MANSORY Gronos Coupé EVO C

Only a few weeks after the successful launch of the “MANSORY Venatus Coupé EVO C”, MANSORY is once again presenting a 2-door coupé based on a luxury off-roader and is thus presenting two globally unique vehicles within a very short period of time, which are unparalleled in the field of high-end vehicle customisation in terms of body construction.

Since, alongside the Lamborghini Urus, the Mercedes G-Class is also one of the most sought-after base vehicles for complete conversions in high-end vehicle customisation, this step was obvious and was also eagerly awaited by the loyal fans and buyers of the Mercedes G-Class.

As with the “MANSORY Venatus Coupé EVO C”, the basic idea of building such a vehicle was repeatedly brought to MANSORY by its customers within the framework of the “MANSORY Bespoke” conversion programme. As a result, both vehicles were designed, developed and made ready for series production at almost the same time. The entire process – from the elaborate planning and design phase to the completion of the first vehicles – took about one and a half years for each car. Analogous to the “MANSORY Venatus Coupé EVO C”, a limited small series of 8 units of the “MANSORY Gronos Coupé EVO C” will also be produced for hand-picked customers with the “One of One” philosophy, according to which each vehicle is delivered as a unique specimen.

“As with our first creation, the “MANSORY Venatus Coupé EVO C”, we are also very proud of the quality and the perfect craftsmanship of all modifications in the “MANSORY Gronos Coupé EVO C”. We now offer a wide range of derivatives for the Mercedes G-Class and the Coupé will certainly not be the last G-Class derivative to

leave our factory,” says Kourosh Mansory, CEO and founder of MANSORY Design und Holding GmbH. “As with the “Venatus Coupé EVO C”, MANSORY once again and very impressively demonstrates its high level of expertise in the field of body construction with the “MANSORY Gronos Coupé EVO C” by transforming a standard 4-door vehicle into a 2-door coupé,” Kourosh Mansory continues.

The base vehicle for this conversion was one of the world’s most popular luxury off-roaders from the premium brand Mercedes, which is in high demand in all markets worldwide:

The “G-Class”
Within the MANSORY conversion programme for the G-Class, the top version for this model series again forms the basis for the Gronos Coupé EVO C:

The “Gronos EVO S”

This model is characterised, among other things, by the currently most powerful conversion stage with 900 hp, 1,200 Nm torque and a complete conversion that can be configured completely freely by the customer and thus represents the perfect basis for turning the 4-door G-Class into a coupé.

In order to convert the basic vehicle from a 4-door configuration into a 2-door configuration, very extensive body modifications have to be carried out. Thus, in a first step, the standard G-Class gets rid of all four doors. Then the B-pillar is moved to the rear to provide sufficient space for the front doors, which have grown to the same length. At the same time, the doorstops are moved from the A to the B-pillar.

This conversion, which is only visible from the outside at second glance, involves a great deal of technical and structural effort. Not only do all the door mountings have to be moved from the A-pillar to the B-pillar in mirror image, but also the entire door opening technology, including the door handles, has to be repositioned in order to maintain the harmonious overall appearance of the car. All mechanical conversion measures are carried out while retaining the standard safety technology, and all necessary visual conversion measures are carried out at great expense by means of completely new body parts and subsequent repainting to make them completely invisible. Only in this way is it possible for the conversion of the doors to be both visually pleasing and technically perfect at the same time.

The “MANSORY Gronos Coupé EVO C” is also available – like all G-Class complete conversions from the MANSORY range – in an armoured version on special request.

For the “MANSORY Gronos Coupé EVO C”, rims of the type “FD.15” are used for the first time. The respective sizes of the rims and tyres correspond unchanged to the dimensions of the “Gronos EVO S” (tyre size: 295/30R24 all-round, rim size: 10×24 all-round).

The “MANSORY Gronos Coupé EVO C” is based on the most powerful version of the MANSORY refinement programme for the G-Class – the “Gronos EVO S” – and therefore takes over its impressive performance data unchanged. Expressed in figures, this means an engine output of 900 hp and a powerful torque of no less impressive 1,200 Nm. The resulting performance figures are 250 km/h (governed) and 3.3 s from 0 to 100 km/h.

As with all MANSORY complete conversions, the interior can basically be freely selected in terms of colour, quilting and carbon design.

Due to the inevitable requirements of the conversion to a 2-door, the front seats are extended by a folding mechanism compared to the standard seats, which makes access to the rear considerably easier and does not result in any serious loss of comfort compared to the 4-door.

The rear itself impresses with a luxurious single seat system combined with an individually configurable centre console.

Many other lovingly executed details of the highest quality – such as the seat belts with MANSORY logo, black anodised MANSORY sports aluminium pedals, a MANSORY leather sports steering wheel, elaborately quilted MANSORY leather floor mats, MANSORY lettering in the door handles and countless other detail solutions make the “MANSORY Gronos Coupé EVO C” a very special vehicle that is able to implement individual customer wishes in every respect in a masterly manner, also in the interior.

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