Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 By Mansory

For many years the vehicles of the South German premium brand Mercedes and their off-road products have been an integral part of the MANSORY product portfolio. In particular, the conversions and refinements of the Mercedes G-Class in various versions have become icons worldwide and still enjoy unbroken, even steadily increasing popularity with customers around the world.

With the market launch of the Mercedes-Maybach GLS, the Stuttgart-based off-road specialists are now providing another luxury SUV as the basis for further refinements, which has the potential to continue this success and expand MANSORY’s success story with the refinement of Mercedes products.

As with the Mercedes G-Class versions, MANSORY is now also refining the Mercedes-Maybach GLS. Its refinement is carried out up to a complete conversion, which – depending on the customer’s wishes – includes all classic core competences of MANSORY:

Design | Performance | Wheels | Interior

In the area of design, almost all body components are either completely manufactured in carbon or upgraded with carbon applications. The customer has access to all carbon variants that MANSORY offers in its extensive carbon portfolio, which includes four different collections with a total of 10 different designs.

And all these carbon variants are manufactured in the in-house autoclaves – connoisseurs of the MANSORY brand have been aware of this fact for years and appreciate it very much – and implemented in captivating manufacturing quality, as only MANSORY engineers and designers can do at this high level thanks to their many years of experience.

For example, the front of the “Mercedes-Maybach GLS by MANSORY” is upgraded in the area of the apron with an integrated front lip, LED daytime running lights, side flaps and air outlets made of carbon. The complete front grille, including its vertical bars, is either left as standard, discreetly darkened on request or finished entirely in carbon. A chrome bull bar can also be fitted on request.

On the flanks, the new side skirts provide an impressive styling and a new, holistic design approach. In addition, these changes make the “Mercedes-Maybach GLS by MANSORY” look significantly more powerful, lower and more stretched at the same time. Mirror caps made of carbon complement the view from the side and once again demonstrate MANSORY’s high level of expertise in the processing of this material.

The rear apron with diffuser, also made entirely of carbon, skilfully highlights the two twin tailpipes of the sports exhaust system and the centrally mounted third brake light. On request, a ram protection can also be fitted at the rear.

The automotive couturier also intervenes in the heart of the vehicle with a powerful performance upgrade. The engine upgrade includes a modified ECU unit for the engine management system, new turbochargers and a completely new sports exhaust system with high-performance catalytic converters. Thus, thanks to the impressive performance data of now 820 hp (603 kW) and 980 Nm, the acceleration and elasticity of the “Mercedes-Maybach GLS by MANSORY” are more than sustainably and, for a vehicle of this size, extremely impressively improved.

The top speed of the luxury off-roader increases to (limited) 300 km/h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is reduced to 4.4s. An engine cover in carbon also visually complements the technical changes in the engine compartment.

In this context, it must be explicitly emphasized that the focus of the developers was not only on increasing the engine’s performance, but also on significantly increased, powerful torque that is available at all engine speeds.

In order to bring this additional power onto the road confidently and comfortably at the same time, glossy black forged rims type “V.6” in the size 10 x 24 inches are mounted all around on the “Mercedes-Maybach by MANSORY”. Thanks to its special aluminium alloys, this particularly lightweight forged wheel is not only approved for increased speeds, but also for high wheel loads in equal measure. As optimal tires MANSORY recommends high-performance tires in the dimension 295/35 R24 on the front and rear axle.

Only the finest materials find their home in the interior, which is completely reupholstered in leather and elegantly reflects the high standards of comfort, luxury and sportiness. In addition, the MANSORY upholstery shop and its interior specialists offer a new leather-carbon sports steering wheel, carbon inlays and leather inserts with 3D embossing in the seats and doors, as well as precisely crafted embroidery of the MANSORY lettering in the seat surfaces and floor mats, thus setting additional accents.

Thus, all components of this MANSORY complete conversion on and in the vehicle combine in a stylistically confident manner to create a perfect symbiosis of luxurious flair and maximum lifestyle aspirations of its discerning clientele from all over the world.

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