Genesis GV70 – The Dynamic and Luxury SUV

Genesis launched the GV70, a dynamic SUV, representing the fifth model and second SUV in the Genesis lineup. The debut was conducted via worldwide broadcast of its cinematic launch film entitled “GV70: A Travelogue”.

“Genesis has been striving to build a strong product lineup complemented by a curated purchase and ownership experience, focusing on design, product development, service, all centered on our customers’ lifestyles,” said Jay Chang, Global Head of the Genesis brand. “With the debut of GV70 today, Genesis will continue to provide models aimed at connoisseurs around the globe, delivering a tailored mobility experience based on our customer-centric philosophy.”

Dynamic Exterior Design Builds on Genesis’ Unique Philosophy

Genesis completed GV70’s design that not only is dynamic but also meets practical needs of SUV consumers based on various design elements including the signature Crest Grille and the Quad Lamps, representing the Genesis wing emblem.

The front of Genesis GV70 displays an aggressive image as the Crest Grille is set lower than the headlamps while its twin-lined Quad Lamps add a sense of speed and dynamism. Moreover, the skid plate placed underneath the bumpers has been extended to the flank, reinforcing the image of a sporty SUV.

The hallmark of the GV70’s side profile is its emphasis on a dynamic expression created by a dramatic contrast of its rear fender with the arching Parabolic Line that begins at the top of Quad Lamps and runs across the body. The sleek and elegant coupe-like roofline, along with the dropping chrome line to the C-pillar, accentuates the sporty characteristics.

Interior Design Harmonizing the ‘Beauty of White Space’ and a Sporty Image

The interior design of the Genesis GV70 is based on a layout that draws out simple shapes and emotional volume to its fullest in order to harmonize the characteristics of the elegant Korean architectural philosophy, the ‘Beauty of White Space’, and a sporty image.

In particular, the sporty interior design inspired by the aerodynamic sections of aircraft wings, visualizes rich volume by applying uniquely elliptical elements as the main interior theme. A new type of mood lamp highlights the GV70’s unique character by emphasizing the overall interior design.

The slim air vent and the thin chrome line cutting through to the doors surround the driver to expand the impression of wide and neat space. It maximizes driving comfort with an ergonomic design, while minimizing the number of buttons on the center fascia and applying the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) touch display.

The center console creates a driver-centric layout that helps maximize the sporty driving emotion. Also, the application of the new dial type Shift by Wire (SBW) system, which is akin to a meticulously refined jewel, presents a delicate balance between simplicity and flamboyance.

In addition, the door garnish was also designed based on an elliptical profile, the main design theme, and the armrest expresses the dynamic impression of the emotion of the seam between an aircraft’s body and wing.

Enhancing the Emotion of Driving through the GV70 Sport Package

The optional Sport Package offers an eye-catching and differentiated design that further enhances the dynamic nature of GV70.

The exterior design of the Genesis GV70 Sport Package presents a sporty and dynamic image with a strong blackout bezel, three-dimensional pattern of dark chrome garnished grille mesh design, exclusive bumper design, large circular exhaust tips, a body-colored diffuser and exclusive wheels. The interior design of the GV70 Sport Package also emphasizes dynamic elements with unique interior colors, a bespoke steering wheel, and carbon fiber details on the console and door as options.

Color and Materials Focusing on a Youthful and Sporty Design

The colors of GV70 focused on a young, refined, and sporty design give customers an extensive choice of color combination, along with various interior materials.

Three new paint colors include Mauna Red, Barossa Burgundy Metallic, and Barossa Burgundy Matte.

GV70 will offer consumers a plethora of interior color combinations curated to their taste, including a unique Ocean Waves/Pine Grove two-tone look and a Gray/Velvet Burgundy two-tone option.

Powerful Performance and Balanced Driving

Genesis GV70 offers an optimal fun-to-drive experience with its powerful performance fit for a rear-wheel drive-based SUV.

GV70 will be offered in the United States with a 2.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, as well as an optional 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 power plant.

Genesis GV70 will offer a total of four drive modes including eco, comfort, sport, and custom modes for dynamic driving in various road conditions. The Sport Package is also equipped with an additional Sport Plus mode.

GV70’s fun-to-drive nature is enabled by an enhanced body frame structure accomplished by increasing the ultrahigh tensile steel plates and expanding hot stamping steel plates. GV70’s performance is enhanced by reducing weight with lightweight technologies such as application of aluminum materials to the hood and tailgate.

Safety as a Priority: Leveraging the Latest Technologies

Genesis applied a wide range of new technologies that can protect passengers from hazards inside and outside the vehicle, including advanced autonomous driving assistance features based on proactive safety, demonstrating the brand’s strong commitment to safety.

Highway Driving Assist II (HDA II) enables a comfortable driving experience on the highway, controlling the steering wheel when changing lanes and actively responding to close-range low-speed cut-ins. The lane change assist system is improved from earlier models and it will attempt to change lanes in certain conditions simply by activating the turn signal.

Intelligent Speed Limit Assist (ISLA) is a safety feature that controls the vehicle speed based on the local speed limit, and even models without a navigation system installed can use this feature based on traffic sign information recognized by the front vehicle camera.

Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control (NSCC) is a convenience feature ensuring safe speed on the highway with its navigation system, reducing speed when in a curve.

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) analyzes a potential collision by helping the driver to automatically stop if there is a potential collision at junctions with oncoming vehicles from the left and right side, or a pedestrian on the edge of the road.

Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA) helps prevent drivers from crashing into cars coming laterally from the rear when changing lanes or leaving a parallel parking space.

Driver Attention Warning (DAW) warns drivers to keep their eyes on the road. Forward Attention Warning (FAW) calls the driver’s attention with acoustic warning sounds and pop-up notifications when fatigue or forward-looking neglect is detected by a forward-looking camera.

New Convenience and Security Technologies

Genesis GV70 applies state-of-the-art infotainment and the latest technologies of a connected vehicle.

All-new technologies featured in GV70 include a fingerprint authentication system as well as Advanced ROA (Rear Occupant Alert) based on radar sensors.

GV70 is the first vehicle to feature radar-based Advanced Rear Occupant Alert (Advanced ROA) technology, which is much more sophisticated than traditional ultrasonic sensors. The system uses sensors mounted inside the vehicle to detect passengers in the rear seat and alerts the driver of their presence in multiple phases. Not only are GV70’s radar sensors capable of sensing when passengers in the rear move their limbs, but they can also detect small respiratory movements near the passenger’s chest, enabling GV70 to alert drivers in cases when a child or sleeping infant has been left in their seat.

The first-ever Genesis GV70 is expected to arrive in the United States in calendar year 2021.

Genesis GV70 – The Dynamic and Luxury SUV

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