Honda Prelude Concept: European Debut Celebrates 25 Years of Hybrid Innovation

Honda Prelude Concept: European Debut Celebrates 25 Years of Hybrid Innovation

Honda celebrates 25 years of hybrid innovation with the European debut of the Prelude Concept, set to make its first public appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed from July 11-14. This marks the Prelude’s return to Europe, embodying Honda’s commitment to electrification in a stylish and dynamic package.

Following its reveal at the Japan Mobility Show last year, the Prelude Concept promises a perfect balance of exhilarating driving pleasure and outstanding efficiency. This model underscores Honda’s long-term commitment to electrification, blending cutting-edge technology with a refined, sporty design.

Legacy of the Prelude
The original Prelude, which debuted in Europe 45 years ago, was a high-performance showcase of Honda’s technological prowess through five generations until 2001. The new Prelude aims to honor this legacy, combining sophistication with a hybrid powertrain that offers both performance and efficiency.

The Prelude Nameplate
The name “Prelude,” signifying an introductory piece of music, positions this model as a precursor to future Honda sports performance vehicles. It embodies Honda’s philosophy of bringing the “joy of driving” to customers across Europe.

Words from the Chief Engineer
Tomoyuki Yamagami, Chief Engineer and Large Project Leader at Honda Motor, stated, “The new Prelude marks the latest chapter in our evolving hybrid story, celebrating 25 years of pioneering hybrid research and development. This model maintains its ‘sporty’ DNA by perfectly blending the benefits of electrified driving with an exhilarating experience behind the wheel, enhancing driving pleasure.”

Yamagami added, “The Prelude highlights the continued importance of hybrid powertrains in Honda’s electrification strategy, moving us closer to our goal of 100% new vehicle sales being battery electric or hydrogen fuel cell by 2040.”

A Quarter Century of Hybrid Excellence
This year, Honda celebrates 25 years of hybrid expertise, starting with the revolutionary Insight coupe, Europe’s first mass-produced hybrid model, launched in 1999. Honda’s hybrid technology has since evolved through models like the Civic IMA, CR-Z, Jazz Hybrid, and the technologically advanced NSX.

Electrified Future
Today, Honda’s mainstream range is fully electrified. Models like the Jazz, Civic, HR-V, ZR-V, and CR-V come standard with e
powertrains, offering seamless transitions between EV, hybrid, and engine drive. These advanced powertrains provide exceptional ease of use, a rewarding driving experience, and competitive efficiency and emissions.

The Honda Prelude Concept signifies not just a continuation of Honda’s hybrid legacy but a bold step into the future of automotive performance and sustainability.

Source: Honda
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