Cadillac CELESTIQ Show Car (Second Set Of Images)

Today, Cadillac shared a second set of images of the CELESTIQ show car. The design resonates from the first impression to inspire continued discovery and fascination. Drawing from periods of Cadillac’s 120-year heritage for a bold vision of the future, the CELESTIQ show car sets new standards for exceptional craftsmanship and technology.

The interior is open and spacious, and creates an experience unlike anything else with a focus on meticulous detailing overlayed on a clean cutting-edge design.

“The CELESTIQ exterior and interior were designed together to reflect a holistic vision of what American luxury can be,” said Tristan Murphy, Cadillac interior design manager. “With CELESTIQ, we’ve created an even higher level of craft, allowing us to add that beautiful sense of movement through the cabin.”

Follow General Motors Design on Instagram for more early looks at the CELESTIQ show car throughout the summer. CELESTIQ availability will be announced at a later date.

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