather steering wheel.

Based on the Feel level, it boasts comfort-enhancing equipment including air conditioning, an MP3 digital audio system with four speakers, and a split-folding rear bench.

With New C1 Millenium, customers get to live the urban adventure in complete serenity. Occupants enjoy all the modernity of the 7-inch touchscreen combined with the Mirror Screen function for duplicating their smartphone screens, as well as the practicality of electric heating door mirrors.

Scoring top marks on versatility thanks to its comfort and roadholding, C1 Millenium is powered by a latest-generation 3-cylinder petrol engine fitted with a Stop & Start system and available with a manual gearbox (VTi 72 S&S manual). The efficient and high-performance model complies with the Euro 6.d standard and makes each journey a moment of well-being.

Already available to order in France, New C1 Millenium will arrive in Citroën dealerships from June 2021.



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