Buick Electra-X Concept

Buick Electra-X Concept

With a sleek, dynamic and expressive appearance, the Buick Electra-X concept SUV unveiled in China brings Buick’s all-new design language to life and projects the brand’s vision for an electric and intelligent future.

Developed by GM’s PATAC engineering and design team in Shanghai, backed by the global resources of General Motors, the Electra-X previews the production version of Buick’s new generation of electric vehicles in China, underpinned by GM’s revolutionary Ultium platform. It is designed to bring a safer, smarter and more captivating EV experience to a new generation of customers.

Inspired by the PURE Design philosophy, the Electra-X represents the continued evolution of Buick styling, which will be forward-looking and future-inspired. It has an expressive new face, sleek proportions, sophisticated details and purposeful innovation, that will appear on future Buick products.

“Buick is well known across China for its beautiful styling,” said Matt Noone, executive director of SAIC-GM PATAC Design. “The Electra-X will be a significant game-changer for Buick in offering products that are not only electric but also sporty and attractive to younger customers. Many of the design elements from the concept will be applied on future production models.”

Expressive and Pure Exterior

The exterior of the Buick Electra-X is a modern interpretation of Buick’s signature sculpted beauty, leveraging form-based surfacing instead of complex lines. The fluid movement contrasts with tension to provide a sense of motion.

The concept’s fresh and youthful expression is accompanied by an all-new aggressive trapezoidal grille that sits within the bold, forward-leaning “shark nose” front end. This distinctive appearance illustrates a strong and confident personality.

Buick’s iconic sculpted flying-wing design elements have been reimagined in a futuristic way, featuring the new Buick badge mounted on the front fascia of the vehicle. High-mounted horizontal “check mark” lamps and separate aviation-inspired lamps at the edge of the grille will become new Buick signatures going forward. They support a distinctive welcome lighting animation that greets users when they approach the vehicle.

The four-seat Buick Electra-X offers a coupe-like expression, distinguished by sporty proportions from the side and a low-profile silhouette, further elevating its athletic persona.

Other design highlights include:

  • Information projection at the side and rear of the vehicle for added pedestrian protection.
  • 21-inch wheels with an optimal design for improved aerodynamics, improving EV range while heightening the sporty stance.
  • An alluring Satin White Metallic exterior that shows off the sculptural beauty.


Airy and Modern Interior

The interior of the Buick Electra-X conveys the same clean, modern and sporty design, balanced with thoughtful details and new technologies that evoke warmth and ensure a rich sensory experience.

The four-seat layout takes full advantage of the Ultium electric vehicle architecture, maximizing the extension of the cabin through a long wheelbase and more efficient layout. A wraparound windshield and panoramic glass roof connect occupants with nature while providing a more open, spacious sensation.

The driver-focused instrument panel is integrated with hidden slim air vents that are elegant. The color scheme gradually transforms from medium dark gray on the bottom of the interior to sky cool gray on top, contributing to the zero-gravity floating styling. Complementary flashy copper accents provide metallic warmth.

In line with the Buick Electra-X’s zero-emissions vision, the SUV’s lightweight seats are wrapped in 3D knit fabric made from recyclable PET plastic bottles.

In addition, the Electra-X features special GS graphic patterns subtly etched in the interior and exterior, previewing the future styling of Buick’s sporty GS sub-brand in the digital era.

Purposeful and Advanced Innovation

The concept is also designed with GM’s cutting-edge technologies and advanced hardware for a captivating experience.

The all-new Virtual Cockpit System (VCS) enables new design thinking and a connected experience in a seamless digital ecosystem. It is powered by a QUALCOMM Snapdragon 8155 flagship chip, which represents the pinnacle of intelligence in the industry. With over-the-air (OTA) capability, the system can evolve over time to keep up with technology advances.

The Buick Electra-X also incorporates a segment-only EYEMAX 30-inch Freeform display that produces clearer and higher-quality images with up to 6K resolution. It can reflect a billion colors with a pixel density that is close to the limit of the human eye. Additionally, it supports 5G connectivity, allowing a fast response and instant access to the world’s fastest video transmission.

The Electra-X offers customized voice control and personalized recommendations to enrich users’ digital life. Its multi-zone voice command supports nearly 50 scenarios and functions, including navigation, the audio system, and setting adjustment of the air-conditioning, seats, interior ambience lighting and sunroof.

With the innovative iKey functionality, the driver can remotely unlock, control, park and share their vehicle via their smartphone even after getting out of the vehicle.

The Buick Electra-X is also equipped with enhanced Super Cruise driver assist technology. It supports lane change on demand and automatic lane change for a more comfortable and intelligent experience with peace of mind.

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