Electrogenic Expands EV Conversion Kits to Australia, USA, and France

Electrogenic Expands EV Conversion Kits to Australia, USA, and France

British EV technology pioneer Electrogenic, renowned for its classic car EV conversions, has expanded its international installer network for its innovative ‘drop-in’ EV conversion kits. The company now offers its groundbreaking technology in Australia, North America, and France, thanks to new partnerships with Finch Restorations, J E Robinson Service, and Bymoss.

New Partnerships Across Continents
Australia: Finch Restorations, a leader in the Australian automotive restoration industry, joins Electrogenic’s network. Established in 1965, Finch is known for its meticulous craftsmanship and blending of traditional and modern restoration techniques. With Electrogenic’s kits, Finch will offer Australian classic car enthusiasts a seamless blend of heritage and sustainability.

North America: J E Robinson Service in Springfield, Massachusetts, enhances Electrogenic’s presence in the USA. Known for restoring Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and Jaguar cars for over 35 years, J E Robinson’s expert team will install Electrogenic’s entire range of kits, providing top-notch conversions for the North American market.

Europe: Bymoss in Lyon, France, extends Electrogenic’s reach in Europe. Renowned for reviving automotive icons with a modern twist, Bymoss will transform classic models like the original Mini into sustainable vehicles, combining performance, reliability, and environmental respect.

Unique ‘Drop-In’ EV Conversion Kits
Electrogenic’s conversion kits are custom-designed to fit seamlessly into the existing architecture of classic cars without cutting or drilling, making them entirely reversible. These kits cater to popular models such as the original Mini, Porsche 911, Land Rover Defender, Jaguar E-Type, and Triumph Stag.

Key Features:

  • Custom-designed for each model
  • No cutting or drilling required
  • Entirely reversible installations
  • Options for various battery and motor specifications
  • Single speed, fixed ratio transmissions
  • 6.6kW AC charging and CCS rapid charging

Developed under the ‘Powered by Electrogenic’ technology arm, the kits reflect Electrogenic’s dedication to quality and engineering excellence. The R&D team, led by former Arrival Ltd Chief Engineer Francis Prime, ensures that each kit meets high standards of performance and reliability. Innovative features include in-house vehicle control software, high-density battery packs, and compact gearboxes.

Global Expansion and Future Prospects
Electrogenic’s expansion into new markets highlights the growing demand for clean, efficient, and reliable EV conversions. Co-founder Steve Drummond expressed excitement about the new partnerships, emphasizing the potential for growth and the opportunity to serve a new generation of classic car enthusiasts worldwide.

By extending its network to Australia, North America, and France, Electrogenic is well-positioned to lead the market in classic car EV conversions, ensuring that iconic vehicles continue to thrive in an eco-friendly future.

Quick Summary of Electrogenic’s Conversion Kit Partners and Offerings

  • Australia: Finch Restorations
  • North America: J E Robinson Service
  • Europe: Bymoss

Conversion Kit Models:

  • Original Mini
  • Porsche 911
  • Land Rover Defender
  • Jaguar E-Type
  • Triumph Stag


  • Custom-designed, reversible installations
  • No cutting or drilling required
  • Single speed, fixed ratio transmissions
  • 6.6kW AC charging and CCS rapid charging
  • In-house developed vehicle control software and digital dashboards

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