The All-New Citroen e-Berlingo 2022 – The Modern Electric MPV

The All-New Citroen e-Berlingo 2022 – The Modern Electric MPV

“The electrification of Berlingo responds to two issues, offering sufficient range and making no compromises on practicality so that our customers can enjoy their activities in all their diversity. ë-Berlingo brings them an extra dose of serenity in their everyday lives with a seamless and silent drive, the satisfaction of preserving air quality, and a controlled motoring budget. These are strong expectations of this type of customer and highly strategic in this segment, as high-volume body types are particularly limited in terms of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.  We are proud that Berlingo, the first leisure activity vehicle, ranks among the first to offer this alternative.” Laurence Hansen – Citroën Product and Strategy Director

*Certification pending.

The creator of the leisure activity vehicle in 1996, Citroën has gone on to develop a true community that is extremely attached to Berlingo’s personality, practicality and modularity. The compact exterior and roomy interior stand as a major asset for customers requiring extensive space. This selling point bolsters the appeal of Berlingo in a segment where this type of offer is becoming scarce. The arrival of an electric version of Berlingo is a crucial stake. It is a modern response to environmental issues that strongly affect this type of body design and addresses customers with a predilection for nature who are aware of their environmental footprint and mindful of their motoring budget. The solution combines practicality with pleasure, benefiting from the finest electric technology and further boosting serenity and smoothness while retaining all of Berlingo’s functionality.



ë-Berlingo makes each journey a relaxing moment for passengers. The vehicle starts seamlessly with linear torque and acceleration available immediately with no gear changes. The electric powertrain generates zero noise and no vibrations.

ë-Berlingo also boasts top-class cabin comfort with high-set seats, smooth steering and a 10.80-metre turning circle.

The electric engine drives the vehicle according to the drive mode selected and driving conditions. With power of 100 kW (136 hp)/260 Nm, ë-Berlingo reaches a top speed of 135 km/h regardless of drive mode. The drive modes are activated using the selector combined with a special ë-Toggle control:

–           Normal – 80 kW/210 Nm: ensures the best compromise between operating range and dynamic performance,

–           Eco – 60 kW/180 Nm: optimises energy consumption by reducing the output of the heating and air-conditioning without shutting them off completely and by limiting engine torque and power,

–           Power – 100 kW/260 Nm: provides enhanced driveability and vehicle performance when carrying a maximum load.


Customers of leisure activity vehicles have various mobility needs to enjoy their diverse activities, with journeys of varying length. ë-Berlingo meets these needs in a chameleon-like fashion, adapting to each one from one day to the next. It does so by enabling access to regulated traffic areas in cities, and by enabling these customers to travel trouble-free with an extensive scope of action.  Depending on the driving style, ë-Berlingo’s 50 kWh lithium-ion battery delivers a range of up to 280 km*. ë-Berlingo draws on the finest electric technology and is available with the same powertrain and battery pack for both body types.

*Certification pending.

To optimise range, ë-Berlingo’s powertrain recovers energy during braking and deceleration. To enhance energy recovery, drivers simply activate the “B” button on the central console. Located under the seats and load floor of the vehicle, the battery has no impact on cabin space. The battery stores and supplies the energy required for the operation of the electric engine, heating and air-conditioning. The battery charge level is displayed on the instrument panel via a percentage indicator and is also depicted in a graduated light display. The battery is guaranteed for eight years or 160,000 km (for 70% of battery capacity at the end of the guarantee). A battery capacity certificate is delivered following an inspection after one year or 20,000 km, and then on each servicing, every two years or 40,000 km.


Customers of this type of model often own an individual house and have easier charging access. Three charging modes are available. The battery can be charged largely using a simple Green’up socket overnight, to take to the wheel in the morning in complete peace of mind.

–           Home charging requiring a Mode 2 cable (standard in France) for charging at home or at a place of work or in a car park. This charging mode is compatible with a standard 8A socket or a reinforced 16A socket (box + Green’Up socket), halving charging time for a 100% battery charge in under 15 hours.

–           Private or public fast charging requiring installation of a 3.7 kW to 22 kW Wallbox fast-charging box and a Mode 3 cable (optional). Using this method, the charging time from 0% to 100% is 7.5 hours (single-phase 7.4 kW Wallbox) or 5 hours (three-phase 11 kW Wallbox).

–           Super-fast charging using a public station of up to 100 kW with a Mode 4 cable integrated into the charger. Charges 80% of the 50 kWh battery in 30 minutes. ë-Berlingo ranks among the best in its segment in terms of fast-charging times.

