Special Exhibition At The Mercedes-Benz Museum – Future Mobility

Special Exhibition At The Mercedes-Benz Museum – Future Mobility

Our mobility is rapidly changing towards a diverse future. Mercedes-Benz Museum is sharing a perspective on this development with the new “Future Mobility” special exhibition, which visitors can experience from 1 June 2021 with the Museum’s reopening at “Future Lounge” on the Museum’s Level 0. It showcases visions and specific solutions by Mercedes-Benz for mobility technologies and services. This perspective of the future is revealed against the backdrop of the history of mobility since the invention of the car in 1886.

The permanent exhibition of the Mercedes-Benz Museum will also be re-opened for visitors on 1 June 2021, as usual from Tuesday to Sunday.

The new special exhibition has been divided into four subject areas, each of which focuses on particularly important questions and developments relating to the future of mobility:

  • “excite” showcases the car’s potentials as a partner for drivers and passengers within an analogue and digital daily routine. In future, the vehicle will not only be offering technology, luxury and aesthetics, but also act as an interface between the real world and virtual content.
  • “intuitive” demonstrates how innovative vehicles and mobility services link up to form new transport systems. These include seamless connectivity as well as intuitively linked travelling sequences across different mobility services.
  • “energize” illustrates how the car will increasingly evolve into a “third place” to retreat to and relax in, in addition to our homes and workplaces. For instance, sensor systems and lighting technology contribute to creating luxury for all senses, with the vehicle individually adapting to humans’ moods and needs – on the go.
  • “responsible”, last but not least, demonstrates that the future of mobility can be sustainable, visionary and luxurious, all at the same time. Especially urban mobility of the future can contribute to creating liveable cities thanks to diverse, electric and autonomous offerings, and also advance changes within society. Mercedes-Benz is keeping up a long tradition within the brand’s history by creating new approaches for vehicle safety.

The special exhibition showcases both currently installed series-production technology as well as designs and concepts for the mobility of the years ahead:

A cross-section model of the fully electric EQC 400 4MATIC transparently illustrates its technology. This “see-through” car reveals otherwise concealed components, such as the battery as well as the charging and discharging procedures. An augmented reality scanner grants further insights into the EQC’s vehicle technology.

Visitors can try out the NTG 6 variant of the intuitive and adaptive MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) multimedia system as part of the special exhibition. MBUX has been available since 2018. The MBUX Hyperscreen (NTG 7) in the new EQS, presented to the public at the CES in January 2021, is its most recent innovation stage.

The ESF 2019 experimental safety vehicle shows the solutions for electric drives and fully automated driving that Mercedes-Benz safety experts are currently researching and working on. There have already been more than 30 Mercedes-Benz ESFs involving countless solutions to boost vehicle safety since 1971.

The Vision URBANETIC concept – introduced in 2018 – is an autonomously driven electric car that is digitally networked and on the move in towns and cities. It communicates intuitively with its passengers and the people around it.

The Vision EQ Silver Arrow, featuring alubeam silver paintwork, is a tribute to the Mercedes-Benz W 125 record-breaking car from 1937. The digital cockpit with a curved panoramic display features a touchscreen that has been integrated into the steering wheel.

The fully electric VoloCity air taxi with its 18 rotors is Volocopter’s first series-production model. The company plans to offer commercial passenger services which do not generate any local emissions within the next few years. In September 2019, a Volocopter took off from the Mercedes-Benz Museum, marking the first flight in a European city.

Road-legal electric scooters have been strengthening Mercedes-Benz’s position as a comprehensive mobility service provider since 2020. The vehicles were developed together with Micro Mobility Systems, representing a flexible, zero-emissions solution for urban traffic.

Admission to the “Future of Mobility” special exhibition is free of charge during the Mercedes-Benz Museum’s opening hours.


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