1948 Chevrolet Pickup ENYO by Ringbrothers

In the realm of custom car builders and parts manufacturers, Ringbrothers has carved out a reputation for pushing the boundaries of automotive design and engineering. In 2022, they unveiled their most audacious creation yet: the “ENYO” super truck. A departure from traditional American truck capabilities, the ENYO is a 1948 Chevrolet pickup that defies expectations with its sheer power and innovative design.

Crafted over a painstaking process spanning over 10,000 hours, the ENYO is a testament to Ringbrothers’ commitment to quality and craftsmanship. At its heart lies a Goodwin 1,000-horsepower tall-deck racing engine, a powerhouse of performance that propels this beast forward. But it’s not just about raw power – extensive use of carbon-fiber components ensures that the ENYO is as lightweight as it is powerful, further enhancing its performance on the road.

According to Mike Ring, co-owner of Ringbrothers, the ENYO represents a new frontier for the company. In 2022, with four vehicle debuts at the SEMA Show, the ENYO stood out as the pinnacle of their creativity and innovation. It was a project that pushed the boundaries of design, engineering, and performance, resulting in a vehicle that spoke for itself.

Years of planning and collaboration culminated in the realization of the ENYO, a project that redefined the classic American truck. Chopped, channeled, and sectioned, the 1948 Chevrolet pickup combined performance and design elements that were once inconceivable in its original era. From state-of-the-art chassis and suspension design to carbon fiber parts and aerodynamic enhancements, the ENYO represented a fusion of classic aesthetics with modern technology.

Jim Ring, co-owner of Ringbrothers, emphasized the meticulous craftsmanship that went into creating the ENYO. Every detail, from the CAD-designed trim to the custom-machined parts, reflected their unwavering commitment to excellence. The result was a super truck that defied convention, combining immense character with power and performance typically reserved for advanced racecars.

Under the hood, the racing-inspired drivetrain boasted a 1,000-horsepower engine built by Todd Goodwin, equipped with Kinsler eight-stack injection and a Holley fuel management system. Paired with a Bowler Performance Corvette torque-tube automatic transaxle, the ENYO delivered unparalleled performance on both the track and the street. Cantilever-independent suspension and custom Porsche 911 pin-drive wheels ensured maximum grip and agility, while Brembo brakes provided the stopping power needed to rein in this beast.

But it wasn’t just about performance – the ENYO was a work of art in motion. The original 1948 steel cab, extensively modified by Ringbrothers, sat atop a one-off chassis designed by Scott Ahlman and Ahlman Engineering. Constructed with 3K-weave carbon fiber and featuring a host of modern amenities, including power windows and air conditioning, the ENYO seamlessly blended classic charm with contemporary comfort.

From its titanium side pipes to its custom headers and electromagnetic latches, every aspect of the ENYO was a testament to Ringbrothers’ ingenuity and innovation. As leaders in their industry, Mike and Jim Ring had consistently pushed the boundaries of automotive design, paving the way for future innovations in the industry. With the ENYO, they had once again raised the bar, showcasing what Ringbrothers was truly capable of in 2022.


  • Engine: Goodwin 1,000-horsepower tall-deck racing engine
  • Fuel Injection: Kinsler eight-stack injection
  • Transmission: Bowler Performance Corvette torque-tube 4L80 automatic transaxle
  • Suspension: Cantilever-independent suspension at all four corners with Ohlins shocks
  • Wheels: Custom Porsche 911 pin-drive wheels by HRE Wheels
  • Brakes: Brembo GTS M6 brakes with six-piston calipers
  • Tires: Track and street wheels included, facilitated by Nuke Performance air jack system
  • Additional Features: Carbon fiber components, power windows, custom stainless-steel gas tank, Vintage Air Gen II compact air-conditioning system, custom interior collaboration with Upholstery Unlimited and Gemini Technology Systems

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