All-New Peugeot Landtrek 2021 – Back On The Ground

All-New Peugeot Landtrek 2021 – Back On The Ground

On Monday 15 February 2021, the launch of the new PEUGEOT LANDTREK in the Middle East Africa region was kicked off remotely by Samir Cherfan, Chief Operating Officer of Stellantis Middle East & Africa and Linda Jackson, PEUGEOT Brand Director.

The new PEUGEOT LANDTREK marks the revival of the PEUGEOT Pick-up and includes all the brand’s best strengths. This new Pick-up truck completes a range of commercial vehicles from the PEUGEOT brand, which has been renowned for its robustness and its adaptation to customer uses across the African continent for nearly a century.
It enables PEUGEOT to make a strong comeback on the African market where the brand has a very strong heritage fuelled by its numerous racing victories, and it personifies the DNA of legendary models such as the 404 wagon and the 504 Pick-up truck.

The Brand is becoming increasingly global with the new PEUGEOT LANDTREK, which is entering the One Ton Pick-up segment with the goal of becoming a new reference in a market that represents around 300,000 annual sales units in the Middle East Africa region.
The new PEUGEOT LANDTREK is available in three body styles: double and single cab as well as a chassis cab suitable for different conversions. It has the most accommodating body in its category and an adaptability that is unique in the segment. It offers flawless crossing performance and meets both professional and family needs, with a payload that can exceed one tonne and a towing capacity of up to 3.5 tons. When designing the new PEUGEOT LANDTREK, particular attention was paid to reliability, robustness and ease of repair, which are among the main expectations of commercial vehicle customers.

The new PEUGEOT LANDTREK will be available in more than 180 PEUGEOT sales outlets throughout the region, with highly trained sales staff and technicians. As for spare parts, they will be available at a competitive price with a service rate of over 90% thanks to the Brand’s partner networks.
It should be noted that the new PEUGEOT LANDTREK will be assembled in Tunisia from April 2021, with our local partner Stafim. The assembled vehicles will be destined primarily for the local market. The export of the LANDTREKs from Tunisia to the countries party to the Agadir agreements is under study.

Robustness, loading capacity… a design to set the benchmark for the 1T Pick-up truck market.

The new PEUGEOT LANDTREK includes all the essential elements of the segment, and makes it possible to fulfil all the expectations and cover the wide diversity of the markets on the African continent, thanks to the breadth of its range: it is available in three silhouettes (Single Cab, Double Cab and Chassis Cab), in Petrol and Diesel, with manual or automatic gearboxes, and has fantastic crossing capacities with two or four wheel drive transmissions.
It offers up to three tons of towing capacity and a payload that exceeds 1t and can even reach 1.2t on some versions. What’s more, the new PEUGEOT LANDTREK has the most accommodating cargo bed in the segment! In terms of comfort, it comes with state-of-the-art on-board technology, advanced adaptability and SUV-like driving pleasure.

The PEUGEOT brand worked in close collaboration with many international reference suppliers (Europe, Japan, USA…) to design this vehicle.
This meant that the Pick-up truck was designed with the best standards on the market in mind: more than 2 million test kilometres were covered, across all terrains and in all conditions, particularly on African roads: the teams at the Morocco Technical Tenter made a major contribution to the test and development programme, confirming the robustness and adaptation of the new PEUGEOT LANTREK to the uses and needs of customers in the Middle East and Africa region.
A complete range of customised accessories for the new PEUGEOT LANDTREK will be available in the PEUGEOT network, a key feature in the Pick-up truck segment: Running boards, thermoformed body protection, hard top glass, chrome roll bar, alarm, safety mats… In total, more than 40 dedicated accessories will be available!

A modern and attractive style, perfectly in line with the PEUGEOT identity

The exterior design is outstanding with a strong personality. Perfectly integrated into the brand’s current range, incorporating all its codes: vertical grille with the Lion in the centre and vertical LED light signatures (depending on version).
The interior features a 10” HD screen at the top of the dashboard inspired by that of the brand flagship, the PEUGEOT 508.
The interior has been meticulously designed to include many of the features found on the other PEUGEOT models, such as the “toggles switches” that provide access to all the functions.

