The All-New 2022 Lexus LX Has Arrived – Here’s What You Need to Know

Launched in 1989, the Lexus range of luxury cars has continued to raise the bar for standards of innovation, comfort, technology, and design. The all-new 2022 Lexus LX has taken these aspirations to another level, delivering a peerless luxury SUV experience. With VIP and F Sport editions available for the first time ever, these cars are ideal for connoisseurs of design, innovation, and performance.
Here’s what you need to know about the Lexus LX600 2022.

Ease and quality on any road 
Setting a new standard of driving experience, the  LX delivers ease and quality on any road in the world. Whether you like to cruise the city streets or take some friends for an off-road adventure, this luxury vehicle has all the power and speed that you could possibly want. The newly-designed V6, 3.5L twin-turbo engine offers up to 409hp and up to 650nm, raising performance standards higher than even a conventional V8. To further enhance the driving experience, the powertrain has been paired with a ten-speed automatic transmission system.

To keep your off-roading as comfortable as possible, this Lexus SUV sports hydraulic Active Height Control suspension, allowing you to set the perfect ground clearance for even the toughest of terrains. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a Crawl Control mode that gives throttle control to the onboard actuator, helping relieve driver fatigue on those longer journeys.

Superlative security
With the LX being such a coveted Luxury SUV, Lexus has installed a pioneering security feature with the Fingerprint Authentication Start/Stop system. Fitted as standard on the Signature, VIP and F Sport editions, this system allows you to register up to ten fingerprints using the car’s built-in fingerprint sensor, which is found in the centre of the engine’s push-start button.

Registered users can link their preferred settings, such as seat position and , directly to the Lexus LX’s memory function so that, when the engine starts up, those settings will be smoothly and swiftly set in place. In the unlikely event that the Fingerprint Authentication system fails, the engine can be started by holding the car’s electronic key over the start-stop switch and pressing it while pushing down on the brake pedal.

Can you improve on perfection?
Stunning design, comfort, safety, and performance are part and parcel of the LX. However, for those who really want to experience the LX at its absolute best, two further models are being introduced into the range, in the forms of the VIP and F Sport editions. Both feature the Dual Screen Infotainment system, which include an upper 12.3inch multimedia touchscreen, while the lower 7-inch screen clearly displays the interior climate controls and all the information the driver needs for the perfect drive.

Similarly, both models come with the 25-speaker Mark Levinson premium audio system. Where the VIP edition changes direction is in the four-seater layout. Rear Ottomans recline up to 48 degrees, while the built-in massage function ensures that you’re in for the most relaxing ride possible.

By comparison, the F Sport edition takes the design concept of the Lexus LX to another level. Exclusive, 22-inch F Sport forged Black Premium Metallic alloy wheels add to the LX’s stunning exterior, while the interior sports aluminium, Samurai-inspired, Hadori ornamentation.

Top 5 Features of The All-New 2022 LX Luxury SUV

If you’re a fan of Lexus SUVs , then your ears are sure to have picked up the announcement of its latest luxury SUV, the all-new 2022 Lexus LX. Since the introduction of the first Lexus in 1989, the company has set the standards for design, innovation, security, and comfort. Whether you enjoy cruising the city streets or want to go off-roading, the LX  is an outstanding vehicle. If you’re thinking of upgrading your Lexus to the latest addition to the family, check out the top five features of the Lexus LX600 .

1)    Power and speed
Perhaps the most significant upgrade to the LX is the installation of a twin-turbo, 3.5L V6 engine. Capable of achieving 409hp and up to 650nm, this innovative engine outperforms even a conventional V8. To add to the luxury driving experience, Lexus has mated the powertrain with a 10-speed automatic transmission system. Close-ratio gears offer ultra-smooth gear changes, help to reduce the loss of clutch torque – and even lower’s the car’s fuel requirements.

2)    Fingerprint tech
The introduction of the Fingerprint Authentication Start-Stop system is a first for Lexus. The LX is equipped with a fingerprint recognition system so that only registered users can drive it. This system allows you to programme up to ten fingerprints stored in the car’s memory. In addition, on saving their fingerprint, each user can save their preferred driving settings, such as the position and of the driver’s seat. As soon as the engine thrums into life, those settings are automatically implemented. A state-of-the-art security feature, the Fingerprint Authentication Start-Stop system gives Lexus Owners peace of mind, knowing that their car can’t be driven away without consent.

3)    Two more models
Just when it looked like things couldn’t get any better, Lexus decided to introduce the VIP and F Sport editions to the LX range. With comfort in mind, the VIP model offers a four-seater layout, with reclining captain’s chairs for the rear passengers, which can tilt back to up to 48°. Throw in a reclining ottoman, and a massage function in the seating and your passengers are in for the most relaxing ride they’ve ever had.

The F Sport edition takes the design concept up a notch. While the classic spindle grille and angled headlamps are all present and correct, this model sports unique 22-inch F Sport forged Black Premium Metallic alloy wheels for even greater visual impact. On the inside, the standard design is given a more contemporary edge with the addition of Samurai-inspired Hadori ornamentation, rendered in sleek aluminium.

4)    Combined information and entertainment
One of the most visible changes to the Lexus interior is in the infotainment centre. Gone is the old trackpad screen and, in its place, sits a dual-screen system. The upper screen measures 12.3 inches and offers responsive and intuitive touchscreen capabilities. The lower, 7-inch screen is dedicated to vehicle functions and climate control, all operated by touchscreen.

5)    State-of-the-art sound
Whether you like the radio, music, or the spoken word, the 25-speaker Mark Levinson delivers exquisite sound on every level. With mid-woofers, sub-woofers, tweeters, midrange speakers and amplifiers enhancing every layer of sound, you’ll appreciate your favourite tunes in a much deeper way.

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