McLaren Celebrates Senna and Motorsport Legacy at Goodwood 2024

McLaren Automotive is set to dazzle enthusiasts and motorsport aficionados alike at the 2024 Goodwood Festival of Speed with a compelling tribute to Ayrton Senna and a showcase of its storied racing history.

Headlining McLaren’s presence at the festival is the McLaren Senna adorned in the striking Senna Sempre livery. This special edition not only pays homage to Ayrton Senna’s enduring legacy but also showcases the meticulous craftsmanship of McLaren Special Operations (MSO). This unique Senna from McLaren’s heritage collection is a visual spectacle, blending bright colors that reflect Senna’s vibrant personality with bespoke paint techniques and artworks depicting his Formula 1 achievements.

The 30th anniversary of Ayrton Senna’s three Formula 1 World Championships with McLaren adds an emotional dimension to McLaren’s display. At the Monaco Grand Prix earlier this year, McLaren unveiled not only the Senna Sempre but also a distinctive livery for the MCL38 Formula 1 cars driven by Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri. Festival attendees will have the rare opportunity to see these cars together, celebrating Senna’s enduring impact on McLaren and Formula 1.

In collaboration with the Ayrton Senna Institute, McLaren’s tribute to the legendary driver is the result of months of dedicated work by MSO’s talented designers and technicians. This team, known for their bespoke commissions and groundbreaking projects, has created an awe-inspiring homage that embodies McLaren’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

Joining the McLaren Senna at Goodwood will be an impressive lineup of cars at McLaren House and in action on the famous Goodwood hillclimb. Visitors can witness McLaren’s illustrious Formula 1 history come to life with a special appearance by Bruno Senna, former Formula 1 driver and McLaren Automotive brand ambassador. Bruno Senna will drive his uncle’s iconic 1991 McLaren MP4/6, a car powered by a V12 engine and the last championship-winning chassis with a manual gearbox.

Adding to the excitement, double Formula 1 world champion Mika Häkkinen will take the Solus GT up the hill in a demonstration run. The Solus GT, part of McLaren’s exclusive customer programme, pays homage to Häkkinen’s championship-winning McLaren MP4/13 with a meticulously recreated livery and design overseen by MSO.

2024 also marks the 50th anniversary of McLaren’s first Formula 1 World Championship victories, achieved in 1974 with Emerson Fittipaldi and the McLaren M23. To commemorate this milestone, Emerson Fittipaldi will revisit his 1974 title-winning car, while the 1974 Indy 500 winning M16C/D will be on display, celebrating McLaren’s success in motorsport’s prestigious ‘Triple Crown’.

The McLaren Artura Spider, McLaren 750S, McLaren GTS, and vehicles from McLaren’s Ultimate Series will also make appearances, highlighting McLaren’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance and innovation in both road cars and track machines.

“This year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed will be a landmark event for McLaren, celebrating our rich racing heritage and the legacy of Ayrton Senna,” said Michael Leiters, CEO of McLaren Automotive. “We are thrilled to showcase these iconic cars and honor the drivers who have shaped McLaren’s history, inspiring us to continue delivering supercars that redefine performance on road and track.”

McLaren’s presence at the 2024 Goodwood Festival of Speed promises to be a thrilling celebration of motorsport excellence, paying tribute to its legendary drivers and showcasing the cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship that define the McLaren brand.

Source: McLaren
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