Genesis Announces New Ways To Interact With The Vehicle Using Biometric Information

Genesis announced today that it will begin rolling out of its own “Face Connect” technology, allowing vehicles to recognize human faces, open and close doors without using a smart key.
Since the brand’s inception, Genesis has been applying innovative technologies to its vehicles that strengthen the connection between humans and vehicles. Face Connect is expected to maximize customer convenience as a technology that helps the car communicate with drivers, along with its Fingerprint Authentication System.
Genesis’ new technology will even be used to personalize the driving experience. After identifying the driver through face recognition and syncing with their profile, the vehicle can improve comfort by automatically adjusting the driver’s seat and steering wheel based on their stored preferences. Head-Up-Display (HUD), side mirrors, and infotainment settings will also be adjusted based on the driver’s customized settings.
Genesis’ Face Connect system features a Near Infra-Red (NIR) camera to ensure face recognition performance under any circumstances – including at night. During dark and cloudy weather, the system can clearly detect whether a face is pre-registered with its system or not.
The technology will even liberate drivers from the need to carry keys with them all the time. If a driver leaves their smart key in the car, the vehicle can be locked using the face recognition system. This allows drivers to enjoy outdoor activities like swimming or running without the hassle of carrying their keys.
Face Connect can register up to two faces for each vehicle, and new profiles can be registered conveniently using voice assistant. Registered faces are encrypted and safely stored in the vehicle without security risk, and can be deleted any time at the driver’s convenience.
By connecting with the “Fingerprint Authentication System,” drivers can have complete control of the vehicle based on biometric information without a smart phone or a smart key. The drivers can enter the vehicle using face recognition, and start and drive their car using fingerprint recognition.
It also reinforces customer convenience and security by replacing PIN code access with the more secure Fingerprint Authentication for in-vehicle payments and release of Valet Mode.
In addition, Genesis has further expanded the scope of OTA Software Update.
OTA Software Update is used to wirelessly update certain features of the vehicle, and until recently were limited to infotainment system features such as navigation, digital cluster, and Head-Up-Display (HUD). Now the scope of updates has been further expanded to other key areas of the vehicle, enabling additional software updates on major electronic devices including the electric vehicle integrated control device, suspension, brakes, steering wheel, and airbags.
This allows drivers to update their vehicle’s software without visiting a service center, so their vehicle is always up to date with the latest features.
Genesis plans to apply these new driver-friendly technologies, including Face Connect, Fingerprint Authentication System, and expanded OTA Software Update to its upcoming model, the GV60, scheduled to be released soon. Application of these technologies will then be gradually expanded to other models.

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