Classic Car EV Conversion Specialists Electrogenic To Grow And Develop ‘Powered By Electrogenic’, Delivering Best In Class EV Powertrains

Classic Car EV Conversion Specialists Electrogenic To Grow And Develop ‘Powered By Electrogenic’, Delivering Best In Class EV Powertrains

British EV technology company Electrogenic, known for its world-leading classic car EV conversions, enters an exciting new phase as it announces the further development of its EV technology arm, ‘Powered by Electrogenic’.

Electrogenic is expanding the offer of its proprietary, sector-leading technology – the ‘secret sauce’ that has underpinned the business’ meteoric rise and sustained growth – to a broader audience in the form of ‘drop in’ kits, catering to the surging global demand for EV conversion technology. Operating alongside its bespoke classic car EV conversion activities, the expansion of Powered by Electrogenic takes the business to the next level.

The announcement comes as the Oxford-based outfit strengthens its leadership team, as ex-Arrival Ltd Chief Engineer, Francis Prime, joins the Electrogenic board. Electrogenic’s continued development underlines the sustained growth in demand for EV conversions, a vital technological pillar that will support the transition to a low-carbon future.

Specialised EV conversion technology for a wider audience

Electrogenic is renowned for its exactingly engineered and innovatively packaged classic car EV conversions, having received international acclaim for its sympathetic re-engineering of automotive icons such as the Citroen DS, Jaguar E-type, Porsche 356, Morgan and classic Mini. Its exhaustively engineered, reversible conversions are entirely bespoke, tailored to fit a customer’s specific needs, to create the EV of their dreams.

With ‘Powered by Electrogenic’, the company is offering its sector-leading EV powertrain conversion technology – which delivers sustainable, silent and reliable electric motoring – in a broader range of applications, and to a wider audience than ever before.

Steve Drummond, Electrogenic co-founder said: “We’re delighted to announce the further expansion of our Powered by Electrogenic technology, taking this exciting strand of our business – and the company as a whole – to the next level.”

“Each kit will incorporate the latest technology, while also drawing upon the accumulated experience from the cars we’ve converted – cars that our customers, in many cases, drive every day.”

“The expansion of our B2B technology business means we will be able to help further accelerate the move to a low-carbon future, getting our EV conversion technology into more vehicles more quickly. It also facilitates exports and will create more jobs in the UK automotive sector.”

“Powered by Electrogenic will be delivered to customers through key partner relationships, so keep an eye out for further announcements.”

The move builds on the success of the recently revealed ‘drop in’ agricultural Land Rover Defender EV conversion kit – developed in partnership with Innovate UK, tested extensively at Worthy Farm, host of Glastonbury Festival, and launched to much fanfare earlier this year.

Electrogenic is now expanding its EV conversion technology business, offering market leading ‘drop-in’ EV conversion kits through selected partners, internationally.

The first Powered by Electrogenic packages to launch will be three further ‘drop-in’ kits for the Land Rover Defender. The expanded Defender kit range is for the pre-2016 Defender, 90, 110 and 127 variants.

The kits will feature:

  • 120kW or 150kW water-cooled motor
  • 310Nm motor delivering 900Nm directly into the transfer box via a bespoke helical ground gear set
  • Retention of the high/low Land Rover gear select, with permanent four-wheel drive
  • 62-93kWh of batteries, located under the bonnet and behind the rear axle
  • CCS rapid charging

Further details will be shared in the coming weeks.

World-class R&D department bolstered by new hire

Powered by Electrogenic packages will incorporate the firm’s proprietary technology, leveraging the innovative hardware and software developed in-house by Electrogenic’s research and development team, which includes leading electrical experts, programmers and automotive engineers.

Electrogenic’s already sector-leading technical team has been strengthened further with the hiring of Francis Prime as non-executive director.  Prime, former Chief Engineer at Arrival Ltd, will guide the outfit’s cutting-edge R&D activities. Prime brings 25 years of electronics engineering experience within the automotive industry, with the last decade spent exclusively specialising in developing new technology and products for electric vehicles.

Prime commented, “I’ve been developing EVs for over 10 years now, and when I first came to visit Electrogenic I was immediately impressed not only by the beauty of the classic cars being converted to electric power, but also by the company’s technical sophistication and culture of the team.

“I saw a fascinating engineering opportunity, but also a business with a really exciting future and a genuine, deep-rooted, environmental ethos. I’m really excited to be working with the team, and to help guide the company as it enters this exciting new chapter.”

Prime’s arrival adds further depth to Electrogenic’s wealth of technical talent. The conversion packages it produces are set apart by a real depth of engineering; all elements are optimised to deliver exceptional performance and useability.

Innovative EV products developed in the UK

The kits reflect Electrogenic’s philosophy of developing and manufacturing its own technology if the perfect component isn’t available on the market. The vertical integration extends to bespoke software design and programming, as well as the in-house design of printed circuit boards (PCBs) for ECU controllers and digital dashboards. The battery management systems are also bespoke, as is the specifically tailored vehicle charging technology.

The same approach extends to mechanical componentry, where Electrogenic has developed a proprietary range of innovative in-line and transverse reduction gearboxes. The units are cleverly packaged, and configurable to specific car models – compact enough to fit within the existing vehicle architecture, so the car’s structure is preserved, and ensuring the conversions remain reversible. Mechanical components are manufactured in the UK.

Electrogenic’s holistic approach sets it apart; each Powered by Electrogenic package is defined by its quality and depth of engineering, resulting in products that deliver exceptional driveability, performance and efficiency, whilst also being straightforward to install.

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