Gb Ghabbour Auto Launches The New GWM Pick Up In Egypt

Gb Ghabbour Auto Launches The New GWM Pick Up In Egypt

GB Ghabbour Auto announces holding a distinguished partnership with the famous Chinese GWM Group in manufacturing Pickups to launch 4 types of its cars in the Egyptian market: POER DC ( double cabin ) – POER SC ( Single Cabin ) – Wingle 7 and Wingle 5.

GB Ghabbour Auto, the exclusive agent for the Great Wall Motors Pickup (GWM), launched the 4 GWM Pickup models, which features powerful performance and innovative technology.

In order to meet the diversity of market demands, Wingle 5 SC as an economical model to meet most of the customers for commercial use, and Poer SC with more powerful engine and superior dimensions will cater for higher level of customers; at the same time, in order to meet the needs from fleet and governmental authorities, Wingle 7 and Poer DC will provide more comfortable, intelligent and safety experiences.

Egypt, a typical commercial Pickup market, Wingle 5, as the global “Famous Star Model” will play an important role in this market. In 2007, the Wingle 5 was rolled out in the market for the first time, as a legendary pickup model, making a statement that it was economical and fuel-efficient.

During those years, Wingle 5 has significantly contributed to increasing the customers’ trust, sales volume, and market share for all variants and models of the Great Wall Pickup. Meaning, the Wingle 5 has been able to score global sales of more than 1.3 million units by end of  of 2020.

When it comes to the main use of the Wingle 5, the car essentially caters for the transportation business such as; transporting food, furniture, and products related to construction and labor. Thus, with this vehicle, GB Ghabbour Auto Group would be targeting a large segment of business owners.

That is to say, this car, with its technological advantages, and its powerful engine that works with 105 hp will partake in making the business owners’ lives better, easier, and more hassle-free, especially since the Great Wall Wingle 5 cars have achieved great success in China and in the global markets alike. Stemming from this fact, GB Ghabbour Auto Group was keen on extending this success by launching the car in the Egyptian market.

Regarding this launch, Farid Fadel  PC Franchise VP of GB Ghabbour Auto, has confirmed that the group takes pride in its partnership with GWM of China, which comes within the framework of GB Ghabbour Auto’s keenness to offer all what is new to the Egyptian market and consumer.

He further expounded that GB Ghabbour Auto’s strategy revolves around underpinning the auto sector, as well as providing various models for the distinctive segments. He carried on by stating that achieving the previous would result in benefiting the Egyptian economy as a whole.

Additionally, he pointed out that the pickup cars are one of the most important types of vehicles that the Egyptian market is in dire need of, and that different categories of them should be provided at various price ranges. Furthermore, he mentioned that there is a lack of pickup car models, which are presented in the market, in defiance of the increase in demand for them.

He also added: “GWM pays great attention to the Egyptian market, which the company considers a very promising one, so we are all well aware of the importance of introducing the brand locally, as well as implementing import operations and providing after-sales and maintenance services to the Egyptian customers. Indeed, this new car will mark the onset of the Great Wall Company in Egypt.

We believe that the Wingle 5 will definitely be able to compete with other major companies because of its unique features, tremendous technological capabilities, and its multiple advantages. Finally, I really want to say that this vehicle conforms to the relentless technological development that is occurring around us, fulfills the aspirations of customers, and is available at reasonable prices that suit all users.”

Great Wall Motor is considered as a global brand, it began manufacturing with small trucks to become one of the largest manufacturers of SUVs and small trucks in the world, where the company’s annual sales volume has reached one million units in the past five years, achieving total revenue more than $ 16 billion USD.

On September 28, 2018, the Great Wall Pickup Group announced the independence of its trademarks that includes the Wingle and the “POER” car series. It is important to mention that the cumulative global sales of GWM Pickup cars in 2020 have reached more than 1.8 million units. As a result of this remarkable success, the companies’ cars were exported to more than 60 countries ranging between; Europe, Australia, South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and many other regions around the world.

Adding to what was mentioned beforehand, the Great Wall Pickup’s sales from January to November 2020 have amounted to 225,002 units, which insinuates an increase of 53% compared to the same period of the year before. In addition, its market share in China has reached nearly 50%, which means that for every 2 pickup units sold at large, there is one Great Wall Pickup. Last but not least, the Great Wall Pickup has been able to maintain the first position in sales and export volumes for 22 consecutive years.

Moving to the Wingle 5 model 2021, it strongly and fiercely competes with its counterparts, of the same model, thanks to its capabilities and technologies. In other words, the car is characterized by its competitive prices that are 20% to 30% less than the price of its competitors, which draws the attention of a large segment of customers, especially as it is reinforced by an engine that works with 105 hp. Another thing to add is that the car is also economical concerning the fuel consumption.

What about the exterior design of the Wingle 5 model 2021? In fact, it features 16-inch aluminum wheels, as well as the robust and distinctive body of the front bumper and exterior handles. On the other hand, when we focus on the interior design of the car, we will notice that it includes leather door cladding, a polyurethane steering wheel that supports sound control, fabric seats, and a USB port.

It should be noted that GB Ghabbour Auto provides the highest level of sales, maintenance, and spare parts services, through the largest integrated network of showrooms, maintenance centers, and spare parts sales outlets that are strategically distributed throughout the country. Moreover, the company is the first car company in Egypt to provide a service for purchasing and reserving cars through its website, with the aim of facilitating the purchase process, in line with the country’s directions towards incorporating the concepts of financial inclusion while implementing Egypt’s 2030 Vision which comprises the conforming to the technological development that the world is currently experiencing.



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