Three ways, infotainment features transform the drive to a journey on the road, by GMC

Powered by hundreds of technological and connectivity innovations introduced over the past decades, cars have become so much more than a mode of transportation. With hours spent on the roads daily, drivers and passengers expect their vehicles to be smart, information-fueled hubs on wheels. Infotainment Systems are the magic tool that transforms a monotonous drive, to an experience on the road and the interface between drivers and their vehicles.

Whether drivers are looking for advanced connectivity, enhanced media entertainment, smartphone integration, or simply to listen to the radio, infotainment systems can deliver the information or multimedia motorists are looking for. GMC sheds light on three ways Infotainment Systems transform the journey on the road.

Connectivity and usefulness

One of the main components of Infotainment Systems are the connectivity features. These features specifically turn cars into smart and helpful companions. Connected navigation, for example, keeps drivers on the right path and informed, with up-to-the-minute traffic updates, local fuel prices and parking options amongst others – on a broader level, this also help manage traffic and congestion. Additionally, smart phones have become a big part of everyone’s lives. Wifi hotspot, smartphone compatibility and wireless connectivity all available across GMC’s premium line-up, ensure that drivers can stay connected to their digital lives while keeping their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

Entertainment and personalization

For many people, a drive with the right music can be described as a therapeutic experience. On-road entertainment allows traffic jams to become more bearable and long trips more enjoyable. Whether on a family road trip or on the daily commute, drivers can enjoy a plethora of entertainment options that cater to their preferences, adding personalization to the mix. From streaming music, podcasts, and audiobooks to accessing live TV and movies for passengers to enjoy, drivers and passengers can stay engaged and entertained or even learn something new while on the move.

Comfort and peace of mind

Safety on the road is the biggest priority. In addition to connectivity and entertainment, infotainment systems also offer features specifically designed to keep drivers, passengers and even pedestrians safe and comfortable.  Rear Vision Camera, front and rear park assist for example, are game changers in crowded parking spots. Safety features like forward collision or lane change alert can also help protect other commuters. When it comes to comfort, many simple features can save time and help avoid surprises on the road like locating a parked car or fuel level updates.

While drivers have come to take infotainment systems for granted, connectivity, entertainment and safety feature offer users helpfulness, personalization and peace of mind and truly transform the hours spent on the go.  However, infotainment systems are there to help elevate the journey on the road and do not replace responsible driving.

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