Lancia Ypsilon (2023)

The new Ypsilon Range offers some standard technological features which simplify daily life, improving significantly the driving pleasure and on-board comfort, and make the vehicle even more contemporary and up-to-date. The connectivity of this fashion city car improved with a 7″ touchscreen radio which now comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in wireless mode. Moreover, it is equipped with the new wireless charger located under the gearshift which allows to safely and conveniently recharge a smartphone. And making its debut on the model, there is a rear camera which facilitates parking and provides a truly stress-free driving experience.

More efficient

The new Lancia Ypsilon Range is equipped exclusively with the Mild Hybrid engine which pairs a 1.0, 3-cylinder, 70 HP (51 kW) petrol engine from the Firefly family with a 12-volt BSG electric engine and a lithium battery. Efficient, compact, and accessible, the new Ypsilon benefits from all the advantages of a hybrid vehicle, including free access and circulation in restricted traffic areas, reduced parking costs in city centers, and tax breaks (depending on local laws).

The new LPG Ecochic version is the ideal vehicle for those who travel long distances, but do not want to give up on the elegance of a Lancia vehicle. The LPG engine allows to save up to 45% on fuel, compared with a similar petrol engine, totalling to almost €700 a year, based on an average travel distance of 15,000 km. In addition to its improved fuel economy, it comes with the same standard technological features mentioned above.

More stylish

Updates were also applied to the color palette, including the new Dew Green livery which recalls nature and innovation. The interiors have a new blue finish on the dashboard and door panels, refined multichrome green accents on the gear shift knob gem, the steering wheel calice, the frames of the air vents, and the graphically revamped instrument cluster. Similarly, the new chairs come in a SEAQUAL® YARN upholstery, an innovative and sustainable material that are obtained from recycled plastic from the Mediterranean Sea.

The Silver version has also been updated with a new black look for the grille, logo frames, and lower bumper. The front has been made more “youthful” with DRL halogen headlights and a black spoiler (with the latter coming standard on the entire range).

Lastly, the Alberta Ferretti special series remains available and more technological than ever.

The Lancia Ypsilon success in 2022

With almost 41,000 registered vehicles (40,991), the Lancia Ypsilon continued to dominate the B segment in Italy. For the fourth consecutive year in a row, it was the best seller vehicle in its category and the second best seller in the Italian market overall and with a 15.3% market share, recorded the best market share ever in its history, up by 1.2 percentage points compared with 2021. Lancia Brand achieved a market share of 3.1%, up 0.1 percentage points compared with 2021. These significant achievements are a proof of the timelessness of the Lancia Ypsilon, able to evolve over the years, still preserving its features in terms of compactness, attention-to-details, and Italian style.

“Tech à porter. Wireless technology. Uncompromising elegance.”

The tagline of the new Lancia Ypsilon Range communication campaign features the combination of technology and elegance of the model, in perfect Lancia style.

The campaign stars the brand’s testimonial, Cristiana Capotondi, who faces everyday life on board of a Lancia Ypsilon to be more connected, more efficient, and more stylish, thanks as well to her “lovely” travel companion: a red “E. Marinella by Lancia” bag.

The commercial and four video clips showcase some moments of a “typical” day in the city traffic, in a musical climax, highlighting the vehicle’s unique selling propositions, even in the most unpredictable circumstances.

Deployed in TV, print, and digital media, the communication campaign was created by the advertising agency Armando Testa. The commercial was directed by Ago Panini, produced by Movie Magic studios, and the soundtrack realized by the maestro Flavio Ibba.

The media planning was managed by Starcom and the social media campaign by Publicis Sapient.

Lancia and E. Marinella, two symbols of Italian style throughout the world

Lancia Ypsilon, the “fashion city car” by definition, has its own clear and distinct positionining: the fashion world is its natural environment and its style is the first reason people buy it.

Through the communication campaign “Tech à porter. Wireless technology. Elegance without compromise.”, Lancia has announced a collaboration with the E. Marinella maison, a symbol of Italian style throughout the world. These two brands, examples of the excellence of the “Made in Italy”, share common values: they have both been around for more than a century, both use the name of their founders as their brand names, and both have put constant care into creating high-quality, elegant, sustainable, and innovative products.

The “E. Marinella by Lancia” bag was born from this collaboration. This exclusive accessory made its debut in the new Lancia Ypsilon Range commercial and will be produced by E. Marinella. The Neapolitan fashion house was founded in 1914 by Don Eugenio Marinella and today is led by Maurizio and Alessandro Marinella. They respectively represent the third and fourth generations of the family and have continued the company tradition in terms attention to quality and craftsmanship.

In addition to the legendary ties which made the brand world famous, the E. Marinella maison also offers a wide range of accessories, including luggage, watches, perfumes, foulards, and of course bags. All of their products are made to satisfy the needs of a larger and not strictly male customer base.

E. Marinella products are exclusively distributed in mono-brand sales points. In addition to its historic Neapolitan Riviera di Chiaia store, other boutiques have been opened throughout the years in Milan, Rome, Paris, Geneva, Barcelona, New York, and Tokyo.


Thanks to FCA Bank financing, the new Lancia Ypsilon range starts from €13,450 plus interest (instead of €17,100). With the government ecobonus, prices start at €11,450. With financing, the governmental ecobonus, and a trade-in vehicle, the offer is as follows: 36 installments of €129, €1,802 down, and a final installment of €7,602. 6.95% APR and 10.31% EAR.

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