Leisure activity vehicles are practical but their body type is not conducive to aerodynamics. Electrification is a key issue in this segment for reducing environmental impact and usage costs. This is a major criterion for customers who often have limited budgets. With no oil changes, air filters, fuel filters or gearbox oil, maintenance is 30% less expensive than for a combustion-engine model. Customers’ energy budgets are also controlled, ë-Berlingo consuming 18 kWh per 100 km on average, for a cost of €3.

In addition, ë-Berlingo is equipped with functions for deferred charging, for consuming electricity in off-peak hours, and thermal pre-conditioning, enabling motorists to set the cabin temperature when the vehicle is plugged in and thus reducing battery consumption in the first few miles of their journeys.


With the MyCitroën app, customers can use their smartphone or tablet to remotely check their battery charge level and range, pre-set the cabin temperature and configure deferred charging. These settings can also be accessed directly using the vehicle’s touchscreen via the connected navigation system in the “Energy” menu. This operation is available for home charging (Mode 2) or fast charging (Mode 3) and can be modified at any time.

The Free2Move app simplifies charging and parking (in France) by providing access to over 220,000 charging stations. Customers can use the app to plan the best route according to vehicle range, with the display of compatible and available charging stations, necessary charging breaks and total charging times.

To support its customers, Citroën offers a made-to-measure charging solution for ë-Berlingo, including the equipment (standard or high-power Green’Up socket or Wallbox) and installation at home or at the place of work. Recommended partners have been selected in each European country. The partners chosen in France are ZEBorne and Zeplug, which offer needs-adapted installation solutions to private customers and professionals, and for individual homes and collective housing.


Outside, Citroën’s strategy is to offer each customer the choice of energy according to their needs. ë-Berlingo is distinguished by a few external signs of electrification: the “ë” monogram symbolising electricity on the grille with its new chevrons and in front of the name on the tailgate, as well as in touches of “Anodised Blue” on the bumpers and side Airbumps®. The charging flap is located in the place of the fuel flap.

Inside, the cabin was designed to simplify the use of New Citroën ë-Berlingo:

The central console is home to an ë-Toggle, controlling the gearbox via the Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive and Brake functions, together with a selector for activating the three driving modes: Eco, Normal and Power.

ë-Berlingo’s 8” touchscreen includes an “Energy” section in the menu, providing access to the electrical aspects of the car, including energy flow (displaying the operation of the electric powertrain in real time with the active driving mode, electric engine and battery charge level), consumption statistics (including average per-journey consumption in kWh/100 km) and the activation of deferred charging or pre-set cabin temperature. A 10” high-definition digital instrument panel is also available (standard from the Feel Pack version) for optimal display quality and the modern and rapid restitution of useful driving and navigation information. Drivers can configure the digital instrument panel display to suit their needs, highlighting the navigation system, energy-flow information or driver-assistance systems.


ë-Berlingo, a benchmark in the leisure activity vehicle segment, builds on the strengths and innovations responsible for its long-standing success. An integral part of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, this model places the emphasis on roominess, modularity and brightness, providing enhanced well-being experience for five or seven occupants on board.


Featuring the same design strengths as the combustion-engine version, New Citroën ë-Berlingo boasts compact dimensions for easier manoeuvring. And yet it can comfortably accommodate up to seven people.

Customers can choose the length of their vehicle, either the short M version measuring 4.40 m long or the long XL version at 4.75 m long (an extra 35 cm between the wheelbase and the rear overhang). Regardless of the version, all car parks are accessible thanks to a height of lower than 1.90 m.


People requiring space for their activities or leisure pursuits (including excursions, adventures and outdoor activities) also need room in the vehicle they use on a daily basis for transporting several people or equipment for their sports activities, as well as for loading luggage. We designed our leisure activity vehicle with these needs in mind, bringing our customers what they hold dear, namely an ingenious vehicle with top-class roominess and functionality, for an easy and pleasant life on board.


Access to ë-Berlingo is simplified by two large sliding side doors equipped with electric windows, a large tailgate practical for loading and unloading heavy and bulky objects such as luggage, and a dark-tinted opening rear window, together with a parcel shelf for placing and removing objects without having to open the boot or when the space behind the vehicle is not sufficient for opening the tailgate.


ë-Berlingo provides occupants with the roomiest interior in the segment to enhance their well-being.

The XL version has a spacious cabin with a volume of up to 4,000 litres and a load length of 3.05 m, along with generous leg room and boot volume of up to 2,126 litres.


