Bugatti Newsroom Wins Red Dot Award

Bugatti Newsroom Wins Red Dot Award

The French luxury brand Bugatti has stood for extraordinary automobiles, technological excellence, outstanding design, and unparalleled quality for more than 110 years. And now it stands for award-winning digital communications, too. Bugatti has won the renowned 2021 Red Dot Design Award in the category Brands & Communication Design for its redesigned newsroom.

“We are delighted with this recognition of the Bugatti Newsroom. It shows us that we have been able to convince not only media representatives but also international design experts with the Bugatti Newsroom,” says Tim Bravo, Head of Communications at Bugatti. “Great usability and design were the main focuses of the further development.”

The new Bugatti Newsroom is a work tool that features a progressive web app (PWA) for media reps and fans of the brand. The digital touchpoint brings the recipients closer to the luxury brand based in Molsheim and provides all the information concerning Bugatti centrally, transparently, and clearly. The recipients are provided with comprehensive information about the company’s products and news based on various presentation formats and content. The page design is visually stunning and illustrates Bugatti’s aspiration of being beyond compare.

A pared-down menu allows the visitors to search for specific topics quickly and precisely – in keeping with the reduced design of Bugatti vehicles. With differentiation between different sections, the prioritization of important topics, and the presentation of specific topics in central teasers, there are a wide range of design options. At the same time the various topics are also set apart visually.

The Red Dot Award is a globally recognized design competition that annually selects the best designs of high quality in three categories – Product Design, Brands & Communication Design, and Design Concept. These globally recognized awards are only presented to products of the highest quality which stand out due to their product, brand, and communication design. The competition involves a jury of 50 international experts testing, assessing, and discussing each product in terms of its outstanding design and innovation. The assessment criteria are reevaluated every year to meet the latest technological, social, economic, and environmental requirements.

The Red Dot competition is one of the world’s longest-standing design awards and has existed since 1955, initially as Design Innovations, and since 2000 as the Red Dot Award. The jury has been recognizing communication design since 1993. Visitors to the three international museums in Singapore, Xiamen, and Essen can see the latest design exhibits there.

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