Shelby GT500CR Centennial Edition By Classic Recreations

Classic Recreations is excited to launch the American Heart Association, Life is Why™ Carbon Fiber Centennial Edition GT500CR set to raise a $1 million donation.

The first ever collectible heritage automobile tied to a $1 million fundraiser, honoring the 100th anniversary of the American Heart Association.
This is truly a proud moment for the Classic Recreations family. Our legacy is serving people. It is the soul and heartbeat of our family and company.

This $1 million first-of-its-kind fundraising campaign embodies who we are and aligns perfectly with our core values, fulfilling our passion for giving back. We dedicate this campaign to Carroll Shelby, our technicians, artisans, our families, and the growing list of Classic Recreations’ clients around the world.
Classic Recreations is a proud Life is Why™ supporter.

Only 10 Heritage Supercars to be built.
Classic Recreations is proudly tailoring 10 special-edition Shelby GT500CR supercars for sale to qualified and extremely fortunate collectors. With the purchase of each of these bone-rattling Shelby muscle cars, $100,000 will be contributed to the American Heart Association Life is Why™ Campaign in the name of each collector*.

In addition to honoring the American Heart Association for 100 years of service, this $1 million donation will fund vital heart and stroke research, provide CPR training, and support organizations improving the health outcomes of under-resourced communities. On top of that, this campaign pays homage to Carroll Shelby following his 100th birthday year. We believe he would be proud of our joining the fight against a disease that prematurely halted his race career.

* By purchasing one of these unique cars, you will not only support vital heart health research and education, but will also enjoy any charitable tax deduction benefits afforded by your governing tax authority.

One of the Most Collectible Modern Shelby Supercars – Ever!
This is the newest, most iconic piece of American Motorsport history. It’s not just a car; it’s a powerful force for good, driving impactful change and leaving a legacy of benevolence. Its rarity and importance cannot be overstated.

No detail has been spared in the creation of this car. The Classic Recreations family put its heart and soul into every element of this car. It is more than an incredibly unique paint design. It is bigger than a heritage car; bigger than a $1 million donation. Listed in the Shelby Registry, this is a piece of automobile and philanthropic history, and it will be the envy of every collector. There will only be 10 of these amazing supercars ever manufactured. If you own one, you own one of only 10 in the world.

Every detail has been examined, reimagined, and tailored for this campaign.

Never Before Seen Design
The Life is Why™ Shelby GT500CR will be our most distinct Shelby Mustang ever. Carroll Shelby was correct when he said carbon fiber would be the future of American sports car manufacturing.

This design showcases a unique full carbon fiber body with a distinctive triple stripe pattern. It features two solid American Heart Association red stripes flanking a translucent red stripe, all outlined with hand-painted white pinstripes.

During the two-month paint and finishing process, Classic Recreations’ relentless attention to detail results in a car finish best appreciated in person.

Exclusivity – A Badge of Honor
To forever identify the limited-edition American Heart Association Life is Why™ Centennial Edition Carbon Fiber Shelby GT500CR, each vehicle will be branded with a commemorative badge on the interior dash of the car, identifying each as 1 of only 10. This badge displays the car’s provenance and is a testament to the owner’s dedication to purpose-driven philanthropy and legacy.

Luxurious Interior Design
The American Heart Association Life is Why™Centennial Edition Carbon Fiber Shelby GT500CR seamlessly merges high performance and raw horsepower with the modern engineering, technology, and comforts of today’s luxury vehicles.

Drivers of the Centennial Edition will be among the first to experience our newly designed interior comparable to the most exotic of cars. Like the exterior, no expense has been spared to make this a truly unique collectible automobile. It features Carroll Shelby Scat Rally Series 1000 High-back Seats with red stitching color-matched to the car’s theme. The headrests will be embossed with the Life is Why™ logo, while elegantly finished Alcantara will surround both driver and passenger.

Another first are authentic Carroll Shelby Signature Gauges designed specifically for this collector piece, featuring white faces, red needles and red typeface matching the car’s stripes. Even the Carroll Shelby signature on the front floor mats will match the red stripes on the hood. Of course, this Shelby features a traditional wooden steering wheel complete with the Shelby GT500CR logo and billet Shelby driving pedals.

These classic features are paired with touchscreen technology, including Apple Car Play or Android Auto, and a robust 5-channel Focal sound system befitting a modern luxury car.

Performance Specs

  • Output and Speed: ~ 800 horsepower; 0-60 – ~3.2 sec; top speed ~189 MPH
  • Engine: Magnuson VMP Supercharged 5.0L Gen 3 Coyote
  • Transmission: Tremec T56 Magnum 6-speed manual
  • Body: Pre-preg aerospace-grade carbon fiber body with steel inner crash structure.
  • Braking: 6-Piston F; 4-Piston R Wilwood braking system w/Electronic parking brake
  • Suspension: Rod and Custom double wishbone suspension, adjustable coilovers, 9-inch Ford rear end.
  • Weight: 3,200 lbs


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