Jaguar Racing Celebrate International Women In Engineering Day

Jaguar Racing Celebrate International Women In Engineering Day

Jaguar Racing has published the latest ‘RE:CHARGE @ Home’ – the video podcast series – celebrating International Women in Engineering Day. Available across YouTube, Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts this episode features women from across the Jaguar Racing team and partners who work in technical and engineering roles.

The latest episode hears from multiple women who play a key role in the team as we learn and recognise the important technical work they do for Jaguar Racing, featuring partners GKN Automotive, Castrol, Micro Focus and DOW. Since inception the British based Formula E team has promoted its ‘Race To Inspire’ campaign to encourage more women to study STEM subjects and consider careers in motorsport.

Lais Lima, Research Software Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover: “Don’t be afraid to go against the flow. I was very often the only girl in a class at school or in a meeting at work. But just because there aren’t other females around you doesn’t mean you can’t do it or shouldn’t be there. Believe in yourself and work hard to get where you want to go.”

Arta Pacuku, Test Engineer at GKN Automotive: “I’ve always had the idea it doesn’t matter who is doing what in school or work as it’s a very personal decision. If you think you can succeed in a field or career then go ahead, do your best and ask for help when you need it. I didn’t ever think about STEM being male dominated, I simply understood and enjoyed this area of work and knew I was going to follow these interests and see where my career takes me.”

Kelly Krzysik, Research and Development Engineer at DOW: “When you look at the data, it is interesting – males who are average at STEM subjects are encouraged to go into STEM careers whereas females are only encouraged if they are seen as above average in the same fields. So my advice would be if you’re interested in problem solving, continuously learning, then go for a STEM career. All you need is to be willing to learn and work hard to have a great career.”

Joy King (Micro Focus), Vice President Vertica Product & Go To Market Strategy: “People ask me all the time ‘how did you plan’, ‘what did you decide to do with your career’ and I didn’t – my career chose me. One of the lessons I have learnt is that people who work around you often see what you do best, more than you are able to see for yourself. Almost every job I’ve had during my career has been chosen for me, by someone saying ‘you’d be perfect at’ or ‘you should try this’.”

Megan Peard, Motorsport Operations and Logistics Coordinator at Castrol: “When I left higher education I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do and Castrol had opportunities where they were actively promoting on the job learning and development for those who didn’t have a degree. I jumped at the opportunity and I haven’t looked back.”

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The series, hosted by Amanda Stretton is a regular, insightful series fans can look forward to with new guests in each episode across the team.

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