Lincoln Zephyr Reflection Concept

At the 2021 Auto Shanghai, Lincoln debuted the Lincoln Zephyr Reflection preview car, showcasing the best of Lincoln’s global design expertise in a vehicle designed solely for the China market.

“Our global momentum is building, and we continue to lean into the strength of our world-class vehicles and Lincoln Way experiences,” said Joy Falotico, president, Lincoln Motor Company. “Lincoln’s strategy for growth in China is firmly rooted in our deep understanding of the discerning Chinese consumer. Their desire for sedans is the inspiration behind this progressive and distinctive vehicle for China and underscores our commitment to the China market.”

The Lincoln Zephyr Reflection “teaser” model serves to preview the latest expression of Lincoln’s Quiet Flight product DNA, and hints at the future of Lincoln’s design philosophy and signature features ahead of the production model debut later this year. Consumer demand for luxury sedans in China is strong and the Zephyr Reflection will provide Chinese consumers with a unique vehicle designed for China. With a dynamic exterior and tech-forward interior that provides an immersive sanctuary, the Lincoln Zephyr Reflection is a fresh take on American luxury.

Mao Jingbo, president of Lincoln China, added, “We gathered Lincoln’s global wisdom and Chinese design talent to create the Zephyr Reflection specifically for a more youthful, Chinese customer segment. With a dynamic and futuristic exterior design, and a lightweight interior, the Zephyr Reflection embodies the current digital era with advanced, intuitive technology that redefines American luxury.”

Embrace and Farewell: A Sense of Ceremony

On approach, the Lincoln Zephyr Reflection presents a striking, modern aesthetic, designed to emotionally connect with and captivate a younger client. The exterior is dynamic and striking, thanks to Lincoln’s signature horizontal design language. It is seen first through sleek body lines which are carried through to the rear, then by a fascia that is expressive, confident and ambitious.

The signature Lincoln grille is elevated with an elegant starburst pattern that cascades across the front facia. Moving to the side, the signature Lincoln star flows seamlessly to the flushed door handles, which emphasize its sleek design lines. A personalized suite of avant-garde colors like satin silver, tinted chrome and copper accents offer youthful, chic elegance. It is a dynamic exterior that reflects the unique confidence and boundless optimism of the younger Chinese customer.

The latest Lincoln Embrace and Farewell feature welcomes owners with a silhouette of the Zephyr Reflection. Upon approach, a sequence of welcoming lights activates, including the full width taillamp and headlamps. The Lincoln star lights up, and the welcome mat takes on a flowing, dynamic effect. From the exterior to the ambient interior lighting, the radiance of the Lincoln Embrace creates a sense of ceremony.

“Our global design team leveraged deep insights from our talented team in China, and carefully considered the discerning expectations of our young and affluent Chinese clientele,” said Kemal Curic, design director, Lincoln. “The result is an evolution of our Quiet Flight product DNA. Quiet Flight has already proven to be a key differentiator for Lincoln globally, and now, showcases our drive for innovation, while addressing the evolving needs and wants of China’s new generation.”

A Re-Imagined Interior

The Lincoln Zephyr Reflection’s interior has been designed to showcase the brand’s Quiet Flight product DNA tenets of Human and Sanctuary. Thoughtful details create a truly rejuvenating, calm cabin, and passengers are invited to decompress in the sanctuary of their everyday journey.

The sense of sanctuary is ened by the brand’s signature horizontal design lines throughout the cabin, and the debut of Lincoln’s coast-to-coast screen composed of a digital cluster and panoramic center screen. It offers intuitive technologies and effortless experiences designed to reduce the digital stress consumers face every day. And, nearly all keys in the console are equipped with smart surfaces, an innovative digital design where the key icons only appear when activated.

Zephyr Reflection features other calming designs that enhance the sanctuary, like speakers that flow away from surfaces, a minimalist multi-function knob, and a futuristic steering wheel. Designed to enhance the journey of all passengers, the coast-to-coast screen combines three advanced screens that offer unique functionality for the driver and front passenger. The split screen creates the effect of an ultra-wide, smart display where both sides can be adjusted independently, offering the driver relevant information, and the front passenger a wealth of entertainment and other information.

An Intelligent Digital HMI Language and A Forward-Looking Future

Since Lincoln adopted the star emblem as its brand mark, designers have always shown an affinity to the skies and cosmos as symbols for serenity. This sense of calm and beauty is interpreted in Zephyr Reflection’s coast-to-coast screens and the new digital Human-Machine Interface (HMI) language – Constellation. The Lincoln-exclusive Constellation theme inspired by the night sky actuates the young generation’s dream of exploring the universe and accentuates the calming effect of the horizontal designs in the cabin.

The new Lincoln Constellation features three exclusive themes – Normal, Sport, and Zen – each presenting their own take on the starry cosmos, allowing customers to choose the interior theme that reflects their mood during the journey. The stars of the Constellation take on flowing, dynamic effects, even a simple setting to turn on the air conditioner, bringing users a refreshed sense of operation, and visual enjoyment. The coast-to-coast screen provides an effortless experience and the intuitive control of the split-screen can bring the driver and passengers a rich experience on their journey.

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