UAE Electric Vehicle Survey Results Revealed

UAE Electric Vehicle Survey Results Revealed
40% of UAE residents believe that the infrastructure in the UAE is becoming increasingly suitable for electric vehicles (EVs), according to a survey commissioned by Audi Abu Dhabi. The YouGov survey of 1000 UAE residents explored consumer sentiment and concerns towards EV adoption in the country, as the exclusive dealer of Audi cars in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain welcomes two new e-tron models, e-tron GT and RS e-tron GT to showrooms.
40% of those surveyed expressed interest in purchasing an EV, with environmental concern being the top motivator (36%). This was closely followed by value for money, with 29% believing EVs offer better value in the long run, compared to petrol/diesel cars. These indicators display a key, fundamental shift in consumer attitude, which will ultimately be beneficial for the consumer and the country. The UAE government continues to support sustainable, green transportation through the UAE National Smart Mobility Strategy, where a concrete plan has been outlined to maximise the use of technology and innovation to empower electrification in the roads.
Charging infrastructure for EVs was one of the important markers to embrace EVs among respondents, with 29% claiming that they would consider purchasing an EV if there were more charging stations. Furthermore, a quarter stated that they would be more likely to buy an EV if they had more information on the fee exemptions provided by the government.
The dealership offers a range of models including electrical vehicles under the Audi e-tron sub-brand. The e-tron GT and RS e-tron GT, the latest addition in the e-tron line-up, are testament to Audi’s continued commitment to finding sustainable ways to strive forward and protect the planet.
Commenting on the findings, Audi Abu Dhabi General Manager, Mark Austin, said, “The UAE is witnessing an increased demand of EVs and the government’s efforts towards sustainability are driving this shift in the market. In Abu Dhabi, EVs will play a critical role to help the emirate meet its decarbonisation goals. So far, the capital has 200 charging units installed and this number will only increase as the city is aiming for fewer emissions on the roads. We are proud to be part of that agenda to create the future of mobility for the UAE and beyond.”
The Audi e-tron GT and the RS e-tron GT are the brand’s new electric spearheads. Powerful, fast, and dynamic, the models have zero local emissions.
“The new Audi models demonstrate accumulated technical expertise and the Audi brand’s passion for detail. Their sculptural design and dynamic proportions are unmistakable marks of iconic Audi design and innovation. In the spirit of a gran turismo, the high-tech suspension offers comfort, sportiness and everyday usability, ensuring that our customers can go electric while enjoying the unmatched driving pleasures presented by our Audi Sport range,” added Austin.
Two powerful electric motors on the front and rear axles provide confident electric all-wheel drive and road performance. The high-voltage battery enables ranges of up to 472-433 kilometers and can be recharged extremely quickly thanks to their 800-volt technology.

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