Porsche 911 Concept GT3 RS 97 By DMC

German Tuner DMC has developed a strong affinity for Porsche over the recent years. In particular the latest 992 model has received lots of attention from the Duesseldorf Engineers.

So it came to no surprise when a wealthy Chinese individual has approached the team to ask for a GT3 RS Concept Study. Since the car hasn’t been officially launched by Porsche in 2021, when the project started, DMC decided to take a visual design approach, rather than a complete package.

The idea was born to incorporate Stuttgart Retro DNA, which lead the tuner to apply the epic Porsche 997 Design.

When the 997 GT3RS was unveiled in 2006, its muscular-looking rear end concealed a wider track that not only improved directional stability but also increased the potential cornering grip. Drag was increased and top speed  reduced due to the larger rear wing as well. It was a car that was radical back then and still is nowadays, it truly became a young icon.

To recreate this retro design for the 992, DMC’s designers decided to first reverse engineer the duck wing that held the 997 GT3RS wing, and adapt it for the 992 rear base. Unlike the recent 992 GT3, which holds the wing above its center vents, the previous generations of Porsche RS cars had always installed the aerodynamic spoiler on the engine bonnet.

For the next step, DMC did a 3D scan of an original 997 GT3RS wing, and ported it’s design to match the reverse engineered duck spoiler. Just like the original, the wing is completely adaptable in angles, allowing for a variety of street, track and cruise settings.

Looking at the final result, one could beg the question – if this is necessary at all? The purpose of this project was never to create the next GT3 RS, the base car was too weak to start with. But it’s a beautiful example that shows DMC’s passion for cars, and one of their basic principles when designing their aerodynamic solutions. To create a product that doesn’t look tuned or aftermarket at all. To stay in line with the original design, instead of making something that looks slapped on. And to honour the car in questions DNA and history by using a retro approach.

The car was presented in Shanghai to a very happy client that can be sure to have a 1 of 1 concept study. DC Town lead the project locally and took some amazing photos of the unveiling, let us know in the comments what you think!

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