With the same spirit of modular design as a convertible piece of furniture, ë-Berlingo can be transformed to suit all needs and offers optimal freedom of use on a daily basis. It can transport five to seven people depending on the version or free up extensive space for storing heavy and bulky objects.

In row two, three real individual rear seats, all the same size, offer passengers generous knee room of 156 mm. Folding separately or in unison, they can be adjusted to obtain the desired configuration, providing a flat floor in utter simplicity.

With the front passenger seat folded, the floor is entirely flat and the load length extended to 2.70 m for the M version and 3.05 m for the XL version – ideal for transporting long objects.

Row three is home to two removable seats. On the XL version, the seats are mounted on rails sliding back and forth over 130 mm to provide more room for passengers or more boot volume.

The parcel shelf can be configured in a high position or an intermediate position, serving to compartmentalise the boot. The parcel shelf can support loads of 25 kg and is easily accessed via the opening rear window. In a practical touch, it can be stored behind the seats in row two (depending on the version).


ë-Berlingo boasts an optimum storage capacity with 167 litres of storage spaces and a particularly large boot volume, of 775 litres for the M version and 1,050 litres for the XL version (in five-seat configuration). For consummate comfort, the storage spaces were designed so that occupants, making optimal use of them, can avoid placing objects at their feet. The cabin is a true “furnished apartment”, a functional space in which occupants feel good and can easily find a place for all everyday objects.

Among the 26 storage spaces, the ingeniously designedModutop® alone offers 92 litres of eminently practical spaces within easy reach. It comprises a 60-litre roof that can house 10 kg of objects, accessible from the seats in row two and the boot via the opening rear window, as well as a compartmented translucent arch that perfectly marries the form of the ceiling along its entire length and features a transparent finish so that occupants can see which objects are stored where.


Inside ë-Berlingo, passengers benefit from a true “light-therapy session” for keeping them all in high spirits on long journeys. The extensive glazed surfaces, amounting to 6.40 m2, including a forward-positioned windscreen and a large panoramic glass roof, let light flood into the cabin. If so required, the roof can be covered using an electric sun blind. For travelling at night, Citroën has equipped ë-Berlingo with individual reading lamps for visual comfort on the rear seats and ambient lighting issuing from the storage arch, which emits a subdued light for a warm atmosphere.



ë-Berlingo boasts 18 useful technologies providing professionals with a safe and serene drive.

For simplified driving, ë-Berlingo notably boasts keyless entry and start, a colour head-up display (a first in the segment), hill-start assist, flankguard with front, side and rear parking sensors, a reversing camera with Top Rear Vision, intelligent beam headlights, an electric parking brake, cruise control and speed limiter, and Park Assist, a system that automatically detects whether a parking space is wide enough for the vehicle and then manoeuvres it into place in complete peace of mind.

For greater safety, it is fitted with the Active Safety Brake, an active lane departure warning system, driver attention alert, distance alert, Coffee Break Alert, trailer stability control, Grip Control with Hill Descent Assist, extended traffic sign recognition and recommendation, and the blind spot monitoring system.


New Citroën ë-Berlingo is available with 3 three connected packages for the safety and comfort of all occupants.These packages are an integral part of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme and were developed to simplify access to connected services, which needs to be quick and intuitive.


For the safety of the driver and passengers, New Citroën ë-Berlingo Van comes with Assistance & SOS.

Automatic call or manual pressing of the “Assistance” button: if necessary, this service allows a driver to be put in contact with a dedicated call centre.

Connect Assist can be used to obtain access to vehicle data such as state of charge, range, delayed charging, thermal pre-conditioning, parking location, mileage, next service. Connection and viewing of information is possible via the My Citroën app.


The Connect Nav touchscreen can also be controlled by voice recognition and can be used to interact with the navigation, telephone and radio functions. It is linked with connected services. TomTom Traffic gives real-time traffic information to identify the best route. The locations and prices of service stations and car parks, weather information and a local points-of-interest search are also available.


Mirror Screen technology, compatible with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto, allows the driver to connect a smartphone and project its screen onto that of the vehicle. This gives the driver access to multimedia content and allows them to directly and easily control their smartphone and its compatible apps from the vehicle’s touch screen.

Apioneer in leisure activity vehicles since 1996, Citroën is continuing to update its range with the launch of the electric version of Berlingo, which owes its sales success to its roomy and modular cabin and exceptional storagecapacity. Anoutstanding user-friendly vessel for families and friends, ë-Berlingo is equipped to support them day-to-day in their active lifestyles.

ë-Berlingo will arrive in showrooms in the second half of 2021.


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