Dacia Bigster Concept

Dacia Bigster Concept

In true Dacia style, the Bigster Concept is roomy, robust, and meant for open air and dusty roads while exploring new horizons.

A 4.6-metre-long SUV with no more or no less than the essential, the Bigster is the Dacia way of making the C-segment accessible, delivering a larger, more capable vehicle at the cost buyers would expect from the segment below.

Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, Dacia Design Director, said: “Dacia Bigster Concept epitomises the evolution of the brand. Essential, with a touch of cool and an outdoor spirit. It proves that accessible is not opposed by any meanings to attractiveness. At Dacia we believe so, and this car is the proof.”

The Dacia Bigster Concept’s DNA is aligned with the brand’s core values, those which have developed and maintained a sturdy, long-standing relationship with its customers over the years: simplicity, honesty, and authenticity.

Proportions of the Dacia Bigster Concept are contemporary yet timeless – what you see is what you get. They send a clear message of robustness with simple and reassuring lines.

Its generous exterior dimensions promise a very spacious interior. The Y-shaped lighting signature is now larger, highlighting the SUV’s bold and assertive style, while the dark green paint underpins the adventurous nature of the vehicle and the owner.

No bells and whistles, no chrome trim or imitation-aluminium, the Dacia Bigster Concept is a genuine vehicle made with genuine principles, shown in the use of raw recycled plastics for all protective exterior panels.

As the possible future figurehead of the Dacia range, both alternative-energy and hybrid engines are possible, reinforcing that the brand is always perfectly in sync with changing regulation and customers’ expectations.

Dacia is a way to escape, giving its customers a unique, genuine, no-frills experience – shown by the Bigster Concept. More than ever before, Dacia embodies freedom of movement and has become a statement piece that focuses on its customers’ needs and fundamental aspirations. A purchase with meaning.

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