Rolls-Royce Spectre by MANSORY

Rolls-Royce Spectre by MANSORY

With the all-electric Spectre, the traditional British luxury brand Rolls-Royce is taking e-mobility to a level never before seen, thereby ensuring that the combination of luxury and performance will continue to play an outstanding role in the all-electric era of automobiles.

And since luxury and performance have also been the outstanding attributes that characterize every complete conversion from MANSORY in a special way for more than 30 years, the latest creation from MANSORY also joins the long and successful lineage of refined luxury automobiles MANSORY seamlessly integrates.

As is usual for all complete conversions from MANSORY, the design of almost all body components is changed and made from the very light, yet high-strength material carbon. All carbon components are basically baked in in-house autoclaves and manufactured with outstanding manufacturing quality. This high-quality material clearly bears the hallmarks of the engineers and designers at MANSORY, who, thanks to their many years of experience in processing this material, have achieved a recognized high level in the automotive industry that is unparalleled.

After its redesign, the front of the “Rolls-Royce Spectre by MANSORY” has an integrated front lip with side flaps in the area of the apron, which are made of visible carbon. The blackened, impressive radiator grille can be discreetly but effectively illuminated in the desired color at the push of a button in perfect harmony with the color concept of the respective conversion (here Mandarin). The ultra-light carbon bonnet (with visible carbon structure) and LED daytime running lights complete the extensive changes to the front section.

On the flanks, discreet sills in dark visible carbon ensure a holistic design approach. The air outlets in the fenders (also made of carbon fibre) and the black painted door handles complement the conversion work in the side view and make the “Rolls-Royce Spectre by MANSORY” appear significantly stronger, lower and sportier. To maximise the downforce on the rear axle, the MANSORY technicians installed an attractive spoiler on the tailgate as well as an aerodynamically coordinated rear diffuser. Both aerodynamic components are also made of visible carbon and, together with the carbon taillight surrounds, skilfully highlight the rear of the “Rolls-Royce Spectre by MANSORY”. The rear diffuser can be ordered with a central brake light on request.

Two wheel sets of the rim type “FD.15” can be ordered and installed for the “Rolls-Royce Specter by MANSORY”. The forged and polished rims, designed for the very high load capacities of the all-electric Spectre, have the following wheel and tire dimensions:

23 inch wheel set:
Front: 9.5×23 with tires 255/40 R23 Rear: 10.5×23 with tires 295/35 R23
24 inch wheel set:
Front/rear: 10×24 with tires 295/30 R24
Fixed (non-rotating) wheel hub caps with MANSORY logos are installed on both wheel sets.

In keeping with the style of the traditional British brand Rolls-Royce, the MANSORY upholstery shop uses only the finest materials in the interior. Fine leather, a leather-carbon sports steering wheel and extended carbon inlays flatter the viewer’s eye and set further fine but extremely effective accents in the interior design. The door panels and the dashboard are also equipped with LEDs, which create a pleasantly soft light throughout the passenger compartment and thereby stylishly emphasize the countless fine details of the interior refinement at all times, even in the dark. Carbon pedals and high-pile floor mats refine the footwell.

CO2 emissions (combined):                      0 g/km
Electrical consumption (combined):        22,2  kWh/100km

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