UAE Finalists Of Global Toyota Dream Car Art Contest Announced

Uae Finalists Of Global Toyota Dream Car Art Contest Announced

The nine winners of  the 6th local edition of the  Al-Futtaim Toyota Dream Car Art Contest were announced today, which saw over three hundred entries from the UAE.  The UAE winners will have their works submitted to the International Dream Car Art Contest. Now in its 14th year, the International Dream Car Art Contest sees children from around the world shape the future of mobility through their youthful creativity. Since 2004, more than 6.2 million children from more than 100 countries have taken part in this initiative.

Open to participants 15 years of age and below, the contest invites children to imagine the best problem-solving car in the world, as part of a competition designed to inspire creativity in youth and encourage interest in making the world a better place.  Children competed for three categories, Gold, Silver and Bronze and are divided into three age groups: 7 years old and under; 8 to 11 years old and 12 to 15 years old.

The top nine winners, a Gold, Silver and Bronze from each age bracket will receive awards and prizes and now enter the international level of the competition to compete against other entries from around the world. The criteria to judge the submitted artwork revolves around uniqueness and execution of the concept, as well as the child’s artistic ability.

Full details of winners can be found below:

Category 1 – 7 years and younger

  • Gold – Yukta Suresh with the Magnetic Toyota Car that helps children to enjoy nature instead of long screen time
  • Silver – Oscar Pacheco with the Covid Bus-Ter – The COVID Bus-Ter uses solar panels to purify the air infected by the COVID-19 virus and replace it with oxygen
  • Bronze – Muhammad Mughal with Toyota 3 in 1 that takes CO2 from the air and changes it into O2, collects rubbish to use as fuel and shines lights on dark places

Category 2 – 8-11 years old

  • Gold – Zara Mehdi with the Hospital on Wheels that can reach to remote places where either hospitals are not available or are far away
  • Silver – Razia Rafique with the Underwater Car, a hydro-powered car that can travel under water and clean junk in corals
  • Bronze – Adhikshita Mahesh with the Toyota Organo, a car that runs with dead leaves and produces no smoke therefore allows the planet to live in peace with no pollution

Category 3 – 12-15 years old

  • Gold – Pratheeksha Sathyanarayanan with the Toyofauna Guardian that maneuvers through the forest scanning for animals to rescue from forest fires to transport to fertile habitats
  • Silver – Sharon John with the Toyota Brain Car that helps people who have been negatively impacted due to the overuse of technology by internet addiction by converting negative impact into positive effect by boosting creativity and imagination
  • Bronze – Tazmeen Siddiqu with the Wings of Happiness designed to spread happiness dudring the COVID-19 pandemic

The inspiring drawings will also be displayed across Toyota facilities around the country to give an even wider audience an appreciation of the UAE’s young artistic talents.


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