Renault New Hydrogen-Electrified Concept Car To Be Revealed Soon

  • Renault unveils the teaser for a new concept car embodying the commitments of its sustainable development strategy: environment, safety, inclusion
  • This unprecedented concept-car, with a hydrogen engine, embodies the decarbonization trajectory of the Group and the Renault brand as well as their progress in terms of circular economy, recycled and recyclable materials
  • On-board technological innovations serve the safety of the driver and users
  • Inclusion is present through the diversity of the teams and the accessibility of the vehicle

This unique concept translates the Group’s sustainable development commitments and interprets them for the Renault brand, in the service of sustainable, safe and inclusive mobility.

Designed under the direction of Gilles Vidal, Renault Design Director, this concept car is part of the company’s recently announced objective of achieving a 100% electric energy mix by 2030.

This new concept car will be unveiled in May 2022.

Renault 5 Prototype showing below

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