Exceptional adaptability

As well as being robust and utilitarian above all, the PEUGEOT LANDTREK provides its passengers with comfort and functionality.
In the double cab version, the modularity of the rear bench seat is unique in the One-ton Pick-up segment, with the possibility of folding the backrest in 60/40 or 100%. When folded down, the backrests can support a load of up to 100 kg. In addition, two ISOFIX fasteners ensure the safety and docking of child seats.
At the front, there is a choice between 2 independent seats with central armrests and a 3-seater MULTIFLEX bench seat. It offers the option of folding down the centre backrest to make room for an armrest/work table or to load bulky items weighing up to 75 kg by folding down the centre backrest and passenger seat backrest.
The passenger compartment is spacious and comfortable, with 1550 mm wide shoulder room in row 2 and a knee space of at least 50 mm, ensuring the comfort of all 6 passengers (depending on version).
Climbing on board is easy with the 7 grab handles in the passenger compartment.

Cutting-edge on-board technology

The new PEUGEOT LANDTREK features the latest generation comfort equipment from the brand’s SUVs: advanced connectivity (USB / Bluetooth sockets), automatic dual zone air conditioning, 10” HD touch screen compatible Apple CarPlay™ /Android Auto™ and 10 GB hard drive.
Safety is ensured by 6 airbags and an ESP with:

  • Hill Descent Control: a system that keeps the vehicle at a very low speed and allows the driver to concentrate solely on steering, providing control and safety in anxiety-inducing situations,
  • ASR (enhanced traction) for 4×2 and 4×4 versions,
  • Trailer Swing Control (towing assistance system) with ESP that acts automatically as soon as the trailer swings.

Drivers can also count on the Lane Departure Warning (depending on version).
The headlamps on the top-of-the-range versions are equipped with LED light signatures on both the front and rear.
The vehicle can be fitted with 1 to 4 cameras to make it easier to drive both in cities and on the road. The off-road camera (in the passenger rear-view mirror) and 360° panoramic vision support the driver when negotiating obstacles or narrow lanes.

Designed for all uses and high performance on all roads

City, road, motorway or hilly terrain, the new PEUGEOT LANDTREK has a range of engines adapted to all uses:

  • Diesel with a 1.9L displacement and an output of 150 hp thanks to a variable turbine geometry with 16 valves.
    With a generous torque of 350 Nm and connected to a Getrag 6-speed manual gearbox, it has a chain distribution system to improve reliability and maintenance costs.
  • Turbocharged petrol with a 2.4L displacement and a comfortable output of 210 hp and 320 Nm of torque, it is also connected to a Getrag manual or 6-speed Punch automatic transmission with Manual, Sport or Eco modes.

Equipped with a high beltline and high ground clearance (up to 235 mm depending on version), the new PEUGEOT LANDTREK has all the necessary assets in the world of Pick-up trucks, be it 2 or 4 wheel drive. For 4×4 versions: The rear differential is equipped with the eLocker automatic disengagement system and provides extra traction when one wheel slips.
The new PEUGEOT LANDTREK in its 4×4 configuration allows you to be at ease anywhere and in any weather, thanks to its crossing capabilities:

  • fording: 600 mm,
  • angle of attack: 29° or 30° (depending on version),
  • departure angle: 27° or 26° (depending on version),
  • middle angle: 25°,
  • ground clearance: mini 214 mm (16” wheels) or up to 235 mm (17”/18” wheels).

Managed running costs and a concentrated commercial network guaranteeing residual value

The guarantee is 3 years / 100,000 kms, and the maintenance interval has been extended to 10,000 kms, with a view to optimising reliability and running costs, key elements for professionals and buyers of commercial vehicles.
PEUGEOT LANDTREK’s cost of ownership has been worked out in close collaboration with the region’s B2B players. In addition, the cost and ease of maintenance benefit from the PEUGEOT network’s strong capillarity in the region and the strong demand for the brand on the second-hand market, and will therefore support future residual value.
The new PEUGEOT LANDTREK will be available for testing from the beginning of March in the Maghreb and West African countries, then gradually in Central African countries. The launch will also be spread over the second half of the year with the arrival of the Right-hand drive versions in order to cover significant markets in Southern and Eastern Africa. Countries in the Middle East will follow.
With all its assets, the heritage and the ambition of the Lion brand in our region, the new PEUGEOT LANDTREK is now setting out to (re)conquer all the roads of Africa and the Middle East!




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