Renault Niagara Concept – Embodies This International Offensive

Renault Niagara Concept – Embodies This International Offensive

With Niagara Concept, the brand takes a new step in Renault’s international history by bringing fresh air and modernity. Thanks to its very strong personality, exuberant and utterly modern lines, this concept is a glimpse into the style of the future Renault range to be built on the new Renault Group modular platform. Niagara Concept is tough and strong, sophisticated and filled with technologies at the same time. It entices you to travel without limits.

With its generous curves and chiselled details, it embodies the Renault values and reflects its new design language which is emotional as well as technological. The grille is sturdy and at the same time contemporary. It was carved like a mineral body with a unique 3D- effect. The letters shaping the Renault name have a “pixel-art” finish, largely inspired by pop culture. The eyebrow-shaped headlight array is lively, expressive and definitely techy.

With the front face’s prominent skid plate, the extra-high ground clearance, the long-travel suspension, and the ample front and rear breakover angles, Niagara Concept was born to drive in the most extreme conditions. It exudes the strongest codes belonging to the pick-up world.

The sheer vertical front is commanding and shows might. Its broad shoulders around the upper body add to the tough look. At the rear part, the roofline slope and the steep quarter-window pillar brings an energetic, sporty feel.

Niagara Concept is covered with a camouflage inspired by the lines and patterns of the brand’s logo. The colours underscore the vehicle’s multiple facets: the green points for adventure, yellow for its sports-car edge, light grey for technicity and the black background  for power.

Niagara Concept embodies the style of the future international line-up of the Renault brand. Robust and mighty with oversized and exuberant lines, this exploratory concept is also sophisticated and packed with technologies. It is the promise of an unlimited journey.

Gilles Vidal, VP Renault Design

Niagara Concept is built on the new Renault Group ultra-flexible platform and its driving comfort is outstanding. Its powertrain is efficient thanks to the E-Tech Hybrid 4WD technology and a dual technical adjustment: a mild hybrid advanced (48V) powerplant at the front and an additional electric motor at the rear. As a result, Niagara Concept is an optimised off-road performance 4WD model. It can handle half of your everyday drives in full-electric mode, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

Renault Niagara Concept heralds the next international models that Renault will launch by 2027.

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