Ferrari 296 GTB Squalo by DMC

German Tuner DMC has started 2022 with a bang into digital life. It’s accepting Crypto for payments, announed a Limited NFT collection in the Metaverse, and celebrates it’s new exclusive Ferrari GTB Package: Introducing the DMC 296 “Squalo”


Ferrari 296 GTB Squalo by DMC

It really seems that last year was all about NFTs and the Crypto Hype. But how does that fit into the life of a Car Tuner? With the launch of its brand new Ferrari 296 package, clients now have the choice to pay with Crypto Currencies such as BitCoin. “There have already been transactions in the past”, explains DMC’s Business Development manager Thorsten Grebers, “so it just made sense to add them as a payment option. And we are not stopping there. We have launched an exclusive NFT collection: It is not based on a Retropixel 2D image, but 3D copy of the car. As such, it can be enjoyed in the Metaverse or DMC’s own Augmented Reality app. If you are interested to learn more, visit “.


But DMC wouldn’t be able to go digital, if it hadn’t made itself a name for extreme real world cars. The 296 “Squalo”, which is Italian for Shark, is just another example for that.

The 296 is Ferraris first attempt on a V6/Electro Hybrid, which means you can choose between electricity or fossil fuel. DMC loved the idea and went to the drawing board, coming up with a package that supplements the GTB: The German tuner started with a subtle engine tuning that unleashes a peak output of 888 hp total (combined from the 3 Liter twin-turbo six-cylinder and the electric engines). The electric engines were obviously not touched, so they still supply their individual power and torque (165bhp and 232lb ft). This revised engine catapults the Roma to 200 km/h in just 7.1 seconds.


But the Engineers from Duesseldorf didn’t stop there: The DMC CFAEC (Carbon Fiber Aerodynamic Enhancement Components) not only support the additional power, but also create an aggressive looking shark, hence the name Squalo. Professional 21-inch and 22-inch forged wheels, developed with Canadian rim manufacturer PUR WHEELS, optimally fill out the available space under the wheel arches. And lastly, the company’s range also includes suspension modifications as well as the customization of the interior – tailored to the customer’s personal preferences.

DMC has has been performing engine tuning since 2009 to make super cars even more sporty. In the 296’s case, it has to be noted that the actual 3-liter Twin-Turbo V6 in the 296 GTB remains untouched. The performance upgrade was achieved in several steps:


In order to optimize the power delivery further, the engineers of the tuner developed modified controls for the electronic engine management system. All output levels use a DMC control module, which introduces specifically calibrated mapping for injection and ignition. It also upgrades the electronic boost pressure control. These measures benefit more than just the power delivery. They also further optimize the throttle response and the powerful in-gear acceleration. When comparing with the stock 296, the peak output of the six-cylinder engine increases by 80 hp from 653 HP to 723 HP (Petrol Engine). The GTB now sprints from 0 – 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds and reaches a top speed in excess of 308 km/h.


The German designers used the latest Aerodynamic Software to develop a body styling kit that makes the GTB even more streamlined and aerodynamically efficient. Gone are the days of analogue wind-tunnel tests which are good but bear too many factors for errors. With the new “Squalo” styling, the Ferrari 296 GTB received an even more extravagant appearance, while adding the downforce needed for the new power. All bodywork components are manufactured from especially light yet high-strength naked carbon and given a matte or glossy coating.


The DMC 296 Rear Spoiler adds needed downforce and and gives the GTB an aggressive rear fascia. Downforce is well needed since the new engine spec is so powerful that the car needs an optimized stability at high speeds. The DMC side skirts attach directly to the stock side rocker panels and give the Ferrari a lower and sleeker visual stance in the side view and optimize the airflow between the front and rear wheel arches. In order to improve the rear up-lift, and thus achieve an optimal aerodynamic balance, DMC enhanced the 296 with a lip spoiler on the rear trunk lid. Further upgrades are the rear diffuser insert, all which reduce rear-axle lift.


PUR WHEELS has been a long-year partner for DMC and they have produced some of the excellent wheels we have seen on DMC’s cars that were exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show.  The wheel design for the Ferrari 296 Squalo is no different. The vehicle pictured in this press release sports black DMC alloys with brushed surface. These wheels with five delicate double spokes are mounted on the Roma’s front axle in size 9Jx21 with tires of size 255/30 ZR 21. The 12Jx22 rims on the rear axle carry tires of size 315/25 ZR 22.


The DMC sport springs are a new addition to DMC’s product line up, one however that perfectly makes sense. They are tailored specifically to these high-performance tires and lower the ride of the Ferrari by about 35 millimeters. As usual, DMC also fulfills the personal wishes of every customer in the cockpit with perfectly finished leather and Alcantara interiors. There is no limit when it comes to personal taste, and the the selection of colors is just as infinite as the range of designs. Depending on country of residence, this range can even include exotic leathers such as croco and others.

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