Buick GSX 2 Door Hardtop (1970)

The Buick Gran Sport name was first introduced on the 1965 Skylark as a competitor to the Pontiac GTO. The first Gran Sport had a Wildcat 325 horsepower 401 cid “nailhead” V8 and was known as a “gentleman’s Hot Rod”.

At the of the muscle car wars, torque was king and no competitor could dethrone the 510 lb.-ft. (678 Nm) of twist generated by the GSX’s available 455 Stage I V-8 engine. In a 1970 road test, Motor Trend went from 0 to 60 mph in 5.5 seconds and covered the quarter-mile in 13.4 seconds. The GSX’s combination of raw power and Buick’s signature luxury prompted many to describe the car as a “velvet hammer.”

In 1970 the Gran Sport GSX packed a 350 horsepower 455 cid V8 with 510 ft-lbs of torque beneath its Ram-Air hood. A special “tight” suspension, 3.64 rear end, front/rear spoilers and graphics with only two available color schemes. 678 GSX model were built in 1970 and only 178 were painted Apollo White, with the balance being Saturn Yellow.

Wheelbase: 112.0 in (284.48 cm)
Weight: 3,562.00 lbs (1,615.70 kg)
Engine: 455 cid, OHV V8, 350 hp

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